The 10 Best Culinary Schools in Nevada

With the reputation for being the gambling and entertainment capital of the United States, Nevada is home to many restaurants and a thriving culinary industry to complement its casinos, resorts, and gambling centers.

The Silver State is home to thousands of small and big restaurants, coffee shops, pastry shops, bakeries, hole-in-the-wall dining, and other food service facilities. With more and more bars and restaurants popping up in Nevada, the demand for chefs and other culinary professionals also continues to rise. 

Nevada has become one of the culinary epicenters in the U.S. for aspiring and veteran chefs. Its gambling economy has drawn both affluent and common tourists, making the culinary industry booming. Any aspiring chef can easily hone their interpersonal and culinary skills in the challenging and bustling restaurants in casinos and hotels.

Nevada’s fast-paced culinary industry and kitchen scenes have annually served thousands of tourists and locals who immerse themselves in the culinary excellence that elevates Nevada’s food and beverage industry.

The Silver State has welcomed some of the earliest ethnic groups, including Italians, Chinese, Mexicans, and Basque. However, other ethnic groups like Mexicans and Russians have also formerly settled in the state. Every ethnic group’s food tradition has significantly left a mix of culinary indulgence and can be savored in Nevada’s annual public events, festivals, and restaurants.

Therefore, immersing in some of the country’s bustling culinary industry will provide students with an advantage when building their credentials. Becoming a culinary student in Nevada will offer a comprehensive introduction to the industry. 

Best Culinary Schools Nevada - fact

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has ranked Nevada as the 2nd state with the highest concentration of chefs and head cooks. Las Vegas, Henderson, and Paradise are among the top ten metropolitan areas in terms of the highest employment level.

As of 2022, occupations related to Nevada’s food preparation and serving sectors will have annual median salaries between $21,110 to $45,150. Although the salary potential will depend on skills and experiences, chefs in Nevada can earn as high as $58,610 as the median annual income.

Depending on your preferred culinary specialty, Nevada is home to one of the best culinary schools in the U.S. that prepares aspiring chefs to serve the state’s thriving food and beverage industry. We listed the ten best culinary schools in Nevada, including all new culinary schools with unique specialties in the world of culinary arts. Each school has a distinct program, integrated with personalized instruction and practical methods to hone students” culinary proficiencies.

The Best Culinary Schools in Nevada

Culinary Academy of Las Vegas

Culinary Academy of Las Vegas

: North Las Vegas, NV 89030

The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas is one of Nevada’s best culinary schools offering comprehensive programs related to the culinary and food and beverage industry. Considered the #1 hospitality training academy in Nevada, the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas is a globally recognized institution for vocational training and workforce development.

CALV has numerous partnerships with public and private sectors/employers and community organizations catering to the culinary and hospitality industries in the Las Vegas Strip. The culinary school also has partnerships with unions, including Bartenders Union Local 165 and Culinary Workers Union Local 226.CALV’s partnerships with several institutions have contributed to the training trust fund, advocating the classes offered by the culinary school.

Qualified union members of the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 and the Bartenders Union Local 165 will have free training as part of their employer-sponsored perks. They can enroll in any training programs offered by the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas, with the option to enroll in another program once they have completed the first program.

As part of the requirement, aspiring students must be a member of the specified unions, work in one of the employer partners, work in an eligible union classification or position, and have at least six months working in one or more of CALV’s employer partners.

The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas has 15 training programs in language instruction, digital and employability skills training, and hospitality work. However, 12 of these training programs provide students with the soft skills and technical proficiencies required to succeed in front desks, back-of-the-house jobs, food and beverage, and housekeeping professions. All vocational training programs have derived their accreditation from the Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education.

Aspiring chefs, cooks, bakers, and other kitchen professionals can enroll in one of CALV’s three Kitchen vocational training programs. The 161-hour Kitchen Steward program will prepare and train students in everything related to essential kitchen processes and etiquette, including cleanliness, sanitization, maintenance, handling kitchen equipment, and the proper storage of chemicals and other miscellaneous.

