Top 10 Accelerated Courses for a Fast Career Change

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Career changes are becoming increasingly common in today’s fast-moving job market. Whether it be due to one’s desire to pursue a passion, a lack of job satisfaction, or a need for a higher salary, many people find themselves looking for ways to switch to an alternative career path faster and easier.

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One way to switch careers faster is by taking accelerated courses or programs designed to provide focused training in a particular field or skill set. Unlike traditional degree programs, which can take several years, online accelerated programs condense the learning process and allow students to finish a course in weeks or months.

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Common Reasons People Switch Careers in the Same Field

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There are several reasons why many people consider jumping ship and finding a more fulfilling role.

Here are some of them:

A need for fulfillment or satisfaction

One of the biggest reasons that demotivate employees is the lack of fulfillment or satisfaction in their current roles. Even if you earn a considerable amount of money every month, the job becomes tedious if you feel you’re not making any meaningful impact.


Having spent so many years in the same job can lead to burnout. After a long while in the same role, you’ll become exhausted and disengaged from work. You’ll feel as if the only way to have motivation again is to get a fresh start by switching to a different role within the same industry.

A thirst for new skills

Some roles can make you feel limited by your current skill set. When that happens, you’ll want to change careers to gain new knowledge and skills that will make you feel more fulfilled.

Taking accelerated courses to qualify for a new position will expose you to new methodologies, technologies, and approaches that will make you more marketable.

A desire for career advancement

Some people may have hit the ceiling in their current position or company and want personal growth by taking on new responsibilities and challenges. One way to achieve that is to move on to a new role or company that can provide you with opportunities for career advancement.

Lifestyle changes

With the work-from-home or hybrid setup quickly becoming the norm nowadays, many people want a job that allows them to have a more flexible work arrangement, too. This is why many employees look for employers or companies that align with their careers and lifestyle goals.

Perks of Taking Accelerated Courses

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The benefits of taking accelerated courses for a career change are numerous.

Quick and easy career transition

By completing an associate degree and enrolling in accelerated bachelor’s programs, you’ll be able to quickly acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for your new role. This helps make the transition smoother.

Reduced time and resources

Unlike traditional degree programs, most accelerated programs are designed to be completed within a shorter period than conventional courses. This allows you to obtain the same level of education in lesser time and qualify for the new role you are considering.

Accelerated courses also have lower tuition fees because many of these programs can be taken online, helping reduce the cost of education. You also save on housing, transportation, and meal expenses.

Acquired practical and relevant skills

Another essential benefit of enrolling in accelerated degree programs to transition to another career is that these courses focus on practical skills and real-world applications in a short amount of time.

Accelerated courses offered at universities may also provide on-the-job training programs, enabling graduates to quickly and confidently apply for work.

An added feather in your cap

When you complete accelerated bachelor’s programs, potential employers view it as proof that you are committed to transitioning to a new role. This increases your chances of getting hired and getting paid higher.

Accelerated courses also offer a more practical and hands-on approach to learning. Instead of spending time on theoretical concepts and general education requirements, accelerated bachelor’s degrees focus on the specific skills and knowledge needed for a particular job or industry. This means you can learn what you need to know quickly and efficiently without wasting time on unnecessary coursework.

Enhanced know-how learned from industry professionals

In addition, many accelerated courses are taught by industry experts who have experience in their chosen fields. This means that you can learn directly from professionals who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the latest trends and practices in their respective industries.

Many accelerated courses offer real-world experience through internships, externships, or other hands-on learning opportunities, giving students a valuable edge in the job market.

To ensure success, choosing the right accelerated courses for your career goals and individual needs is important. This may involve considering cost, time commitment, learning style, and job placement opportunities.

By researching and choosing a reputable and effective program, you can ensure that your accelerated degree will provide the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career change.

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Top Accelerated Courses for Quick Career Shifts in the Same Industry

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Switching one career to another is one of the best solutions for those looking to learn new skills and expand their career opportunities.

Check out some of the best careers that allow quick shifts in the same field and the accelerated degree program options to help fast-track that move.

Social Media Manager – Digital Marketing Specialist

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The digital marketing market is expected to continue to increase by 2028. In fact, digital marketing specialist is listed as one of the top 10 in-demand jobs nowadays. It is listed by LinkedIn as one of the most marketable roles, with SEO, analytics, and content marketing being some of the most desired skills to learn.

