The 15 Cheapest Online Art Schools in 2022

cheap online art schools

Who says that artists have to fit the stereotypical starving artist mold? There are many routes toward becoming a successful artist whose high earnings will put the stereotype into oblivion in the contemporary world. You can bring in good money by being another type of artist aside from being a painter or sculptor, the occupations […]

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The 10 Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Communications in 2022

communications bachelors

The field of Communications is broad; therefore, finding the right bachelor’s in a communications degree program for you can be essential to your success. It provides a wide variety of career opportunities, such as Public Relations, Journalism, or Marketing, just to name a few. Communication skills are not only important when entering the workforce, they […]

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The 50 Best Humanities Graduate Degrees Online in 2022

online humanities degrees

In the modern world of technology, lightning-quick google searches, self-driving cars, and quantum computers–many students are eager to build a foundational education in the classics or what is commonly referred to as the humanities–what you might think of as the pillars of traditional academic inquiry. Looking for Humanities Scholarships?: The Best Scholarships Humanities Graduate Degrees […]

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The 50 Best Schools For Online Bachelor’s Degrees in 2022

Gone are the days where an online bachelor’s degree was met with cynical skepticism. Particularly given the paradigm shifts in the education sector resulting from the world pandemic, online education has been a near-ubiquitous strategy for coping with quarantine and safety concerns. What does this mean for you? It means that even the most traditional […]

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The 30 Most Lucrative Short Certificate Programs in 2022

Sometimes knowing what you want to be when you grow up is not quite enough. It’s important to find a career that meets the demands of your lifestyle and the inevitable bills you’ll have to pay throughout your life. Finding what you want to do is important and then finding the best paying career in […]

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The 20 Fastest Teacher Certification Programs Online for 2022

If you are looking to become a certified teacher then, good for you! Teachers are in great need in a number of regions and subject areas. The process to become certified varies from state to state and many national organizations offer incentives, training programming and mentorship opportunities for individuals who are looking to pursue a […]

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The 30 Best Online Courses For Starting A Restaurant in 2022

If you are looking to run a restaurant then these are the courses for you. Running a restaurant is risky and over 50% of restaurants fail in the first year. There are multiple reasons for this. But what are they and how do you avoid them? Running a restaurant is also multi-faceted and is more […]

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The Top 20 Bachelor’s Degrees in Spanish Programs in 2022

bachelor's in spanish

Are you looking for the best bachelor’s degree in Spanish? Earning a Bachelor of Spanish degree can boost your résumé with a popular second language. The Encyclopedia Britannica states that Spanish is the official tongue of 20 countries from Guatemala to Equatorial Guinea and used by over 360 million native speakers. Mastering the linguistic rules […]

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The 30 Fastest Culinary Programs in 2022 Accredited by the ACF

Are you looking for the fastest culinary programs? Accelerated training abounds for cooking enthusiasts to quickly develop the skills for running your dream restaurant or bakery. Culinary programs often involve year-round courses to prepare for the fast-paced, high-energy foodservice industry. Graduates of culinary schools burst into a hospitality market poised for 6 percent job growth. […]

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