How to Develop Your Financial Savvy While Still in School

financial savvy in college

Using coffee filters as a substitute for toilet paper and rigging sanitary pads as shower slippers. These are just some ways college students become creative in cutting costs. Steve Harvey says, “College teaches you to live without,” and we couldn’t agree more! But you don’t have to adopt extreme cost-cutting measures to avoid the debt […]

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20 Careers with the Best Retirement Benefits

Retirement Plans concept - PS background image

A record number of Americans turn 65 every day. There are many challenges ahead for this new generation of older Americans, but there are many opportunities available. According to, about 48 million Americans were 65 or older by 2015, which incurred an increment of 18 percent from just five years ago. By 2030, there […]

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The Best Online Community College in Every State for 2021

associates degree

Are you looking for the best online community college in your area of the country? Since the expansion of community college systems across America in the ’70s and ’80s, community colleges have quietly been the unsung heroes of American higher education. These schools tend to do a better job of preparing a local workforce in […]

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Graduate Earnings Premiums From Independent Schools: What You Should Know

There are important links between a graduate earnings premiums from an independent school he/she attended, and it has a greater impact than many students realize. Numerous studies have pointed out these correlations and, as such, students should evaluate the potential future impact of their current educational decisions based on available information. Here are a few […]

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50 Life Hacks for Online Graduate Students in 2021

life hacks for online students

Learning is a lifelong process that often requires cultivating and nurturing. Many professionals do not stop gaining new knowledge and skills once they graduate and start earning their chosen careers. Continuing education has become a norm in the past few decades, with working adults electing to expand their knowledge base, supplement their experience, and climb […]

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The 15 Best Summer Jobs for College Students in 2021

best summer jobs for college students

With summer break around the corner, you’re probably dreaming about getting out of town, going on a beach getaway, or traveling abroad. But as a college student amidst a crisis that’s keeping you from taking outdoor adventures, why not take every opportunity to leave your home to earn some money? Think summer jobs! Earn and […]

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The 15 Best Jobs for Math Majors in 2021

math major jobs

Have you watched the movies “Hidden Figures,” “A Beautiful Mind,” and “The Imitation Game“? Were you amazed at how brilliant the inspirations, namely: Katherine Johnson, John Nash, and Alan Turing, behind the movies, were when it comes to solving mathematical problems, discovering, and inventing ways to make the impossible possible? Do you look up to […]

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9 Certificate Programs That Pay Well in 2021

certificates that pay well

Certificate programs that pay well are excellent options for high school graduates who often are not sure in which direction they should go career-wise. They are made to believe that getting a degree is the only next step toward good-paying careers. However, attending a four-year or even two-year college isn’t right for everyone. In 2018, […]

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