Working as a social media manager already gives you an advantage if you want to transition into a career in digital marketing. But to ensure success in your career switch, you must enroll in online accelerated programs.

  • The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is an online course on the basics of digital marketing. It offers practical exercises and real-world examples. It has 26 modules and only takes 40 hours to complete.
  • Google Analytics, delivered through Google’s Analytics Academy, offers free online courses for beginners and advanced users. If you’re entirely new to digital marketing, you can start with Google Analytics for Beginners, where you will learn the basics of conducting market research, creating an account, analyzing basic reports, implementing track codes, and setting up goals and campaign tracking.
  • Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals tackles SEO as one of the most critical skills you must master to be an in-demand digital marketing specialist. This course teaches you the fundamentals of search engine algorithms and their effect on websites and search results. This online accelerated program will also teach you the most vital elements for creating a robust SEO strategy.
  • The Google Ads Certification is earned to prove that you have some level of knowledge or experience as a digital marketer. Currently, there are 11 certifications you can enroll in. These include:
    • Google Ads Search
    • Google Ads Display
    • Google Ads Video
    • Shopping ads
    • Google Ads Apps
    • Google Ads Measurement
    • Google Ads Search Professional
    • Google Ads Display Professional
    • Google Ads Video Professional
    • Google Ads Creative
    • Grow Offline Sales

These accelerated courses are offered online through platforms like Google Academy, Coursera, and Udemy.

Print Designer – Web or UX/UI Designer

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Changing jobs from being a print graphic designer to a web or UX/UI designer does not require a college degree. There are accelerated online programs that you can take to make you highly qualified for the new role.

  • The HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Certification Course teaches the essential tools, implementing modern web pages with HTML and CSS, and coding. You must know how to code a web page for desktop and mobile phone use. You will also learn about using JavaScript to create a fully functional web application. The entire course will take about 40 hours to complete.
  • Web Design Fundamentals, offered as an accelerated program, teaches the complete process of designing a web page, from HTML basics to building an entire website. Lessons include the anatomy of a typical web page, working with text and graphics, and creating a simple HTML page. The course will take 10-11 hours, with a few downloadable resources and a certificate of completion afterward.
  • The accelerated UI/UX Design Fundamentals course is about making structured and organized content to create and shape the user experience. You will be taught how to develop powerful UI/UX designs for multi-screen apps. You will also have a deeper understanding and be able to apply current best practices in UI/UX designs. Some of the skills you will gain from these online accelerated programs include Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe Indesign, InVision, and Marvel.
  • Responsive Web Design Fundamentals is a fast-track course that covers responsive web design essentials, CSS masterclass, advanced responsive layouts with CSS Flexbox, and advanced CSS and Sass.

Market Analyst – Business Analyst

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Both business analysts and market analysts are highly in-demand jobs. The two have similarities and differences, including scope, duties, skills, and educational requirements.

A market analyst is responsible for conducting market research and analyzing data to guide a company to understand better and provide the needs of their target audience. As a business analyst, you will address an organization’s needs and develop solutions to improve profitability and efficiency.

In other words, the work of a business analyst has a broader scope since it is responsible for analyzing the operations and processes of an entire organization. To switch from being a market analyst to a business analyst, you will need to take up and gain certification for these accelerated courses:

  • Google Project Management: Professional Certificate is granted to students who complete the accelerated course on the foundations of project management and the skills needed to make the career switch. Graduates will learn leadership skills, organizational skills, time and budget estimations, holding effective meetings and managing stakeholders, navigating team dynamics, applying Agile and Scrum frameworks, and identifying and mitigating risks.
  • Advanced Business Analytics is an online accelerated course that enables students to develop real-world business analytics skills for solving complex problems. Some of the skills you will gain include data analysis, data modeling, SQL, mathematical optimization, data visualization (DataViz), exploratory data analysis, data cleansing, and predictive modeling.
  • Finance & Quantitative Modeling is an accelerated finance and quantitative modeling course about creating quantitative methods, reading income and cash flow statements, and leveraging the power of spreadsheets to map and predict data. The skills you will gain from this course include probabilistic models, Microsoft Excel, linear regression, financial modeling, the Monte Carlo method, linear programming (LP), and corporate finance, to name a few.
  • Business Strategy is an accelerated program featuring strategic management’s dynamics and global aspects. It also teaches students to evaluate industry evolution, build and maintain competitive advantage, formulate and assess business strategies, and align efforts with company strategy.