Another vocational training program is the 182-hour Baker’s Helper program. It prepares students to make a diverse range of confections, custards, sauces, bread, pastries, cakes, and other confectioneries. CALV also offers a 475-hour Professional Cook vocational training program.

The program will teach and prepare students on various knife skills, food and plate presentation, cold and hot food production, basic food and cooking preparation, and cooking methods. It also teaches students to familiarize themselves with restaurants’ operations and production and become proficient in different culinary terminologies.

Each Kitchen vocational training program has its set of program requirements that students must first accomplish, including Food Handler Safety Training cards, a valid driver’s license, valid state identification, or a Social Security card. The program instructor schedules them according to every student’s unique requirements. Applied learning hours are a crucial aspect of each vocational training program.

Students will obtain real-world training on CALV’s Culinary Arts Catering and Events, the Westside Bistro, 500 Grand Café, or any of the school’s approved partner locations.

College of Southern Nevada

College of Southern Nevada

: Las Vegas, NV 89146

The College of Southern Nevada is one of the state’s few culinary schools that offer five academic programs in pastry arts and culinary arts. Each program will educate and train students to succeed in their chosen culinary expertise through applied learning experience at CSN’s on-campus kitchens and restaurants, skill development courses, and food service management courses.

Aspiring chefs, bakers, bread artisans, cooks, and other culinary professionals can enroll in one of CSN’s culinary arts programs:

The Certificate of Achievement in Culinary Arts requires 31 credit hours for completion. It is a professionally-aligned program designed for learners pursuing a career in the field of culinary arts. They are taught the basics of cooking, focusing on hands-on preparation of a diverse range of cuisines, including Saucier, Aromatics, and Basic Cookery.

Students are expected to gain proficiency in basic and advanced baking and cooking techniques, plating recipes, and evaluating food for foodborne diseases. On the other hand, CSN’s Certificate of Achievement in Pastry Arts program will educate and train students on food preparation and handling. The Pastry Arts program will integrate management skills with pastry skills to profit in retail bakeries.

Students must complete special courses in Cake Design, Principles of Baking, Retail Bakery Management, Advanced Baking, and Food Service Nutrition. A total of 33 credits will be required to complete the program.

The Associate of Applied Science programs in Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts require 67 credit hours for degree completion. Graduates with these programs will be qualified to apply and obtain a Certified Culinarian or Pastry Culinarian status from the American Culinary Federation. Depending on the program students will enroll in, they must take a set of special program requirements to complete the 45-hour credit requirement.

The College of Southern Nevada’s 123-credit BAS in Culinary Arts program is a more advanced program that builds upon the AAS in Culinary Arts program. The program’s curriculum features a combination of management and business courses with advanced culinary techniques for full-service professions.

Through the BAS program, graduates will become proficient in evaluating legal risks in the hospitality and culinary industries, use culinary management tools and resources, and learn appropriate and effective interpersonal, visual, oral, and non-written communication skills.

All of CSN’s certificate, associate, and baccalaureate degree programs are accredited by the American Culinary Federation and the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration. The American Culinary Federation has ranked CSN’s associate programs in Pastry Arts and Culinary Arts as “Exemplary,” indicating the highest academic standards recognized by the ACFEF Accrediting Commission.

Since 2000, the academic programs have already been distinguished as Exemplary. With Exemplary status, CSN graduates will have the opportunity to become certified Pastry Culinarians or Culinarians without completing the written and practical exam.

Truckee Meadows Community College

Truckee Meadows Community College

: Reno, NV 89512

Truckee Meadows Community College has a variety of multiple program offerings in culinary arts, making it one of the best culinary schools in Reno.TMCC’s Culinary Arts academic programs will prepare students with foundational skills and knowledge and offer them practical learning experiences to succeed in the culinary arts discipline.

