The 20 Best Jobs for Extroverts

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Different types of people excel in various jobs, so if you want to excel in your chosen path, it’s in your best interest to find a job that matches your personality!

You might be drawn to roles that aren’t as appealing to the timid type if you’re an extrovert. But will you know which jobs will play to your natural strengths and abilities and leave you excited and energized daily?

Quick Summarization:
Your earnings throughout your career are proportional to your education, experience, and personality. According to research, extroverts have a better chance of securing lucrative jobs than introverts because they can quickly get along with others and have higher confidence. However, there are numerous instances in which extroverted people apply for a job much more suited for introverts, making them struggle to keep up with their counterparts’ abilities and personalities. Thus, it is critical to choose a career that will allow you to grow without draining your energy every day.

Extroverts are outgoing and enjoy being surrounded by large groups of friends and colleagues, as face-to-face interactions provide them with a lot of energy. They typically thrive on teamwork at work because they prefer group brainstorming and are quick to share thoughts, ideas, and opinions. They express themselves freely and are not afraid to be noticed or to become the center of attention.

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The 20 Best Jobs for Extroverts


Best Jobs for Extroverts-Lawyer

Average Annual Salary: $135,740

The word “lawyer” is used in various ways around the world. Lawyers are known by many different names, including attorneys, barristers, counsel, and solicitors. 

The law is so broad that a single lawyer cannot provide legal counsel in every area of the law successfully. Like how a doctor focuses on a specific body area or a specific type of ailment or disease, lawyers also specialize in one or two related areas of law.

For different reasons, the law practice attracts both introverts and extroverts, and both personality types can thrive in this profession. However, extroverts have some advantages, especially if you want to work as a public defender, district attorney, or trial lawyer, requiring you to perform in the courtroom constantly.

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Best Jobs for Extroverts-Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Average Annual Salary: $78,474

In the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical industry, a pharmaceutical sales representative is someone pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors employ to inform and educate physicians about their products.

Considered one of the best jobs for extroverts, this profession does not entail direct sales but rather connects providers with the drugs, treatments, and knowledge they require to provide their patients with the most up-to-date care. They disseminate exciting advances in medicine and bring new, sometimes life-saving, treatments to the public.

These professionals spend most of their time talking to and interacting with people, which extroverts enjoy. They will spend an entire day catching up with existing accounts, visiting and introducing themselves to new doctor’s clinics, or giving presentations on the pharmaceuticals they sell. 


Best Jobs for Extroverts-Entertainer

Average Annual Salary: $75,174

Entertainers perform in front of audiences in various performance areas such as juggling, acting, music, magic, storytelling, and comedy, to name a few. As such, entertainers must have creative ability, performance skills, and expertise in their field.

They must also be good communicators and memorizers. Most entertainers are self-employed and must be able to create their work opportunities, so business, marketing, networking, and planning skills are essential.

Extroverts thrive in the entertainment industry, especially since this job involves a lot of audience interaction. Extroverted people indeed love being the center of attention and receiving positive feedback for their work.

Management Consultant

Best Jobs for Extroverts-Management Consultant

Average Annual Salary: $94,253

Management consultants help all types of businesses improve their performance by providing expert advice on how to solve problems and grow.

These professionals work with companies in various industries, including business strategy, human resources, finance, and marketing. Management consulting is used by many public institutions to improve their practices and efficiency, not just private firms.

Management consultants are employed by consulting firms rather than directly by the companies for which they work, which means that they are constantly on the move, bouncing between clients and projects regularly.

As a result, they must continuously be comfortable interacting, working with, and building relationships with new people—a situation that extroverts typically find rewarding and energizing.

Product Manager

Best Jobs for Extroverts-Product Manager

Average Annual Salary: $116,555

Product managers detail a product’s line strategy, roadmap, and feature set. A product manager’s responsibilities may also include product marketing, forecasting, and profit and loss (P&L).

These professionals analyze the market and competitive conditions before developing a differentiated product vision that delivers unique value based on customer demands.

The most effective product managers are visionaries. You direct a product’s success and lead the cross-functional team in charge of improving it. Product managers deal with different people all day long, which can be exhausting if they lack some level of extroversion. As a result, extroverts are a natural fit for this role.

Event Planner

Best Jobs for Extroverts-Event Planner

Average Annual Salary: $52,560

Events bring people together, whether it is a wedding, birthday, business convention, or just a simple gathering. Event planners ensure that the client’s visions are met seamlessly by overseeing every aspect of an event, inch to inch.

