20 Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience

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When we talk about dream jobs, the first thing that comes to mind is compensation. Does it pay you enough? Can you earn a decent living from it? 

The next consideration is about what your particular dream job entails. Is it hard? Are the responsibilities manageable? Do I need a high school diploma or GED? Do I need more education than a high school diploma to land this job?

Lastly, you will think about the with which to get that job. The latter is important. Many companies require ridiculous qualifications for their applicants. 

You need to have years of on-the-job training or experience or more than just a high school diploma before landing a job that pays well most of the time.

But what if you will find out that there are such things as easy jobs with great compensations and will only require little to no experience?

Quick Summarization
An easy job that pays well may sound like a pipe dream, but it is quite possible if you know where to look. Most of these easy jobs do not require prior experience. You can find an easy job online or through referrals. They may be available as part-time or full-time jobs. You still need to make minimum requirements and rely on your resourcefulness to get an easy job. 

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We All Want It Easy and Well-Paying!

Today’s employees understand that, while they need a job to make ends meet, working smart is the buzzword. Getting the right compensation and benefits packages is a priority, but what about those without the relevant experience that nearly all occupations ask?

Thankfully, certain types of work exist for people who have just had their chance at a job such as those with a high school diploma. New bachelor’s degree graduates, for example, could use a well-paying career as a way to return their college or educational investment.

The top-paying jobs need not be extremely difficult or life-endangering. Peruse our list of easy jobs that pay well without previous experience!

20 Easy Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience

Survey Taker

1-Survey Taker

Potential Average Yearly Income: $60,410 per year

Many companies hire people to conduct survey analyses to help them learn more about their market and products. A survey taker’s responsibilities vary depending on the type of survey the company hires you for. You can work from home as most of these jobs are done remotely. 

The job may involve completing different surveys, either through the computer or your phone. The survey questions can range between 10 to 100. Some might require you to participate in interviews, make outbound calls, and report accurate results to the research team.

Remember that succeeding in this job requires you to be honest, use your critical thinking skills, and harness strong written communication skills to provide a clear and concise opinion. 

Requirements: A device that can let you conduct the surveys. It can be your phone, computer, tablet, etc. You need reliable internet. If you have not received your high school diploma or GED, that’s fine!

House Sitter

2-House Sitter

Potential Average Yearly Income: $35,336 per year

House sitting is a thing, and it can pay you well enough. It does not require so much on-the-job training or experience either. As a house sitter, you have to be present and ensure the home does not sit empty. Usually, homeowners hire house sitters when they need to be away from home for a long period. 

There might be additional duties, but most of them are not taxing. It may include watering the plants, checking the mail, and light cleaning around the house.

Some house-sitting jobs might not require you to be present at the house 24/7, so this is an excellent opportunity that lets you take on another job. 

Requirements: You need to be good at following written and verbal instructions, as homeowners may require different tasks from you. Usually, a high school diploma can suffice for a house sitter job. 

Personal Trainer

3-Personal Trainer

Potential Average Yearly Income: $45,380 per year

If you are into staying fit and working out, a job as a personal trainer can be an ideal fit for you. Generally, you will be responsible for helping clients get fit and boost their physical health.

You are expected to work with them and assist them, ensuring that they use the proper form and stay safe throughout a workout session. 

Recently, health protocols forced people to exercise from their homes. This gives you the chance to run a personal training class online, which is pretty convenient.

Personal trainers earn decent salaries, but this can greatly vary depending on the state you live in and the size of the gym or center you are working at. 

Requirements: It is important to hold a high school diploma or have your GED to become a personal trainer.

It is possible to get this job without formal on-the-job training or licensing, but if you want to boost your earning potential, you may consider getting a few certifications first.

Flight Attendant

4-Flight Attendant

Potential Average Yearly Income: $63,760 per year

A flight attendant’s job can be fairly straightforward. If you are into traveling while working, this job is a good fit.