Project Manager – Event Planner

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Project management mainly focuses on all the aspects necessary to complete a project. Event planning is about handling every aspect of social and business events.

A project manager’s primary responsibility is determining the best methods to use and complete a project efficiently in a given period. Similarly, event planners must ensure they can manage and control everything that might occur during events. At a glance, it can seem that both roles have a lot of similarities.

You’ll need to take these accelerated programs to transfer from one role to another:

  • Event Planning for Beginners is the most basic accelerated course you can take to get a good idea and learn the fundamentals of event management. This program teaches you about planning, reviewing, and executing social and business events. You will also be able to speak confidently about planning events.
  • Event Planning, Marketing & Management are some of the essential accelerated programs you need to enroll in to be an event planner. Through this course, you will learn how to create events and promote, plan, manage, and monetize them effectively. You’ll also learn how to get publicity and press coverage and use social media platforms to promote your events.
  • Ultimate Guide: Professional Event Planning Management discusses the tried and tested techniques to becoming an excellent event manager. You’ll also find out about wedding planning, creating influential corporate events, planning and managing conferences, impressing clients, putting together a detailed budget, using tips and tricks to be organized, and designing and branding events.

Software Engineer – Web Developer

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While the average salary of a software engineer is higher, a web developer earns more per hour because of the rising demand in the market. As a software engineer, you may also want to switch to being a web developer because the job offers more flexibility in schedule and work location.

If you are interested in transitioning to web development, you must take these necessary steps and enroll in these online accelerated programs:

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript online accelerated courses are the foundation of web development and are required for building web pages. Students learn the basics of HTML and CSS to develop web pages from scratch effectively. JavaScript, on the other hand, will help you create dynamic and interactive pages.
  • The accelerated online Front-End Developer Course includes topics like computer science, HTML, CSS, React, UI/UX design, web development tools, user interface, front-end web development, responsive web design, and test-driven development.
  • The accelerated online Back-End Developer Course develops most in-demand skills, including SQL, Python, and Syntax. This course is ideal if you like solving complex problems and fixing things.
  • The fast-track online Full-Stack Developer Course combines multiple skills to create a full-stack Django app. You will learn about setting up an environment for a practical project and refactoring an application’s front- and back ends.

Recruitment Agent – Human Resources Manager

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As a recruitment agent, your primary role is attracting and screening talents to provide a company with the best candidates that meet their qualifications and hiring objectives.

An HR manager, on the other hand, is someone who helps a company develop a safe, comfortable, and fair work environment for employees. This means that you’ll need to develop your conflict-resolving and problem-solving skills.

To switch to being a Human Resources Manager, you must enroll in these accelerated courses:

  • The Bachelor of Arts – Human Resources Management is an accelerated degree that prepares students to become competent HR professionals. This curriculum focuses on organizational psychology, innovative recruitment and interview strategies, professional development methodologies, team-building and orientation techniques, and ethical dimensions of employee relationships.
  • The Employment Law course is an accelerated online program that teaches about employment law, a branch of contract law that manages relationships between employers and employees. Its topics include the National Relations Act, the Railway Labor Act, and other statutes associated with managing public employees. It also tackles anti-discrimination in employment, wages and hours, and regulations on working conditions. Students obtain a Certificate of Completion once they finish the program.
  • The Strategic Management course is an accelerated management program featuring a practical introduction to the major concepts and practices of management and practical insights to be applied directly to the workplace. In this course, you will learn financial accounting, marketing, project management, finance, team-building, leadership, and an integrated approach to strategic management.

Sales Agent – Account Manager

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As an account manager, you will liaise between an employer and a client or customer, ensuring profitable relationships by responding to concerns immediately.

You will also be tasked to have in-depth knowledge of the products and services offered by the company you work for, maintain customer records, meet sales and business goals, and visit new or existing customers/clients, to name a few.