Before a wedding, for example, event planners will meet with clients to estimate attendance and determine the theme. They handle wedding logistics such as registering guests, setting up audio/visual equipment, and locating caterers.

Event planners create a bond through interactions with a wide range of people to pull off a successful event, including clients, vendors, and event staff, making this a role that extroverts thrive in.

Public Relations Specialist

Best Jobs for Extroverts-Public Relations

Average Annual Salary: $67,440

The relationship between a company and the general public is referred to as public relations. Public relations (PR) professionals assist a company in projecting a positive image to the public to achieve its objectives. 

Rather than paying for advertisements, PR professionals attempt to draw media attention to their clients.

PR professionals persuade journalists and media contacts that there is a story about a client worth covering in their newspaper, magazine, website, or TV/radio program. They also spend a lot of time constantly making connections and interacting with the media to further expand their list of media contacts.


Best Jobs for Extroverts-Politics

Average Annual Salary: $47,606

In general, a politician is a public official whose primary role is to create or propose laws to advance the broad interests of the public. Politicians are elected officials elected by popular vote to become the primary creators of national, regional, or local law legislation in modern democracies.

Whether or not a politician is a political leader, their daily activities include an attempt to reach a consensus of opinions. They must agree with their colleagues on critical social issues within their party politics while also appeasing powerful industrial and commercial interests.

In addition, politicians cultivate a power base among these groups to ensure that their views prevail over the opposing views of other politicians. Elected politicians must also satisfy voters’ demands about how society should govern itself if they want to stay in power.

Almost all politicians are extroverts since this career involves a lot of public speaking, social networking, and negotiating. 

Life Coach

Best Jobs for Extroverts-Life Coach

Average Annual Salary: $39,028

A life coach assists people in making positive changes in their lives to achieve greater happiness. These professionals help their clients improve their careers, relationships, and daily lives.

Life coaches can assist you in identifying the barriers that are impeding your progress, clarifying your goals, and developing strategies to overcome each obstacle.

Life coaches will tailor strategies to your specific abilities. They will help you achieve long-term change by helping you make the most of your capabilities.

While extroverts are known to be people-friendly, not all of them thrive in large groups, dealing with many people regularly. Some extroverts prefer one-on-one interactions or smaller groups. This kind of extrovert would make an excellent life coach.

Adventure/Tour Guide

Best Jobs for Extroverts-Adventure or Tour Guide

Average Annual Salary: $37,790

Many extroverts are naturally adventurous. It can lead to exciting hobbies and pastimes that can lead to a career.

An adventure guide leads a group of people in recreational and adrenaline-pumping activities. In this line of work, an excursion you lead is usually more exciting and interactive than a standard tour. 

If you’re not up for anything daring, you can also be a tour guide. Tour guides meet itineraries and entertainingly inform clients about the locations they are visiting. 

Being a tour/adventure guide can be a thrilling experience for extroverts because it allows them to constantly interact with new and exciting people.

Hair Stylist

Best Jobs for Extroverts-Hair Stylist

Average Annual Salary: $28,801

Hairstylists assist customers in achieving the look they desire. This entails far more than simply cleaning and cutting hair. Stylists communicate with customers to fully understand their needs and must also have enough knowledge to recommend the best styles for clients.

The best hairstylists have mastered being a people person to the point where they can tell if the person sitting in their chair wants to talk or prefers to avoid conversation.

If you have an introverted client, your extrovert skills may be unappealing. The good news is that your ability to read others allows you to decide how to approach them.


Best Jobs for Extroverts-Bartender

Average Annual Salary: $23,031

Bartenders, also known as Mixologists, prepare and serve alcoholic beverages in response to customer requests. Aside from serving drinks to customers, they verify customers’ identification and age, handle payments, clean the bar counter, and sometimes balance sales.

Bartenders are individuals with distinct personalities. They are enterprising people who are adventurous, assertive, extroverted, energetic, confident, and optimistic. They are commanding, persuading, and motivating. Some are also conventional, which means they are conscientious and conservative.

Extroverted people can listen to stories and offer sage advice here and there, making them perfect for the job as this strategy can earn repeat customers.

Dental Hygienist

Best Jobs for Extroverts-Dental Hygienist

Average Annual Salary: $81,400

Dental hygienists are medical providers who inspect and clean patients’ teeth. They work in dentists’ offices or clinics, interacting with patients daily. 

Patients typically can’t talk much while in the chair because the dental hygienist is cleaning their teeth to remove cavities. Only an extrovert can feel comfortable doing most or all of the talking, which helps to put nervous patients at ease. 

