10 Best Culinary Schools in Wyoming

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Since Wyoming is mostly rural, the state features a rich Western culture and an abundance of wildlife and nature. It is one of the primary reasons why many culinary schools in Wyoming highlight local, organic, and fresh cuisine. The state has numerous homegrown restaurants, hole-in-the-wall cafes, and farm-to-table dining experiences even before the trend became popular throughout the country.

Wyoming has a plethora of homesteads, farms, ranches, and rural landscapes where aspiring culinary professionals can find employment. With its world-class hunting locations, scenic landscapes, and iconic mountains, both tourists and natives can enjoy a variety of hearty home cuisines while enjoying the beauty of Wyoming.

Whether you’re craving Angus beef steak, seasonal vegetables, or a sumptuous buffalo meal, Wyoming offers unparalleled hospitality and flavorful cuisines, as well as Western decors and interiors, that will let you time travel into the vintage days of the Wild West.

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The state welcomes thousands of tourists annually, providing substantial employment opportunities for professionals working in the culinary and tourism industry.

Many wellness retreats, ranches, skiing resorts, and natural attractions have emerged in Wyoming, making them an avenue for gourmet meals after a day of sightseeing and recreation. Pursuing culinary studies in Wyoming can translate into a career in a fine-dining restaurant in urban cities or wellness retreats in the mountains or ranches.

Since it has a rich tradition and reputation as the Wild West, Wyoming has a strong presence in the agricultural sector and is well-known for its beef and grain production. While various rustic meals are common, many culinary professionals have innovated some of the indigenous cuisines as added twists.

The salary of chefs and head cooks in Wyoming is $55,720 as the average yearly income. However, income ranges will vary depending on the city. Other essential factors that affect salary potential include additional skill sets, certifications, academic credentials, and years working in the industry. Regardless, pursuing culinary studies is one of the most important stepping stones toward a culinary career in Wyoming.

Although you won’t have the abundance of culinary schools in Wyoming compared to California, Illinois, and New York, many private institutions have offered some of the best culinary classes in Wyoming as excellent options. For easier reference, we have curated the ten best culinary schools in Wyoming and reputable alternatives equally committed to educating and training future culinary professionals as any college or university in major foodie or culinary cities in the U.S.

Best Culinary Schools in Wyoming

Central Wyoming College

Central Wyoming College

: Riverton, WY 

Central Wyoming College is one of Wyoming’s best culinary schools for aspiring culinary professionals who prefer a traditional academic program. Aspiring culinary professionals can pursue CWC’s Associate of Applied Science in Culinary or the Culinary Arts Certificate. However, the associate program is exclusively available in Jackson.

Students will learn advanced culinary techniques and foundations through the program from foundational topics, including garden managing, baking, food preparation and handling, soups, and stocks. 

The Associate of Applied Science in Culinary program’s curriculum is categorized into three main requirements: core required courses, electives, and general education courses. To graduate, 62 credits must be completed by culinary arts majors. Some of the courses discussed include Planning & controlling food and Beverage Operations, Wine Production, Service and appreciation, Fish and shellfish Prep and Cooking, Sales and marketing/Hospitality Industry, and Dining room management. 

After completing the program requirements, students will have the opportunity to participate in an internship program in Jackson’s restaurants and resorts. They can intern for four months in the summer or winter seasons. Students can complete courses from October to November and April to May, with partnerships that help meet the public’s needs and cater to Jackson’s busy tourist seasons through employment opportunities.

CWC’s Culinary Arts Certificate will prepare students for entry-level roles in various food service establishments. In addition to the core required courses, the program has general education requirements to strengthen students’ computational, creative, critical, and basic technical skills within the food service industry.

The certificate program has a condensed curriculum offered in April/May and October/November, providing students with the necessary training and expertise for a successful career in the culinary industry. The 31-credit certificate program will also require students to complete an extensive seasonal internship. They will work in one of the resorts in Jackson during the winter months, training in resort kitchens as one of the potential career paths for graduates.

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Laramie County Community College

Laramie County Community College

: Cheyenne, WY 

Laramie County Community College is an addition to Wyoming’s best culinary schools for students to pursue an academic program in a community college. Aspiring culinary professionals interested in pursuing their studies and training at LCCC will have two food and beverage-related options: the Culinary Arts Credit Diploma and the Craft Brewing Credit Diploma.

The Culinary Arts Credit Diploma offers a comprehensive, practical academic experience requiring 25 credits for completion. It is a closed program available exclusively at Laramie High School. Once coursework is completed, students will have the opportunity to intern at a local restaurant where applied learning is taught. The program will help students build their professional network and gain real-world experience in the culinary industry. 