Students interested in enrolling in TMCC’s Culinary Arts program can enroll in one of the following: 

  • Certificate of Achievement – Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry
  • Certificate of Achievement – Culinary Arts
  • Certificate of Achievement – Culinary Arts Entrepreneurs
  • Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts
  • Associate of Applied Science – Culinary Arts Entrepreneurs

Regardless of the academic track, each program has a curriculum designed to meet the requirements to succeed in the culinary industry. Each course will provide students with the essential skill sets to operate and work in culinary facilities. Other than the general education courses, culinary, interpersonal, and business courses are also part of the curriculum.

Students pursuing the Certificate of Achievement programs must have 30 to 38 credit hours for completion, depending on the specialty they choose. For the associate programs, students must complete 60 to 67 credits.

The Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts – Entrepreneurs Program teaches management skills for starting a food business or taking on managerial roles in a food-related business. Students will learn how to develop business plans and understand the basics of being an entrepreneur in the culinary industry through the program.

Through the academic programs, aspiring culinary professionals will develop their gastronomic abilities through various courses that cover menu writing, knife skills and care, restaurant experience, cutting methods, meal planning, and stock preparation. They will also obtain the knowledge essential to work in various culinary facilities, including commercial bakery kitchens, commercial cold food kitchens, or commercial hot food kitchens.

The school has a state-of-the-art teaching kitchen, providing students with the opportunity to obtain excellent and holistic culinary practical experience. As a Culinary Arts major at TMCC,  students will have the opportunity to become a member of the High Sierra Chefs Association, ACF’s local branch headquartered in Northern Nevada. One of the membership perks will include scholarships that help students save on tuition expenses.

Truckee Meadows Community College is one of two culinary schools in Nevada that earned the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission programmatic accreditation. The programs with ACF’s accreditation status are the AAS in Culinary Arts, Certificate of Achievement in Culinary Arts, and Certificate of Achievement in Culinary Arts, Baking, and Pastry programs. All Culinary Arts programs at TMCC are well-known as skilled food services academic programs within Northern Nevada.

Graduates of TMCC’s Culinary Arts programs will be qualified to apply for the first-level certification as a Certified Culinarian aligned with the standards administered by the American Culinary Federation. 

The International School of Hospitality

The International School of Hospitality

: Las Vegas, NV 89120

Although The International School of Hospitality primarily offers training programs related to hospitality, it is one of the best culinary school alternatives in Nevada. It is strategically headquartered within proximity of the Las Vegas Strip, making it one of the best training grounds in the field of culinary and hospitality. TISOH is also home to several Las Vegas-based hospitality associations.

TISOH offers a plethora of certificate and diploma programs featuring practical and task-oriented curricula. Instead of the traditional instructional methods of learning, TISOH’s vocational and academic programs will train students through practical learning methods specific to hospitality-related professions. With holistic and flexible learning options, students will take courses that highlight practice, theory, and off-campus learning.

The school also offers a learning format for every student – classroom or online learning. Pursuing academic credentials at TISOH allows students to choose one out of two ways to graduate. They can either pursue industry-aligned diplomas or certificate programs. In addition to coursework completion, complimentary workshops are facilitated at TISOH for both the alumni community and current students.

TISOH’s Department of Catering offers programs that meet the National Association for Catering and Events standards. CPCE, CSEP, and CMP industry leaders and professionals make up the faculty. Instead of test-based courses, every course features a project-based, broad, and practical learning format.

Aspiring culinary professionals can enroll in TISOH’s Art of Food and Beverage Certificate program offered through the department. It is the only TISOH program that takes students on a cultural and historical tour of the world’s cuisines. It prepares students to evaluate, discuss, and sell food and beverages from different countries.

The AFB Certificate program covers ten international cuisines: Spanish, Indian, Regional American, Central American, Gastro-pub, Fusion, Southeast Asian, Chinese, Italian, and French. Every cuisine will discuss essential topics in beverage pairing, upgrades and upsets, pros and cons of the cuisine, unique culinary techniques, concept proposals, menu conceptualization, and concepts.