Dental hygienists also counsel patients on how to improve their dental health. The opportunity to frequently interact with patients and educate them on how to improve their health can be energizing and fulfilling for someone with a compassionate nature and an outgoing personality.

Financial Advisor

Best Jobs for Extroverts-Financial Advisor

Average Annual Salary: $80,731

Financial advisors use their financial knowledge to help clients choose the best investment, reduce tax burdens, and make insurance decisions. Successful financial advisors are well-versed in various finance topics, including bonds, tax laws, stocks, and other investments.

They do, however, do more than provide general advice. They are known for possessing great communication skills for their direct interactions with clients.

The people and communication skills required to interact well with clients are among the most important qualities a financial advisor can have, making this an excellent career for extroverts. After all, financial advisors must comprehend their clients’ objectives and their current financial by creating a bond.


Best Jobs for Extroverts-Mediator

Average Annual Salary: $64,030

Mediators are legal professionals working with a legal dispute to help them resolve the issue outside of the court system.

They are neutral or impartial in the case, which means they are not on the side of either the plaintiff or the defendant. Instead, they meet with both parties and help them communicate effectively to reach an agreement without going to trial. 

While mediators must have a vast knowledge of the laws that apply to their mediation cases, much of their success is based on extrovert skills. Mediators should be good listeners and communicators to interact well with others and help them communicate more effectively.

For extroverts who enjoy being around and interacting with others, the challenge of getting opposing parties to work together can be as challenging and exciting as it is rewarding.

Registered Nurse

Best Jobs for Extroverts-Registered Nurse

Average Annual Salary: $81,220

Registered nurses (RNs) provide medical care to patients in hospitals, surgical centers, doctors’ offices, schools, or their own homes. On any day, a registered nurse will monitor a patient’s vital signs, review treatment plans, administer medications, or assist a surgeon during emergency surgery, depending on the patient’s type of care and specialty.

Interacting with people is central to an RN’s job, whether coordinating with doctors, directly providing patient care, or interacting with patients’ families and loved ones.

So, while registered nurses (obviously) need medical skills and training to support their patients, they also need to be energetic while navigating frequent social interaction—a task that extroverts excel at.

Physical Therapist

Best Jobs for Extroverts-Physical Therapist

Average Annual Salary: $97,720

Physical therapists help patients improve their mobility and reduce pain. They use electric stimulation, hands-on therapy, heat and cold applications, assistive walking devices, and other modalities and equipment to rehabilitate these patients. The job of a physical therapist is to help patients function better.

More than many other healthcare workers, physical therapists must motivate and encourage patients, some of whom may be depressed due to their injury and limitations or discouraged by slower-than-desired progress.

An outgoing, extroverted physical therapist can motivate these patients and assist them in making the best recovery possible for their condition.


Best Jobs for Extroverts-Teacher

Average Annual Salary: $53,150

Teachers create lesson plans, design educational experiences, deliver lectures and provide direct support to students to help them reach their full potential. Teachers may also direct after-school programs or extracurricular clubs related to their subject.

For example, a public speaking teacher may direct a debate club, whereas a music teacher may direct the school’s musical theater program or marching band.

Teachers spend most of their working hours talking to and interacting with students in the classroom. Teachers must also manage relationships with school administrators, parents, and other educators, so being an extrovert can make teaching a more enjoyable and energizing experience.

Human Resource Specialist

Human Resource Specialist

Average Annual Salary: $130,000

Human resource (HR) professionals assist companies and organizations in hiring employees. Workers are a valuable asset in any industry, and it is the responsibility of an HR to screen and hire quality employees and handle issues such as training and orientation, employment paperwork, payroll, and benefits.

In hiring and managing employee benefits, Human Resources specialists must interact with a wide range of people throughout the organization, from new hires to C-level executives.

Human Resources managers’ roles necessitate a high level of social skills and the ability to connect with a wide range of personalities, making it ideal for extroverts.

Flight Attendant

Best Jobs for Extroverts-Flight Attendant

Average Annual Salary: $67,020

Flight attendants manage an aircraft’s cabin, ensuring the safety and comfort of the passengers. They devote more time to passengers than any other airline employee and strive to provide each passenger with the most personalized service possible throughout the flight.

Flight attendants have distinct personalities, as do the majority of extroverts. They are enterprising people who are aspirational, assertive, extroverted, full of energy, cheerful, confident, and optimistic.