Move on to become a top account manager from being a sales agent by taking these accelerated programs:

  • The Certified Strategic Account Manager (CSAM) Program is offered by the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA). It is the highest mark of professional development for key account managers. This online accelerated course will give you the necessary skill set, mindset, and attitude to build mutual, strategic, and lasting growth with customers.
  • The LAMP Account Management Training was created by the Large Account Management Process (LAMP). It will teach you about planning and managing customer relationships through flawless strategies. You will also learn about creating long-term customer success plans, segmenting accounts into easy-to-handle accounts, protecting existing accounts, predicting threats, and strengthening customer relationships.
  • The Key Account Management Training by RAIN Group helps determine the accounts with the most potential for revenue growth. It will also assist you in ensuring continuous sales from existing accounts. Also, you will learn about developing value-adding initiatives and agendas.

Managerial Accounting – Financial Accounting

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Financial and managerial accounting are two of the most extensive branches of the accounting sector and are both integral to a company’s financial success. Both complement each other in an organization’s financial strategy.

However, financial accounting is all about the long-term strategies that will ensure an organization’s financial growth, while managerial accounting focuses on short-term strategies relating to economic maintenance.

How do professionals make the switch from being financial planners or accountants to managerial accountants? You must take the following management accounting concentration courses to kick-start your career:

  • Introduction to Management Accounting is a fast-track course on foundational accounting principles and practices. You will also learn job order, process costing, overhead cost allocation, managerial accounting statement preparation, and activity-based costing.
  • Cost Accounting is an online accelerated program that uses capital budgeting, price setting, target costing, and constraint analysis to improve profits. It will also discuss the different tools and how they can affect decisions in your business.
  • Business Law, ideal for managerial accountants, offers a deeper understanding of ethical and legal issues in the business world. This degree program will also cover torts, contracts, negotiable instruments, and sales law.
  • The Accounting Information Systems Degree Concentration ideal program helps you dive deeper into accounting technology, focusing on fraud investigation, risk assessment, and auditing. You can also obtain a Master’s in Accounting information systems to hone your accounting and technological knowledge and expertise for better job opportunities.

Content Writer – Technical Copywriter

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A content writer can be a technical copywriter who creates content that informs and promotes a specific product. These include brochures, website copies, case studies, and product guides for technical industries, such as manufacturing, IT, and construction.

Technical copywriters have specialized knowledge of a specific industry to be confident in writing about technical topics.

To change careers from being a content writer to being a technical copywriter, you must enroll in these courses:

  • The Copywriting Kickstarter Course helps newbie copywriters kick-start their journey. The program will tackle marketing fundamentals, bookkeeping, invoicing, and advanced copywriting.
  • Learning to Write Marketing Copy is available via LinkedIn Learning. This detailed and well-explained course has a hands-on project to test what you’ve learned. Aside from that, you will also learn about types of marketing copywriting, assembling tools, freewriting, polishing drafts, testing headlines, and more.
  • Modern Copywriting delves into the strategic delivery of words to get people to take action. By the end of the program, you will have basic knowledge of copywriting, covering the basics of writing copies for emails and social media. Also, you will tackle copywriting tactics for certain types of projects, including CTAs, email, social media, and landing pages.

Teacher – Educational Consultant

Teacher – Educational Consultant - Image

Teaching can be a rewarding job. However, some teachers may consider switching from teaching to educational consulting.

Educational consulting is an exciting job offering new possibilities and fresh challenges. To ensure your success as an educational consultant, obtain the proper credentials.

  • Principles of Independent Educational Consulting is an accelerated course designed to introduce students as independent educational consultants. It will help students familiarize the common issues they may face when advising students in their course selection process. Plus, it will discuss the practices and principles of independent college counseling.
  • Navigating the Financial Aid Network is designed to help consultants help parents and students concerning college funding, federal and institutional aid, and affordability issues. After this course, you will learn to read financial aid packages and compare and contrast students’ awards from various colleges.
  • Developing an Independent Educational Consulting Business discusses the critical components of creating and managing an independent educational consulting business. Some topics tackled during this course include contracts and agreements, software and hardware options, business finance options, and insurance and incorporation.

Points to Ponder

With these accelerated bachelor’s degree programs, you can easily switch careers within the same field, whether you want to be a social media manager, technical writer, or digital marketing manager.

By switching to another career, you can have more flexibility, a higher salary, and a better work-life balance. You may also choose to be self-employed, work as a freelancer, or start your own business once you have a more in-depth understanding of the field of work you are interested in.

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