To enroll, a high school diploma or equivalent is required. No prior work experience is necessary. The 45-hour program can be completed in one semester only or equivalent to 12 weeks, allowing students to receive 4.5 CEUs or quarter credits. Qualified students may apply for scholarships and financial aid.

Once enrolled in one of the programs at TISOH, students will have the opportunity to establish their professional networks through the recharge bar and student lounge. Many instructors, administrators, alumni, students, and industry professionals will meet at the student lounge every semester to discuss relevant and up-to-date information regarding the hospitality and culinary industry trends.

TISOH is also one of the few culinary schools in Nevada to offer an interactive online learning experience. Distance learners can study at their schedule and pace 24/7 anytime, anywhere through the Brightspace platform. They enjoy the same perks and comprehensive student services as their on-campus counterparts, including discount programs, career placement services, and externship placement assistance.

Youth Academy of Design and Culinary Arts

Youth Academy of Design and Culinary Arts

: Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

Youth Academy of Design and Culinary Arts is one of the best culinary schools in Nevada for children and teenagers. If you’re a parent and want to hone your child’s culinary skills at a young age, YADCA is an excellent option to get started. In addition to culinary classes, YADCA also offers fashion design and sewing classes to kids as young as eight years old.

YADCA’s culinary classes will train students to become head chefs as they learn the basics of baking and cooking. They also explore the different cuisines and flavors of the world. No experience is required. Children ages 4 to 6 can also participate in culinary classes with their parent’s supervision. 

The culinary classes are about whole food plant-based nutrition, prioritizing unprocessed plant or whole foods, including seeds, nuts, beans, fruits, and vegetables. Although each culinary class will focus on real food, a few exceptions are followed. For instance, olive oil will be used occasionally for baking and cooking. Other processed food used in some of YADCA’s recipes includes pure maple syrup, nut flours, and whole grains.

Despite being already processed, all ingredients are carefully selected and as close to their unprocessed state as possible. For baking classes, the Youth Academy of Design and Culinary Arts avoids sugar and white flour. Instead, participants will use dates, coconut sugar, and pure maple syrup. YADCA’s primary objective of using plant-based and unprocessed food and ingredients is to advocate proper nutrition and nourishment for children. 

YADCA’s culinary classes are conducted monthly. All cooking and baking equipment and ingredients are already included in the program’s cost. All classes are conducted in person at a residential home in Summerlin.

As of 2021, YADCA’s culinary classes aren’t 100% free from common food allergens except for soy and dairy. Students will participate in cooking or baking nut-free and gluten-free recipes.

Nothing To It! Culinary Center

Nothing To It! Culinary Center

: Reno, NV 89502

Nothing To It! Culinary Center is one of the oldest and best culinary schools in Reno, Nevada. Formerly an institution for improving culinary skills, NTI has grown from small classes conducted at the kitchen table to the present 6,000 sq. ft. Culinary Center. Today, Nothing To It! Culinary Center offers an all-in-one culinary experience for everyone.

It features a kitchen store showcasing various cooking accessories, appliances, and ingredients, a Napa Valley-style gourmet deli, and a culinary school. Several Master Chefs teach each culinary program through demonstration classes and practical learning.

Since 1995, NTI has provided a non-professional and innovative approach to culinary studies, with 500+ students per month participating in one of NTI’s featured classes.

NTI offers five major culinary classes, namely Techniques, Hot Topics, International, Holiday, and Kids & Teens. Each class costs between $50 to $200 depending on complexity, ingredients, and season. Classes at NTI are also covered by no-show and class cancellation policies. It is best that you check the schedule of classes before purchasing them. The good news is that NTI can also offer credit vouchers, and classes are available all year.