As a flight attendant, you are responsible for taking care of airline passengers and resolving any issues. Your tasks can include demonstrating emergency procedures, performing safety checks, and directing passengers. 

You need to be clear when providing instructions, so good communication skills are necessary. Sometimes, you are expected to provide additional assistance to special-needs passengers and serve beverages and meals. 

Requirements: Most flight attendant applicants are not required to have years of experience or on-the-job training. You must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid passport. There may be height and vision requirements as well as medical evaluation and background check, at the discretion of the airline.

Mystery Shopper

5-Mystery Shopper

Potential Average Yearly Income: $36,712 per year 

As a valuable service to many businesses, mystery shopping can be a lucrative income earner for you. The job is easy enough, with your main responsibility confined to various locations and evaluating a store’s customer service performance according to criteria. You are doing the job of market researchers, but you are going incognito. 

Typically, they require mystery shoppers to be from different demographics and backgrounds, depending on a company’s target customer. You might be required to pay for products, but this will be reimbursed later.

Today, it is possible to be a digital mystery shopper, too. This means most of the work you will be doing can be done online, including lodging website inquiries, signing up for newsletters, or shopping from an online website. 

Requirements: Mystery shoppers need not have experience or on-the-job training. You only need to employ some key skills, such as having a keen eye for detail, good memory, honesty, critical thinking, and good communication. You don’t even need a high school diploma!

Virtual Assistant

6-Virtual Assistant

Potential Average Yearly Income: $70,393 per year

Holding an online job can be easy and convenient, just like the work of a virtual assistant. This job involves assisting businesses remotely.

You may be required to conduct research, organize data, interact with customers or clients, and perform clerical duties like sorting documents or updating calendar schedules. 

Other responsibilities may include answering emails, making cold calls to generate leads, setting travel arrangements, and preparing presentations based on given instructions. Virtual assistants often work online. It is offered either part-time or full-time. 

Requirements: You can work as a virtual assistant with just a high school diploma or GED, but some employers might prefer a bachelor’s degree for particular roles. You must be familiar with workplace technologies, including knowledge of spreadsheets and word-processing programs. 

Dog Walker

7-Dog Walker

Potential Average Yearly Income: $34,539 per year

You might be surprised, but dog walking is one of the easiest jobs that pay well. Part of your responsibility is to walk the dogs for clients using the routes and schedules you have agreed upon. During clients’ work hours or vacation leaves, you are expected to provide the dogs’ companionship. 

You might also be asked to take the dogs to the veterinarian during emergencies. You might also need to dispose of dog waste or feed them during meal times.

Because the job requires you to be physically active, you must have the stamina and ability to control the dogs during walks, especially when there are dangers like pedestrian traffic.

Requirements: As a dog walker, you are expected to be responsible and trustworthy. It is also important you be patient, punctual, and compassionate. It does not hurt if you enjoy spending time with the dogs.

Product Reviewer

8-Product Reviewer

Potential Average Yearly Income: $153,698 per year

Many companies run programs that allow you to sign up and become a product tester. This will then require you to provide valuable feedback. As a product reviewer, you are expected to be honest as your review can help companies identify gaps in their products and devise ways to improve them. 

You should keep in mind that a legitimate product review company does not ask you to pay for it. You only need to lend your time and good reviewing skills.

Usually, the process starts by signing up for the product review website, known for offering paid product testing opportunities. They might require you to meet a certain demographic before you can begin. 

Requirements: To be effective at this job, you have to have a good eye for detail and excellent command of computer and internet applications. Good written communication and critical thinking skills are also a must. 

Delivery Driver

9-Delivery Driver

Potential Average Yearly Income: $39,063 per year

Many restaurants and companies offer delivery services nowadays, so it is a good time to consider delivery drivers as a job.

As a delivery driver, you are generally responsible for transporting packages and other goods from a mail facility to the recipients. You might be required to load goods, use navigation tools, and deliver the parcels to the right addresses. 

It is also part of your job to communicate with dispatchers, drivers, and other team members when making deliveries. You must also know how to track shipments and obtain client signatures when required. 