Some are also social, which means they are kind, generous, empathetic, tactful, and friendly—extroverts who enjoy traveling, unpredictable schedules, and meeting new people will enjoy working as flight attendants.

What is an Extrovert? Advantages and Disadvantages of An Extroverted Personality

Extroverts appear cool and chill when surrounded by others: friends, family, colleagues, or even strangers. They have a set of characteristics that help them build a successful career and shine in these situations:

Extroverts are good at expressing their emotions.

Most extroverts have no problem opening up and expressing their feelings to others. They may even share too much information at times. And yet, this is another strength because communication is critical in problem solving and solution finding at work.

Extroverts are best at working in teams.

Discussions assist extroverts in exploring the issue and determining which option may work best. After a long day at work, talking about their problems and building relationships with friends or family can help them relax.

Extroverts are natural-born entertainers.

Extroverted people enjoy being the center of attention, whether performing on stage or speaking in public. It comes in handy when giving presentations and hosting parties. Extroverts find social interactions energizing, and they gain energy from them. If given the option of spending time alone or with others, they will almost always choose to spend time with others.

Extroverts are experts at making an excellent first impression.

Projecting a good first impression is vital in many aspects of life and work, including job interviews. Extroverts appear to excel at this, using their charm and outgoing personality to persuade others. Flirting is also a breeze for extroverts.

While all the discussed works on the advantage of being extroverted, some of them double as disadvantages when overused. Some flaws prevent extroverts from being fully productive and energetic:

Extroverts tend to disclose so much.

In some business and work situations, it’s best to keep your cards close to your chest. Too much information can land you in hot water and make you vulnerable to manipulation.

Extroverts hate being alone.

Some extroverts find it challenging to be alone. Being locked in a room with only themselves drives them insane. This is a disadvantage because everyone has to work alone at some point in their lives.

Extroverts are not good at managing boredom.

While introverts entertain themselves with the simplest things, an extrovert requires much more. According to studies, extroverts perform worse when not sufficiently stimulated, which is a significant career weakness. Social and emotional development is a big deal to extroverts!

Extroverts are sometimes overbearing and clingy.

Someone overly clingy is one of the most difficult people to deal with in a relationship or at work. Some extroverts want to be with you all the time, with no private space, and they appear overly reliant on you. It can be a real issue when extroverts cannot turn off their overly social side.

Companies Posting Jobs for Extroverts In The US and Globally

As Human Resources departments in businesses and labor statistics recognize that extroverts outperform introverts in the many facets of work, many companies prefer to hire an extrovert for the best jobs:


This well-known streaming service offers several of the best jobs for TV shows and movies that are fit for outgoing individuals The company provides a variety of sales representatives and management positions that necessitate strong interpersonal skills.


Eventive is a premium streaming platform that features some of the best indie film productions available. This company has many positions that necessitate strong interpersonal skills.

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies, whose primary business is digital transformation, requires outgoing individuals with excellent communication skills for various positions.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is a leading healthcare provider that posts the best jobs for extroverted individuals with strong communication skills.


As one of the world’s largest telecommunications, this company’s Human Resources team frequently offers the best jobs to sociable, friendly professionals for its ever-expanding team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is good about extroverts?

Extroverts naturally attract others due to their interpersonal skills, strong communication skills, charisma, and self-assurance. As a result, they get numerous opportunities to meet new people and broaden their networking skills by attending social gatherings and communicating with other professionals. They make active and productive members of a team!

Are all extroverts talkative?

Extroverts naturally attract others due to their interpersonal skills, charisma, and self-assurance. As a result, they have endless opportunities to meet new people and broaden their networking skills by attending social gatherings and communicating with other professionals.

Do extroverts get paid well?

They do, indeed. Human Resources evaluations prove that do well in various jobs, including sales, consultant, product manager, and lawyer. Many of these best jobs are leadership positions requiring excellent interpersonal and strong communication skills–and paying handsomely.

What are the worst jobs for extroverts?

Extroverts, with their strong communication skills, may struggle in roles that require them to be confined to a desk and work independently for most of the day. The best jobs for introverts are typically a poor fit for extroverted people.

Key Takeaways

If you’re an extrovert, you might be attracted to roles that aren’t as appealing to an introvert. Because, in essence, extroverts have strong communication skills and are energized by social interaction. As a result, extroverts are best suited to risky, network-intensive, and fast-paced jobs.

Talk to your bosses and the Human Resources team to help you put your skills to good use and go to work happy every day!

Malcolm Peralty
Chief Editor