The 20 Best Jobs for Introverts

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Chasing that dream job or career can be a daunting task at the best of times. It can be incredibly discouraging for introverts in today’s modern workplace.

However, you should not be concerned!

As an introvert, you can have a fulfilling and successful career without enduring a stressful and anxious work environment.

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You may be surprised to learn that introverted people possess many sought-after qualities employers are looking for. Even better, many job opportunities do not necessitate a lot of social interaction with customers or co-workers. Creative introverts have a plethora of career options.


Quick Summarization:
Working in certain fields can be difficult for introverts who prefer to work alone rather than in large office environments or teams. Certain occupations necessitate a great deal of interpersonal interaction or public speaking. Poor career choices for introverts include becoming a lawyer, a family practice doctor, a public relations manager, or a human resource manager, to name a few. Many introverts would despise these jobs, despite their high pay. Introverts who try to make a living in the wrong field may find themselves unsatisfied, if not burned out, after a few years. As a result, introverts must choose their careers carefully.

What Is An Introvert And How Does This Type of Personality Behave?

An introvert is a person who exhibits traits of the introverted personality type, which means they prefer to focus on their inner thoughts and ideas rather than what is going on around them. They like to spend their time with one or two people rather than in large groups or crowds.

20 Best Jobs for Introverts


Best Jobs for Introverts - Accountant

Annual Average Salary: $78,000

An accountant is tasked with maintaining financial records and assisting companies in managing their finances. They also collect money from clients or customers, pay employees, and oversee expenses. They typically collaborate with other finance professionals, such as an accountant.

With ever-changing tax laws and the expansion of global commerce, society will always require qualified number crunchers at least with a bachelor’s degree who make a good average salary. Most of their work uses bookkeeping or accounting software to keep the financial records in an organization’s information systems.

Freelance writer

Best Jobs for Introverts-Freelance Writer

Average Hourly Salary: $22.73

Copywriting, creative writing, blogs, web copy, white papers, social media copy, technical writing pieces, and other articles are all examples of content created by a freelance writer. These professionals conduct research on the topics they write about, create product content, interview sources, revise and edit based on their material, and, on occasion, publish them.

Whether fiction business copy or technical writing, this career is one of the best jobs for introverts who pay a good average salary.

Fiction, non-fiction, creative, specialized, and technical writers work for advertising agencies, publication companies, marketing firms, or other businesses. With a bachelor’s degree, they become adept in content marketing and usually possess social media manager skills.

Graphic designer

Best Jobs for Introverts-Graphic Artist

Average Hourly Salary: $57,990

A graphic designer’s primary responsibilities include developing visual content in print and digital platforms, including in newspapers, magazines, websites, and social media. They are responsible for creating assets for advertisements, logos, videos, apps, blogs, and product packaging while adhering to client guidelines and specifications.

A graphic designer with a bachelor’s degree has the skills to research design inspiration, select the font and font color to go with the designs, draft assets with design software, revise them based on the client’s feedback, and present the final product.

Expect a graphic designer to work independently as self-employed freelancers. They usually work for a decent average salary in a company’s graphic design team or marketing department, or they may freelance for a variety of clients. To succeed as an artist or graphic designer, you must have a strong portfolio of work to show potential clients.

Computer Programmer

Best Jobs for Introverts-Computer Programmer

Annual Average Salary: $97,800

Computer programmers, usually bachelor’s degree holders, collaborate closely with web and software developers to create code for new mobile apps or computer programs. They also lay out and functionality of a new software program or focus on writing new code, which introverts tend to find attractive. 

As experts in software programs, they create and install updates for existing software programs and assist in troubleshooting a website or computer program that is not working correctly. Programmers are frequently required to rewrite code in different languages or create new applications in SaaS code.

HVAC contractor

Best Jobs for Introverts-HVAC Contractor

Annual Average Salary: $51,390

HVAC contractors assess existing HVAC systems, identify issues for replacement or repair, replace filters, clean ducts, conduct routine maintenance, and suggest preventative measures or upgrades for the HVAC’s optimal performance.

This high-paying job for introverts is ideal for people who are not exactly fans of math. It is also a low-stress job for introverts with no experience. HVAC contractors don’t need to converse with people frequently.

They only discuss the job with clients without being obliged to know them personally–which introverts tend to put in their definition of a perfect job!

Lab Technician

Best Jobs for Introverts-Lab Technician

Annual Average Salary: $57,380

Medical lab technicians play an essential role in hospitals and doctors’ offices. Regarded as one of the best jobs, this profession plays a vital part in any well-functioning healthcare facility.

They perform lab tests on specimens under the supervision of physicians, lab managers, or lab technologists. Their work behind the scenes assists doctors in detecting diseases or illnesses and determining treatment options.