The Techniques series is an action-packed series that prepares students in the fundamentals of gourmet cooking. Every technique class is taught in a building block style through hands-on learning, requiring students to complete the series in sequential order. Classes in the Technique series include the following:

  • Baking
  • Baking Techniques
  • Boning Knife Skills
  • Broiling
  • Caramelizing
  • Cheese Tasting
  • Emulsified Dressings
  • Flavor Dynamics
  • Frying
  • Knife Sharpening Workshop
  • Knife Skills Workshop
  • Pan Sauces
  • Plating
  • Poaching
  • Roasting
  • Salad Dressings
  • Sauce Thickening Techniques
  • Sautéing
  • Steaming

A holistic Culinary Basics Workshop is also offered under the Techniques series, providing a complete overview of ingredients and top culinary techniques. In this series, students are taught baking methods, knife skills, sauces, and cooking techniques. On the other hand, NTI also offers a free Beginner’s Kitchen class.

The Hot Topics classes emphasize a certain culinary technique or type of cuisine. Most classes are taught in a hands-on learning format, while others are via demonstrations. Some of the Hot Topics classes include the following:

  • Artisan Bread Workshop
  • Cast Iron Cooking
  • Cheese Making Workshop
  • Cinnamon Roll Workshop
  • Cooking With Wine
  • Croissant Workshop
  • Eggs Benedict Workshop
  • Grilling Fish & Seafood
  • L.A. Mexicano
  • Ravioli & Tortellini
  • Stir-Fry Workshop
  • Tuscan Grill
  • Winter Baking Workshop
  • Winter Slow Cooker

NTI’s International classes feature different cuisines and how they are prepared. Each class offers an in-depth look at recipes and ingredients from different cultures of the world. Some of the International classes include:

  • Barefoot In Paris
  • Basque Table
  • Chinese Takeout Favorites
  • Korean Table
  • Paella
  • Ramen & Asian Dumpling
  • Sushi
  • Tacos & Tequilas
  • Taste of India
  • Taste of Northern Italy
  • Taste of Thailand
  • Taste of Tuscany
  • Vietnamese Cuisine

Pastry Academy By Amaury Guichon

Pastry Academy By Amaury Guichon

: Las Vegas, NV 89104

Aspiring pastry chefs can enroll in one of Nevada’s best culinary and pastry schools – the Pastry Academy By Amaury Guichon. The academy offers a comprehensive 10-week program that helps students hone their practical and technical skills to create plated desserts, breads, confectioneries, danishes, chocolates, and other pastries.

In addition to the practical knowledge, they will gain a comprehensive understanding of the theory and chemistry behind the world of pastry. The Pastry Academy has numerous partnerships with companies, allowing students to use the highest quality ingredients and learn using the best equipment. The academy has partnered with Irinox, ProBake, Matfer Bourgeat, and bamix®.

The Pastry Academy’s comprehensive program is taught in person in Las Vegas. Students will participate in a 10-week program duration or equivalent to 400 hours, with a class size consisting of 18 students. The program has ten modules each covering a specialized topic:

  • Module I: Basics – Introduction to sanitation/cleaning, basic kitchen skills, theories, ingredients, and different types of pastries
  • Module II: Petits Fours – Students will learn a variety of styles of fillings, mastering the creation of macaroons and different textures of pastry.
  • Module III: Bread & Breakfast Pastries – The module features an extensive Theory of Bread lesson covering in-depth the different baking essentials, including fermentation, mixing, ingredients, and baking techniques.
  • Module IV: Tartes & Gateaux De Voyage – All about pound cakes and pies. Students will explore the different variations of dough as well as the challenges of puff pastry.
  • Module V: Plated Desserts – Classic desserts, including crème Brule, molten cake, and flan, are covered in the first part of the module. More contemporary plated desserts will also be discussed.
  • Module VI: Classic & Contemporary Cakes 
  • Module VII: Sugar Confections 
  • Module VIII: Chocolate 
  • Module IX: Ice Cream 
  • Module X: Creative Pastry with Amaury Guichon – The final module will allow students to create an epic buffet. They will also have the opportunity to witness ChefAmaury’s creative and unique techniques of pastry-making.

