How To Become a Jewelry Designer

If you enjoy the design process and have creative abilities, you will make a great Jewelry Designer. With vocational trade or on-the-job training, you can become an excellent Jewelry Designer. 

Take a look here for answers to your questions about becoming a Jewelry Designer. If you can create your designs and create your own “brand,” so to speak, there will be no limit to your success in this field! Happy designing! 

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Table of Contents


What does a Jewelry Designer do?

Jewelry Designers use precious metals and stones to design, create, and repair jewelry. They can work with many types of metals, such as sterling silver, gold, stainless, and platinum. Also, there are numerous types of diamonds and gemstones they incorporate into their designs. 

Jewelry Designers are often trained to appraise gemstones to assess their value. They clean jewelry, resize rings, and repair jewelry by soldering or replacing stones or broken clasps and the like.

With today’s technology, most Jewelry Designers use computer-aided design (CAD) software to custom design per a client’s or manufacturing’s request.

What type of jewelry design careers can I choose from?

The field of jewelry design can cover a wide array of exciting and creative opportunities. Besides the title of “Jewelry Designer” itself that creates jewelry, there are others to consider or specialize in, if you so choose, such as: 

  • Gemologist/Lapidary
  • Jewelry Repair
  • Electroplating/Anodizing
  • Production Jeweler
  • Bench Jeweler
  • Jewelry Appraiser
  • Goldsmith
  • Silversmith
  • Fine Jewelry Designer
  • Fashion Jeweler
  • Jewelry Manufacturing
  • Master or Head Jeweler

How do I pursue a career as a Jewelry Designer?

Most Jewelry Designers have, at the very least, a high school diploma. With interest in the field, many with artistic abilities have honed their designs for years, even as kids.

To enter the field of jewelry design, on-the-job training is a must… at least a year. Working closely with a gemologist or bench jeweler will be a great experience for you.

Can you receive formal training in the field of jewelry design? Yes, vocational trade schools often offer coursework in jewelry design… and, online options are available, too! Programs typically can be completed between three months to one year time.

For the budding gemologist, certification from the Gemological Institute of America is a tremendous accolade to have! 

When you can, you should put together an extensive portfolio of your work! 

How much money can I make as a Jewelry Designer?

As of May 2020, the BLS states an average annual wage for a Jewelry Designer as $41,900, with the highest 10% earning upwards of $77,330 or more each year. 

Are jewelry design jobs available?

The BLS reports little to no change between 2020 and 2030. Although additional positions may not be plentiful, retirees or others who have changed professions will need to be replaced, providing 3,800 openings per year over the next decade! 

Do I need artistic abilities to be a Jewelry Designer?

Well… of course, you do! Jewelers must be creative, have an imagination, and the forethought to see their vision come alive!

In addition, you must have:

  • Customer service skills
  • Be detail-oriented
  • Pay attention to the latest fashion trends, as well as the classic designs, and have an eye for unique designs
  • Have dexterity in hands/fingers
  • Excellent vision for close up work
  • Good hand/eye coordination
  • Marketing and advertising skills
  • Drawing and/or CAD skills