Requirements: Delivery drivers are required to be at least 18 years old. Usually, you need to have an up-to-date smartphone as most transactions happen online. Of course, you must have a driving license and own a vehicle. 

Real Estate Agent

10-Real Estate Agent

Potential Average Yearly Income: $52,030 per year

The primary role of a real estate agent is to work with clients to assist them in buying, selling, or renting real estate. This includes houses, land, and office spaces. Real estate is trained to guide clients through each phase of the process, including scouting properties and closing the deal. 

There might be administrative work, research, and marketing involved as well. This task includes answering emails and calls, scheduling appointments, drafting documents, ordering supplies, and updating property listings. You might also need to perform a real estate market analysis.

Requirements: As a real estate agent, you are expected to possess excellent interpersonal skills, ample knowledge of sales principles, and an understanding of real estate markets and their prices.

It is also a requirement to pass a real estate license examination. You do not need a degree in most states to become a real estate agent but a high school diploma would be recommended.

Data Entry Clerk

11-Data Entry Clerk

Potential Average Yearly Income: $38,710 per year 

Also known as a data entry specialist, a data entry clerk is responsible for inputting data into digital spreadsheets and double-checking their work to ensure all data is accurate.

You will also need to organize the data in the spreadsheet and make changes to existing data figures in digital databases to keep a clean record. 

You must be adept at using computer devices and various software programs for data input and updates. A lot of data entry positions do not require on-the-job training or prior experience. You only need to have organizational and project management skills. 

Requirements: To be qualified as a data entry clerk, you must know how to focus and pay attention to details. It is also required to have fast and accurate typing skills and computer literacy.

Most of the time, you will need to own a computer or laptop with an internet connection to do the job well. Most employers will likely require only a high school diploma.

Private Tutor

12-Private Tutor

Potential Average Yearly Income: $36,680 per year

In a nutshell, a private tutor is tasked to help students understand key concepts and teach skills that will improve their academic performance, including note-taking skills and study strategies. You may need to plan lessons and create test preparation materials.

You also expect to offer feedback on their progress toward their learning goals, something that you also need to report to their parents or guardians. 

You will be responsible for providing individualized assistance to students and ensuring they complete their assignments and other requirements. You will also need to assign additional projects and answer their questions about certain topics as necessary. Some private tutor jobs can be done online. 

Requirements: You will need a computer, laptop, or smartphone and a good internet connection. As for the skills, you can be an effective tutor if you have great communication and teaching skills, organizational skills, and a lot of patience. Tutors will need at least a high school diploma to tutor students.

Sales Representative

13-Sales Representative

Potential Average Yearly Income: $67,750 per year

Many companies have outsourced their sales services, so this job is now available online and easier than ever.

As a sales representative, you should be able to use your knowledge of products or services to assist consumers with their questions or concerns to generate sales. You must be able to develop a good sales pitch that will help sell your offered product or service.

You will be required to make cold calls to qualified leads or take calls from prospects. It is also part of your job to maintain sales invoices and contract documentation. 

Requirements: Sales representatives must be knowledgeable about products or services offered by a particular company. You might need to have a high school diploma or equivalent at the very least to qualify for this job. 



Potential Average Yearly Income: $73,199 per year

Generating original and engaging content for a website is something that a blogger does. You will be tasked with researching topics and developing interesting posts that are relevant and appealing to your target audience. This can be done for your blog that you monetize, or you can write for other relevant sites for a fee. 

As a blogger, you have to be skilled with words and tech-savvy. You must have ample knowledge about a particular niche to create insightful content that readers will love. Creativity, adaptability, and excellent writing skills are important. 

Requirements: You must have an excellent command of the language, great written communication and research skills, and a lot of discipline. No high school diploma is necessary! Just a passion for whatever you are writing about!

Food Writer

15-Food Writer

Potential Average Yearly Income: $80,647 per year

If you are passionate about food and interested in its many aspects, you can become a food writer primarily responsible for writing critical essays and reviews on specific food, restaurants, or food-related establishments. You can work for magazines, websites, or other online publications. 