It is a 2-year program consisting of courses that meet the National Association of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts standards. Pursuing the Culinary Arts Credit Diploma will prepare students for immediate employment or career advancement in their respective workplaces. After completing the credit diploma, students can pursue LCCC’s Associate of Applied Science in Trades and Technical Studies.

LCCC’s Craft Brewing Credit Diploma is ideal for students interested in all aspects of producing hand-crafted beers, including the process, evaluation, chemistry, and ingredients. The program will discuss foundational knowledge in the brewing process, from proper sanitation to brewing equipment and choosing high-quality ingredients. It will teach students how to develop and execute recipes related to craft brews.

Whether the product is in commercial volumes or small pilot batches, the program will educate and train students to produce beer. Students will also become proficient in the operations of craft brewery companies, including the aspects of inventory, procurement, marketing, and planning.

The 29-credit credit diploma in Craft Brewing includes a 5-credit brewery internship. Since the program is offered 100% online, students can fulfill their remote internship requirements at a local brewery in their area. Each course is taught by professional brewers and other enthusiasts working in the industry. To enroll, applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

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The Hawthorn Tree

The Hawthorn Tree

: Cheyenne, WY 

The Hawthorn Tree provides aspiring culinary professionals in Wyoming with a unique experience in culinary studies. It is the best culinary school in Wyoming for anyone interested in spirituality, holistic wellness, and herbalism. It is a new loose-leaf tea and herbal apothecary company headquartered in Cheyenne. Although the company primarily trains students in herbalism, it offers a venue to relax and dine while learning the art of baked goods and hand-crafted drinks.

Home to more than 150 different spices, teas, and herbs, The Hawthorn Tree facilitates a diverse range of handmade products on-site. Participants can enjoy access to an extensive selection of books and supplies for home herbalists to produce their custom creations and have tasty treats from local artisans. The company also offers classes on herbalism, personal enrichment, and custom herbal creations.

The Hawthorn Tree’s tea room offers daily baked goods and hand-crafted beverages. Participants interested in learning a new culinary skill in a unique method can witness how drinks are made in-house using spices, teas, and herbs. A rotating selection of baked goodies is available at The Hawthorn Tree, with a diverse range of vegan and gluten-free options.

With an emphasis on herbs and spices, aspiring culinary professionals will discover the benefits of integrating them into their culinary practice. They also learn the proper application of herbs and spices in a particular meal. 

The Hawthorn Tree offers a Herbalism Intensive Workshop, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of herbalism. The program is taught by the Director of Equinox Center of Herbal Studies, Laura Cascardi. In the workshop, participants will learn more about herbs, aromatherapy, introduction to medicine-making, and herbal nutrition.

It is a 35-hour practical, community herbalism program that is considered a shortened version of the Equinox Center of Herbal Studies’ Advanced and Clinical Applications of Herbalism and Foundations of Herbalism. Upon completing the workshop, students receive a Community Herbalism Certificate.

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Belle’s Bakeshoppe

Belle's Bakeshoppe

: Cheyenne, WY

Bell’s Bakeshoppe is one of Wyoming’s best culinary school alternatives for aspiring pastry chefs and bakers. The shop offers a variety of cookies, vegan/gluten-free pastries, cupcakes, cakes, and cookie kits. Bell’s Bakeshoppe also accepts custom orders for all occasions. Participants can find inspiration through the bake shop’s pastries and other confectioneries. 

If you are into baking cookies and other sweets, Bell’s Bakeshoppe offers classes that accommodate your group of friends, families, and colleagues. One of the popular classes includes the Private Cookie Decorating class, which accepts a minimum of four participants.

Although it is a beginner class, participants can learn a skill or two as an introduction for newbie cookie decorators. As of December 2021, a $45 per person fee is charged for the 2-hour class. However, a fee of $125 is billed for every additional hour.

In the Private Cookie Decorating class, every student will have six vanilla sugar cookies, including the following tools:

  • Icing and cookie recipes
  • Icing bags with royal icing
  • Tray/box for taking home 

Although classes can be customized according to participant’s preferences, the standard topics will include:

  • Cutting Tipless Bags
  • Outlining vs. Flooding
  • Royal Icing Consistency
  • Wet-On-Wet Techniques

To register, a $180 down payment must be settled to secure the dates. If cancellation is necessary, a 50% refund will be issued when the cancellation is made at least 14 days from the start date. Otherwise, no refund will be given.  The participant list is finalized five days before the scheduled date of the class. 

Are you interested in a private class with Bell’s Bakeshoppe? Visit its official website regularly for more details.

