How To Become A Pile Driver

A Pile Driver is responsible for driving down large pillars into the earth for support, primarily for large construction projects. They use pedals and levers to operate large equipment. 

With on-the-job training, you too can learn to operate a pile driver while earning a lucrative living. If you enjoy being on a construction site, a career as a Pile Driver may be for you! Check this out!

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How do I become a Pile Driver?

To begin, you will need a high school or equivalent diploma. Pile Drivers do not require a college degree; however, vocational training in the field is a plus. Also, you may work an apprenticeship or obtain on-the-job training to be instructed on how to operate the necessary equipment.  

How long does it take to become a Pile Driver?

Typically, an apprenticeship may take three to four years, depending on the employer. 

What do Pile Drivers do?

Pile Drivers are essential to the construction business. They are tasked with installing large structures, such as piers, retaining walls, roads, foundations for bridges and buildings, and the like. 

In this career, you will operate the heavy machinery required to complete the job, such as cranes, hoists, and pile drivers. You will also be responsible for maintaining, inspecting, and cleaning the equipment you use. 

Can I earn a good living working as a Pile Driver?

Pile Drivers, on average, earn approximately $63,370 annually, according to Your salary will depend on your experience and the job location. They report the highest 10% making upwards of $115,290 per year. 

Do I need a license to be a Pile Driver?

Some states do require a license to operate as a Pile Driver. You will need to check your state’s mandates for certification or license requirements. You may also need a commercial driver’s license. 

Are Pile Driver jobs plentiful?

The job growth rate for Pile Drivers is expected to grow by 4% each year between 2019 and 2029.

Is a Pile Driver’s job dangerous?

As with any construction-related job, accidents can happen. While working with heavy equipment, there is always a risk of falling pillars, dropping materials, and illness due to chemicals to consider. Safety protocols must be in place at all times to avoid injury.

What skills will I need to be a Pile Driver?

To excel in the field, specific skills are necessary, such as: 

  • Building and Construction 
  • Public Safety 
  • Control Precision
  • Manual Dexterity
  • Depth Perception
  • Operation, Mechanical, and Control of Machinery 
  • Engineering Applications
  • Multi-Limb Coordination

Are there opportunities for job advancement?

Yes, with experience as a Pile Driver, you can quickly move into a supervisory or job foreman position, although additional certifications may be necessary.