Most food writers work as freelancers. To succeed in this job, you need to have a good understanding of culinary traditions and techniques.

You will taste a variety of food types and be required to distinguish between the flavors and learn the techniques to achieve them. Of course, the job entails dining in restaurants and making an honest review, but the best thing is getting paid for it. 

Requirements: Some food critic positions require you to have a bachelor’s degree in journalism. You must know a lot about food and different flavors and have excellent writing and editing skills. 

Medical Biller

16-Medical Biller

Potential Average Yearly Income: $37,991 per year 

Medical billers often serve as the bridge between the doctor’s office and insurance companies. You will be responsible for liaising between the two, organizing patient medical costs, and sending invoices necessary for payment collection. You might be required to call patients and discuss and develop payment plans for them. 

As a medical biller, you are expected to be detailed, meticulous, and deadline-oriented. You will have to post charges, submit billing data to appropriate providers, and process claims. It is also part of the job to conduct audits. 

Requirements: You are often required to have effective communication and problem-solving skills. Most of the time, you will be working independently or collaborating with others, so being flexible with different setups is a good quality. Most medical billing service providers would prefer an employee to possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Veterinary Assistant

17-Veterinary Assistant

Potential Average Yearly Income: $34,740 per year

If your interest lies in taking care of animals, you might be a good fit for a veterinary assistant. In this job, you will be tasked to provide food and water to animals, administer treatments, record their health information, and give pet owners valuable advice.

It is your responsibility to help veterinarians in a way that will help them focus on important tasks like diagnosing illnesses and devising the best treatment plans for animals under their care. 

Your other tasks might involve cleaning equipment, handling animals, giving medications, and weighing animals. Grooming and bathing animals may also be part of your job description. 

While you are a vet assistant, you will receive on-the-job training that will put you on the right path to becoming a veterinarian!

Requirements: As a veterinary assistant, you must be an expert in handling animals. You also need to have excellent communication and time management skills. Technical know-how in administering medications and diagnostic equipment is also important. 

While most practices prefer to have people with a high school diploma, there is no educational requirement to become a vet assistant.

Graphic Designer

18-Graphic Designer

Potential Average Yearly Income: $57,990 per year

As a graphic designer, you will be tasked to work with clients to understand their requirements closely. Your primary responsibility is to create graphics for print and digital requirements using design software. You must keep the images you create aesthetically pleasing and complement their accompanying texts. 

You may be required to collaborate with the creative team to produce excellent output. Sometimes, you may even need to create guidelines surrounding logos and branding materials for internal use. It is also usual for you to help make design choices, whether the font or color scheme. 

Requirements: You need to have the creative skills to attain this job and employers will likely require at least a high school diploma. Educational attainment is not as important as a strong portfolio, but a bachelor’s degree will take you further in this career. You will also need to be adept in design software. 

Marketing Specialist 

19-Marketing Specialist 

Potential Average Yearly Income: $78,880 per year

The job of a marketing specialist involves coordinating with other marketing and sales professionals to implement innovative strategies and campaigns that have to do with branding or product launches.

You might be required to research the market and target audience, record and analyze data from campaign results, and oversee your company’s digital channels. 

You may be asked to create goals and objectives for various marketing channels. It is also part of your responsibility to establish and maintain relationships with clients through effective communication and liaison. 

Requirements: As marketing specialists, you need to have excellent analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Good communication and interpersonal skills are also important. 

Personal Financial Advisor 

20-Personal Financial Advisor 

Potential Average Yearly Income: $95,390 Per Year

Concerned with helping clients manage their finances, personal financial advisors are tasked to provide advice on investments, insurance, mortgages, college savings, taxes, estate planning, and retirement.

You will often need to meet with clients to discuss their financial goals and create a plan, either in person or online. 

Part of the job is to educate your clients about investment options and the potential risks. You will also need to help them plan for specific circumstances, including education expenses, health emergencies, or retirement. 