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Verdello Olive Oils & Fine Foods

Verdello Olive Oils & Fine Foods

: Sheridan, WY 

Verdello Olive Oils & Fine Foods sells high-quality olive oils, vinegar, sauces & dressings, and salts & seasonings in Downtown Sheridan. However, the shop offers a variety of cooking classes in Wyoming for aspiring culinary professionals and food enthusiasts. The culinary classes you can register in at Verdello Olive Oils & Fine Foods are:

  • Norwegian Flair
  • Pizza Parlor Workshop
  • Tamale Workshop
  • The Art of Asian Sauces

All culinary classes at Verdello Olive Oils & Fine Food are hands-on classes unless labeled as “demonstrative.” Each participant will be required to perform and engage in the cooking process. A comfortable pair of close-toed shoes is mandatory since students will often move around. Although each class consists of 10 to 14 participants, they will be broken into smaller groups to discuss portions of each recipe. Each class will have two to three hours duration; however, students are encouraged to be in the venue at least ten minutes earlier.

Chef-Instructors at Verdello Olive Oils & Fine Food will orient and guide participants through the culture where the meal is inspired. They will also discuss various culinary techniques and preparations throughout the class. Once the meal is prepared, the whole class will enjoy the meal together.

Participants will receive the complete recipe guide so they can re-create the meal in the comforts of their homes. After the culinary class, they will also receive a 10% discount on the entire purchase. Each student will have access to drinking water throughout the whole class.

To register, participants can either call through Verdello’s hotline, make an online reservation, or visit the store. Classes are on a first-come, first-pay basis, and payment must be made to reserve a slot.

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Brain Health Kitchen Cooking School

Brain Health Kitchen Cooking School

: Jackson, WY

Brain Health Kitchen Cooking School offers community-based, group, and private classes in Jackson Hole with a mission. As one of the best culinary school alternatives in Wyoming, it provides participants with comprehensive training on taking good care of brain health through food, eliminating the risk of dementia. Each recipe will include nutrient-dense ingredients that help prevent cognitive decline.

Culinary students will learn various cooking techniques that maintain the brain health and integrity of foods, including replacing dairy products with cheese, creams, and nut milk, increasing the intake of cruciferous vegetables, and cooking with olive oil.

Some of the menus prepared by participants include Orange-scented fig and almond power bars, slow-roasted salmon with avocado butter, and warm kale blackberry salad. After registration of the class, participants will receive a detailed ingredient list, link to join, and recipes. 

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Kitchen Social

Kitchen Social

: Casper, WY

Kitchen Social offers a variety of culinary classes in Wyoming that will teach students about cooking and healthy eating. Some hands-on cooking classes include food preservation, pressure cooking, soup making, and baking. All culinary classes are interactive, fun, and informal. In addition to traditional culinary classes, participants will learn more about mindful eating, meal planning, saving money on groceries, and nutrition. 

Are you interested in participating in a culinary class at Casper, Wyoming? Here are some of the culinary classes offered at Kitchen Social:

  • Gifts-in-a-jar

In Gifts-in-a-jar class, participants will have the opportunity to fill and decorate a maximum of three jars. Kitchen Social offers a diverse range of recipes to choose from, including trail mix, pancake mix, soup mix, hot cocoa, brownie mix, and cookie mix. Adults and kids can participate in this class. A paying adult can bring one child age 11 and below to participate in the Gifts-in-a-jar class.

  • Holiday Treats

The Holiday Treats class at the Kitchen Social features a hands-on class where participants create and take home their sweets and treats. Each culinary student will make various holiday-themed recipes, including Funfetti popcorn, reindeer pretzels, and sugar cookies. The class is for adults and kids; however, ticket prices are different for every age group. Adults can bring one child age 11 and below for free. Children aged 12 to 17 will pay $15, given they are with a paying adult. However, additional children ages 11 and under will pay an additional $10.

  • Easy Bread Baking

Participants in the Easy Bread Baking class will learn the comprehensive steps to bake delicious pieces of bread and how all baking ingredients will work. They can either choose cinnamon raisin bread, French, or honey wheat. The class will also include the recipe and handout for reference when trying the recipe at home.

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Slow Foods of the Tetons

Slow Foods of the Tetons

: Jackson, WY 

Slow Foods of the Tetons is a non-profit organization considered a member of Slow Food USA. The organization connects the Teton community with farmers and the local health food communities, hosting a diverse range of events and cooking classes. Each culinary class is open to adults and children, helping them learn more about food sources and empowering them to make healthy choices.

