How To Become an Animal Keeper: Top 10 Bachelor’s Degrees in Zoo Science for 2021

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Did you know that the first known zoo was at Hierakonpolis? It was in Upper Egypt’s capital and was located south of Luxor and along the Nile River. The zoo seemed to have held wildcats and monkeys. But if you’re looking for the oldest zoo still in operation, your best bet is halfway around the […]

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Why Intelligent College Students Fail

Why Intelligent College Students Fail - featured image

What is your definition of intelligence? Is it when your report card has all 4.0 GPAs? Is it persuading someone to give you the lowest price for something? Maybe it has anything to do with problem-solving and creativity? Intelligence encompasses all these, but there’s more to it than those characteristics! Intelligence is a collection of […]

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The 40 Highest Paying Jobs With A Trade School Education in 2021

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In 1635, Puritan settlers established the country’s first public school in Massachusetts and, thus, started the idea of education being a great equalizer. In 1848, the Bay State’s first-ever education secretary – and the first in the United States, too – Horace Mann further cemented the ideal with his motto that education is “great equalizer […]

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How to Cope with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) in College

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College students today suffer from anxiety disorders. If left untreated, it will be a very persistent illness that can develop into a range of comorbidities. Some college students acquire more severe anxiety disorders, such as affective disorders, nicotine addiction, and drug abuse disorder, indicating a poorer prognosis for treatment. The majority of college students with […]

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How to Develop Your Financial Savvy While Still in School

financial savvy in college

Using coffee filters as a substitute for toilet paper and rigging sanitary pads as shower slippers. These are just some ways college students become creative in cutting costs. Steve Harvey says, “College teaches you to live without,” and we couldn’t agree more! But you don’t have to adopt extreme cost-cutting measures to avoid the debt […]

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20 Careers with the Best Retirement Benefits

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A record number of Americans turn 65 every day. There are many challenges ahead for this new generation of older Americans, but there are many opportunities available. According to, about 48 million Americans were 65 or older by 2015, which incurred an increment of 18 percent from just five years ago. By 2030, there […]

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The Best Online Community College in Every State for 2021

associates degree

Are you looking for the best online community college in your area of the country? Since the expansion of community college systems across America in the ’70s and ’80s, community colleges have quietly been the unsung heroes of American higher education. These schools tend to do a better job of preparing a local workforce in […]

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Graduate Earnings Premiums From Independent Schools: What You Should Know

There are important links between graduate earnings premiums from an independent school he/she attended, and it has a greater impact than many students realize. Numerous studies have pointed out these correlations and, as such, students should evaluate the potential future impact of their current educational decisions based on available information. Here are a few FAQs […]

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50 Life Hacks for Online Graduate Students in 2021

life hacks for online students

Have you seen those cool “life hack” tips scrolling across your laptop? If so, how about some life hacks for online graduate students? Would they be helpful to you? Yes, please! Read on for some excellent suggestions! Learning is a lifelong process that often requires cultivating and nurturing. Many professionals do not stop gaining new […]

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