Requirements: This career requires a bit more than just a high school diploma. Typically, you need at least a bachelor’s degree to qualify as a personal financial advisor. Many companies also require you to get certifications to enhance your reputation and acumen.

Defining An Easy Job: What Is It And Who Needs It

A job is typically described as “easy” if it does not entail the stress often associated with high-pressure positions or the time and effort of earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Most of the positions listed here require only a high school diploma or GED equivalent if that! Of course, it does not mean an easy job is completely stress-free. No job is completely stressful, after all, and it does not have to be monotonous or uninteresting either. 

What constitutes an easy job can be very subjective. It may mean you enjoy it, so it does not stress you out. It can be something that does not entail extensive on-the-job training so anyone can do it.

It might also mean the job has duties and responsibilities most people can handle easily. Ultimately, these are jobs that many people view as, well, easy. 

Easy work opportunities come in part-time, full-time, or even in a flexible setup! Some might require a diploma, degree, or certification, but they can all be achievable even with little to no on-the-job training or experience. 

What “No Experience Required” Means To A Job Candidate

When a particular job states that no experience or on-the-job training is necessary, it usually means that you are not expected to have prior knowledge or on-the-job training to do the job well.

Most entry-level job listings will include minimum qualifications, but they do not demand that you render years of service to acquire experience. Sometimes, your educational background and certifications will suffice. 

Common requirements include language proficiency, technical skills, and soft skills such as creativity and collaboration. 

Finding an Easy Job Without Experience: How Hard Is It?

Getting an easy job may sound like it, but it is no walk in the park! It still requires the basics of a job-hunting process. There are numerous ways to find an easy job that pays well with little to no experience or on-the-job training. Here are some tips:

Seek help from your network for referrals.

Most easy jobs without experience require referrals from people already working in the same company. Employers prefer this setup as they can usually trust the members of their staff. You need to reach out to the right people to get as many referrals as possible. 

If you are looking to snag a sales representative position, you can always look up someone you know is already connected in that industry. This gives you the edge over other applicants, considering how easily job vacancies get filled quickly! 

Consider contacting companies directly.

The advent of online technology makes the hiring process more straightforward. With companies having websites and social pages, it is easier to reach out to them through these networks and apply for available positions. 

If they do not have relevant jobs posted on their website, you may send them an email and proactively ask if they are looking to employ someone with your qualifications. This is especially applicable to startup companies with a limited budget for recruitment. 

Use online job search platforms.

There are numerous job search platforms that you can use if you want to apply for an easy job, especially one with a remote setup. Job platforms are so convenient because they serve as a search engine for jobs, allowing you to filter out the search results that are not relevant to you. 

You can even set up a custom job search alert to notify you when a job that meets your criteria gets posted. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the easiest job that does not need experience or on-the-job training? 

An administrative assistant’s job is the easiest, no-experience-required entry-level position. The primary work is to perform common office duties under the guidance of a manager or executive.

The job is pretty straightforward. It also gives you opportunities to learn along the way and build upon your skills, which you can later utilize for promotions.

Is it possible to land a job that pays you to do nothing?

While it is an interesting question, no job exists that pays you to do nothing. There is always a corresponding service that you need to render to get paid. However, some jobs require too little work. It practically feels like you are not doing anything!

One example is the job of a mattress tester. You will get paid to sleep. A mattress company will give you a mattress that you need to try and evaluate over a selected period, like, say, for two months. 

Another job that pays you for doing something effortless is watching Netflix. A few sites will pay you to watch content and get paid for it.

Key Takeaways

If you seem to be having trouble choosing a career right after earning a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree, you’re not alone! Ease the process of getting there by considering your career goals in life.

Are you looking to earn money fast? Entry-level positions that don’t require previous on-the-job training or work experience are at your disposal. The trick is to assess each opportunity carefully, network with the right people to access these careers, and seize the dream job that best matches your skills and interests!

Malcolm Peralty
Chief Editor