Pastry Academy’s program is open to all participants regardless of skill level. Enrollees must be at least 18 years of age. Once accepted into the program, one of the academy coordinators at Pastry Academy will provide students with a list of must-haves and suggested items to bring with them during the class. Although the academy won’t provide lunch for each participant, students can purchase an additional meal plan upon enrollment. 

The Pastry Academy doesn’t offer any form of financial aid, and no payment installments are available when enrolling in the program. Participants must pay full tuition at least two months before the first class. Deposits made are also non-refundable and cannot be transferred to other participants.

Tuition fees already include a course handbook covering all modules, a complete equipment kit by Matfer Bourgeat, and three customized chef jackets with the student’s name embroidered. After completing the program, students will receive a diploma.

Although Pastry Academy doesn’t have any programs for individuals at different proficiency levels, Chef Amaury Guichon himself facilitates the Chocolate Showpiece Masterclasses exclusively four times every year. 

The Melissa Coppel Chocolate and Pastry School

: Las Vegas, NV 89117

The Melissa Coppel Chocolate and Pastry School is an addition to the list of the best culinary schools in Nevada for aspiring pastry chefs. The chef instructors from Melissa Coppel Pastry School have comprehensive experiences and culinary backgrounds in their respective fields. Some of them have worked in restaurants and pastry shops with Michelin stars. 

Interested applicants can choose one out of two learning formats offered at the pastry school, namely Hands-On or Online Live. If you want to get trained by world-class pastry chefs, here are some of the Online Live classes you can enroll in:

  • Artistic Sugar Showpieces
  • Bean To Bar
  • Contemporary Spanish Pastry
  • Jams & Spreads
  • Long Shelf Life Ganache Formulation
  • The Chocolate World of Ramon Morató
  • The Pastry World of Frank Haasnoot
  • The Plated Desserts of Tickets, Barcelona
  • Viennoiserie

All Online Live classes feature comprehensive topics related to every specialty. The price starts at $800 per class. The pastry school has corresponding professional workshop terms and agreements, including cancellations, registrations, and payment. To enroll, participants must settle a complete registration fee to secure their spot.

Unlike Hands-On classes, distance learners must use the registered email address and no credentials sharing during the session. Since each class is conducted life, students will have the opportunity to interact, ask questions, and witness the chef’s demo in real time. All classes are in a demonstration format.

The tuition fees of each online program already include a complete recipe book in PDF format with sketches, techniques, and recipes, digital pictures of the final results of all creations, equipment, and tools list with hyperlinks, and a digital diploma.

On the contrary, students interested in learning in person can enroll in one of the Hands-On programs offered by the pastry school:

  • Chocolate Boot Camp
  • Glossy Bonbons and Ganache Formulation
  • Panning and Confections
  • Running A Chocolate Production
  • Viennoiserie and Panettone

Hands-on programs range between $1,100 to $4,500. Tuition already includes a diploma, free Wi-Fi, Melissa Coppel Chef Apron, a recipe book, and homemade breakfast, coffee, and lunch. Students can also enjoy discounts, especially if they purchase more than one program. A maximum of 20 students is allowed to participate in the Hands-On classes.

Participants must be 18+ years of age. A proper uniform is mandatory during the session, including non-slippery shoes, a chef’s jacket, and long pants. During the session, texting, calling, and video recording are not allowed.

Each class will start at 9 AM; however, the school is already open at 8:40 AM for breakfast. The session will end at around 5 p.m.

Vegas Vegan Culinary School & Eatery

Vegas Vegan Culinary School & Eatery

: Las Vegas, NV 89104

Established in late 2021, Vegas Vegan Culinary School & Eatery is the newest culinary school in Nevada and is the first non-accredited vegan culinary school, vegan meal delivery, and vegan deli in the United States.

The school offers a diverse range of hands-on beginner and advanced culinary schools taught by vegan celebrities, local chefs, and the co-founder and chef. Since it is a non-accredited vegan culinary school, prices range between $45 to $70 per class.

