Trade School Careers

Highest Paying Jobs with a Trade School Education

Perhaps earning a four-year degree just isn’t for you… That’s okay because obviously not everyone is cut out for college life or the dedication required to meet core classes. Why not consider attending a trade school where you can get your training fast and get right out into the job market. Check out these high-paying jobs that can be obtained with a trade school education today!

Best Accredited Online Trade Schools

Let’s face it… Accreditation is important, right? If you are planning to attend an online trade school, your certificate or diploma should carry some weight with your potential employer. Check out this list of properly accredited online trade schools so upon graduation you can be proud and confident in your training… and your employer will notice it, too!

How To Become an Architectural and Civil Drafter

As a kid… Did you play with blocks, constructing skyscrapers or building forts? Perhaps your love of architecture started way back then. Today, the job outlook for Architectural and Civil Drafters is promising. They are needed to accommodate future construction growth. Be a part of it… Start from the ground up, so to speak… and excel to the top!

How To Become a Commercial Diver

If you have a love for scuba diving… Boy, do we have a career option for you! Commercial Divers are tasked with combining underwater skills with mechanical skills. With this exciting career, you can repair equipment, take underwater photographs of marine life, oversee explosives, inspect bridges, and much, much more!

How To Become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and Cardiovascular Technician

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers or Cardiovascular Technicians are an essential part of the medical team involved in making a diagnosis as they use ultrasound technology. Learn all about it here and how to get started today!

How To Become a HVAC-R Technician

If you want to be the “coolest” person around… Become an HVAC-R Technician! If you are mechanically-minded and would like to learn an excellent trade, this is it! Here, we answer all of your questions about what you can expect as an HVAC Tech for residential or commercial properties. Check it out!

How To Become a Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienists are important to our overall health… not just our teeth! To help others as a Dental Hygienist, quality education is a must. In most cases, your program will result in an associate degree, although certificate programs are also available. If you are truly ambitious, bachelor’s degree programs are available, too. Take a look!

How To Become an Air Traffic Controller

Do you have an interest in flying? Or, at least Air Traffic Controlling? If so, check out our comprehensive list of popular frequently asked questions to see how to become an Air Traffic Controller. You will be soaring into a new career in no time!

How To Become a Power Plant Operator or Power Distributor and Dispatcher

“Watt?” Are you “current”-ly ready to make a career “switch?” Okay… enough with the electrical puns. Just take a look at our FAQs to learn all about this important career choice. That promotion you’ve been looking for may include options like becoming a Power Plant Operator or perhaps a Distributor or Dispatcher. Take a look! You may be “shocked” at how easy it is!

How To Become a Radiation Therapist

Most everyone knows a friend or family member who has bravely faced the disease of cancer. If you have a heart for helping others, becoming a Radiation Therapist is a great way to help those suffering. Learn all about it here and how you can be an inspiration to others through your work in this field.

How To Become a Photographer

Photography is a great way to express yourself! As it often starts as a hobby, many find satisfaction in turning their interest into a business. As with most trades, practice and instruction is critical for success. Check out these top schools for photography!