The organization offers three types of culinary classes in Wyoming, namely the following:

  • Six Weeks of Slow Food

The Six Weeks of Slow Food series is an online class highlighting weekly culinary techniques, principles, and recipes. Are you interested in Slow Foods of the Tetons’ weekly training? Here are samples below:

  • Week 1: Tomato Basil Salmon
  • Week 2: Preserved Lemons 
  • Week 3: In Garden Recipes with Consider It Taco
  • Week 4: Beet Relish Recipe and Knife Skills for Cooking from the Garden & Market
  • Week 5: Late Bloomer Ranch Tour
  • Week 6: Slow Cocktails with Still Works
  • Farm-To-Table Cooking & Farming Camp

Cooking & Farming Camp takes place on South Park’s local farm. Each camper will start their days planting, cultivating, and harvesting in the garden. Once they have completed these processes, they will prepare farm-to-table recipes in the outdoor kitchen. Additional costs include fostering an in-depth appreciation within the food system, discovering the hidden life within the soil, and creating comprehensive compositing systems.

Each week’s events include a family feast on Fridays where campers and their guests enjoy farm-fresh recipes and weekly celebrations. Parents or guardians drop off and fetch campers in the venue for transportation.

  • After-School Cooking Class

After-School Cooking Classes are for 3rd to 8th graders.

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Brush Creek Ranch

Brush Creek Ranch

: Saratoga, WY 

Brush Creek Ranch, an all-inclusive ranch resort, offers a private 600-acre mountain getaway surrounded by stunning landscapes. The ranch offers cooking classes in Saratoga, Wyoming, through its Cheyenne Club as part of its activities and amenities. Are you in Brush Creek Ranch and want to learn the art of cooking?

Every week, Brush Creek Ranch has two cooking demonstrations that can accommodate six guests. The executive chef will provide an in-depth orientation of each meal or recipe before the cooking process. Each guest will receive recipe cards and a custom apron as a giveaway. After meal preparation, participants will enjoy cocktails and exquisite wine with the prepared meal.

Each participant will create and enjoy sumptuous dishes with the executive chef. In Brush Creek Ranch’s culinary classes, they will experience first-hand culinary expertise essential to creating a farm-to-table dining experience. The ranch also offers a Pasta-Making class where participants can explore everything about pasta and create them from scratch.

Brush Creek Ranch also offers a Healthy Eating class, teaching participants various culinary techniques to integrate healthy recipes into daily food intake. Participants also discover different techniques for grilling vegetables and meats.

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Cottonwood Kitchen + Home

Cottonwood Kitchen + Home

: Sheridan, WY 

Cottonwood Kitchen + Home has professionally trained chefs that will facilitate various cooking classes in Wyoming. Depending on the participant’s preference, chefs at Cottonwood Kitchen can also design a unique culinary class. Are you in Sheridan and would like to participate in a culinary class? Cottonwood Kitchen + Home is one of the best culinary schools for you. 

Here are some of the sample culinary classes offered at Cottonwood Kitchen + Home:

  • Tour of Italy – Pasta Class, Liguria Region

This is one of the best culinary classes offered at Cottonwood Kitchen if you’re a fan of homestyle Italian cuisine. The resident chef will help you discover and appreciate the Liguria region, letting you create Trofie pasta with classic Ligurian Pesto, all made from scratch. Participants will learn how to make this meal with a recipe straight from Sori, Liguria. To complete the meal, a ready-made Italian salad will be served.

  • Kids Donut Decorating Class 

Kids Donut Decorating Class will learn from the in-house Chef Aaron and staff from the Sheridan Donut Company. Kids will create and fry their doughnuts in this class and decorate them using sprinkles, chocolate, and icing. After the session, students can bring home their doughnuts or eat them right away.

  • Farm-To-Table Class

The Farm-To-Table Class is a special series collaborating with Papa Joe’s Produce. In this culinary class, participants will kick start at Papa Joe’s Farm, where they will pick their own set of herbs and vegetables. They will come back to the Cottonwood Kitchen the next day to process fresh ingredients and cook them.

  • Cooking Techniques 101

If you are a newbie in cooking, Cooking Techniques 101 is the best culinary class for you. It is a hands-on culinary class that will discuss and demonstrate various culinary skills, including Pantry Stocking Tips, Basic Cooking Techniques, Food Safety, and Knife Skills. Students will also prepare sumptuous dishes, namely No-bake Banana Split Cakes, “Stretched” Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Breast with Homemade Gravy, and Beef Consomme Carrots.

  • Tour of Italy – Pasta Class, Tuscany Region

The Tour of Italy series offers another culinary class inspired by Italian cuisine. Students will learn how to make classic potato gnocchi paired with Gorgonzola cream sauce in this class. An Italian salad will be served to complete the meal.

All adult culinary classes offered at the Cottonwood Kitchen + Home will allow participants to bring an adult beverage. Each participant will also enjoy the company’s filtered water, tea, and specialty coffee. After completing the culinary class, participants will have a 10% discount for future cooking classes or goodies at the Cottonwood Kitchen + Home.

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