VegasVegan’s hosted lecture series, educational workshops, and events will primarily advocate giving back to the community and spreading awareness regarding animal welfare and sustainable living. Each culinary class will utilize biodegradable products and fresh ingredients and hire environment-friendly professionals to preserve its advocacies. Both children and adults can participate in any programs offered by Vegas Vegan.

As an overview, some of the vegan series include the following:

  • Local Guest Chef 
  • Grab & Go
  • Gluten-Free
  • Baking For Kids

One of the Baking For Kids series includes Vanilla Cupcakes with Green Buttercream Christmas Trees. The class is suitable for children aged six to ten. They will learn how to make vanilla cupcakes and decorate them with holiday-themed frosting. After the session, each child can bring home two cupcakes.

The Local Guest Chef series will highlight a food guru, food entrepreneur, or chef in a particular vegan specialty. Raw For Kids, for instance, is a Mom & Me paired class that introduces engaging and unique ways of introducing children to raw and healthy recipes.

In this series, children will explore the different benefits of eating fresh vegetables through interactive projects, including creating a homemade ranch sauce or a fresh smoothie.

Vegas Vegan Culinary School also has several partnerships with restaurants and other establishments that produce fresh ingredients. The “What To Do With Tofu?” series is offered in partnership with Tofuture. Participants who will sign up for this class will receive a Tofuture tofu press. As a popular vegan staple, the school will teach students the basics of tofu and help them cook one to two recipes throughout the program.

The website keeps an updated calendar of events for interested students.

Sur La Table 

Sur La Table

: Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV

Sur La Table is hailed by many as one of the finest culinary school alternatives in Nevada. The institution offers four unique methods to learn the art of cooking and baking, namely the following:

  • In-Store Classes
  • Online Classes
  • Private Events
  • Sur La Table Culinary Institute

Sur LaTable’s In-Store classes start at $59 per student. However, the price will depend on the type of class and complexity. Students will have more hands-on learning throughout the program together with other students and under the guidance of a professional chef instructor. Each class typically runs between 2 and 2.5 hours. Participants will work with a maximum of four students in a group. However, Sur La Table limits every class to 16 students only.

Since students will be working, standing, and executing, for the most part, they are expected to wear comfortable clothing, closed shoes, and hair tied neatly for long-haired participants. They use techniques demonstrated by the chef instructor and prepare ingredients and menu items.

Each student group will have a workstation equipped with the appropriate equipment, accessories, and ingredients. If a student has allergies to a specific food, they must first check with the local Sur La Table site before participating in the class. Modifications to recipes during classes are strictly prohibited.

Prices for Online Classes start at $29 per household. If you have families and friends in the same kitchen, you can participate in the class together without additional charges. Unless stated on the program’s official page, most online classes are 1.5 to 2 hours long.

Online Classes are conducted in real time through Zoom. Before starting, students must download their prep packet to purchase all ingredients on the list. Since all classes are facilitated life, students can ask their chef instructors as they go.

Private Events will let you participate in bigger groups, making it an excellent option for corporate events, groups of friends, colleagues, or families. Private Events are held either in-person or online. Prices differ per location. It already includes kitchen rental, staff payroll, and complete ingredients. For online Private Events, the price differs based on the number of attendees and menu.

The Sur La Table Culinary Institute is an all-new culinary program that lets students mix and match their courses and can be completed online anytime, anywhere. They can enroll in all the full-length courses, including Professional Cooking Fundamentals, Foundations of Cuisine, Cooking Methods, Cooking Meat, Fish, Poultry & Plant-Based Proteins, Culinary Nutrition & Wellness, and Basics of Baking & Pastry.

Each course features 55 hours of instruction that already includes open-ended support and feedback from expert chefs. All courses at the Culinary Institute are approved by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation and recommended by ACE Credit(.

Sur La Table Culinary Institute also offers short courses for students who aren’t ready to participate in full-length courses. Each short course can be completed in two to four hours of online instructions. Short courses are also more affordable compared to full-length courses.

Malcolm Peralty
Chief Editor