As a laboratory technician, you would better diagnose patients by analyzing backstage. You work for a health center or hospital, studying chemicals, tissues, and other patient substances.

It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you can stand up to the blood, you can find the solitude you seek in a silent laboratory where not a lot of human interaction is required.

Day trader

Best Jobs for Introverts-Day Trader

Annual Average Salary: $67,480

The primary responsibilities of a day trader include buying and selling securities, stocks, bonds, and other assets throughout the day. They examine the shifts in the stock market, monitor the trends, sell assets they believe have peaked for the day, buy assets at their lowest, and sell all options to carry no positions into the next day.

Day traders with a bachelor’s degree in a related field can conduct professional research, read industry publications, monitor top businesses’ financial statuses, and make informed decisions about making investments.

The day trading environment is ideally one of the best jobs: there is plenty of prey and liquidations from large institutions. Introverts are always better traders than extroverts because introverts have more and better traits suited for day trading.


Best Jobs for Introverts-Scientist

Annual Average Salary: $136,620

The term scientist is a broad term that refers to someone who studies and investigates various aspects of the physical world to understand better how things work and function. There are numerous specializations of scientists,’ and the work can vary greatly depending on which field of study one chooses to pursue.

Scientists, many of them being master’s degree holders, will be hired by both large and small businesses to work on products and research projects.

Because scientific fields do not require you to be a social butterfly, it is one of the best jobs for many introverts. Scientists typically work alone and spend most of their time researching and advancing knowledge in their chosen field.


Best Jobs for Introverts-Transcriptionist

Annual Average Salary: $36,248

The primary responsibilities include reviewing live or recorded audio and converting it into a written format by typing out what they hear. These individuals might work in medical, legal, or general transcription. 

Transcriptionists may transcribe physicians’ notes, medical examinations, patient visits, private legal proceedings, courtroom proceedings, interviews, or speeches. They typically use foot pedal equipment for rewinding, pausing, and playing audio. They are also expected to type quickly and accurately.

Transcription, a job that works for bachelor’s degree holders, is among the best jobs ideal for introverts because it provides a high level of autonomy, suitable for independent thinkers, and can be completed remotely. While you should have fast and accurate typing skills, the required speed varies by company, but the faster, the better.

Animal trainer

Best Jobs for Introverts-Animal Trainer

Annual Average Salary: $29,790

The primary responsibilities of an animal trainer include working with service animals, house pets, and horses on basic obedience and tricks, performance and competition, house training, security, and assisting people with disabilities.

These professionals may work in kennels, shelters, human services, entertainment production companies, law enforcement training agencies, or small businesses.

Introverts with a passion for animals can thrive as animal care workers. It is one of the best jobs for them to practice their passion for animals by becoming rescuers.

This best job for introverts usually applies to bachelor’s degree holders in related fields. It may entail more interaction with the animals and co-workers.


Best Jobs for Introverts-Psychologist

Annual Average Salary: $89,330

Psychologists, many of them bachelor’s degree and master’s degree holders, study and explain thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Depending on the topic of study, they use methods such as observation, assessment, and experimentation to develop theories about the feelings and beliefs that influence a person’s actions.

These professionals frequently collect data and assess behavior through controlled laboratory experiments, psychoanalysis, or psychotherapy. They may also administer personality, aptitude, performance, or intelligence tests.

While patient interaction is required, making a positive impact matters to introverts. Introverts are frequently self-aware and motivated by knowledge, and they find that a career in psychology is rewarding.

It entails researching thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, which many introverts enjoy. It can be an excellent career for introverts because it allows them to interact with their patients in a measured manner.


Best Jobs for Introverts-Photographer

Annual Average Salary: $50,210

Photographers create images that paint a picture and tell a story — “a picture is worth a thousand words” — and are typically hired for specific jobs by various clients.

A part-time/freelance photographer hired by a client is responsible for following the client’s wishes down to the most delicate details and setting up a business model that makes pricing and options visible and accessible.

Photography, which is offered as a bachelor’s degree program, is one of the best jobs that appeals to many introverts. Aside from the technical and artistic aspects of photography, photographers enjoy their work for various reasons.

Some people enjoy being outside, photographing landscapes and animals, or capturing the most memorable moments in someone’s life, such as a wedding, graduation, or family gathering.

Others find it a quiet and steady activity that allows them to spend hours with a computer editing photos and videos to perfection.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Best Jobs for Introverts-Cybersecurity Analyst

Annual Average Salary: $112,000

As a cybersecurity analyst, you are responsible for preventing theft, loss, or unauthorized access to your company’s hardware, software, and networks. You might expect to perform various cybersecurity tasks at a small company or organization. You might specialize as part of a larger security team in larger organizations.

Introverts with a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree can succeed in cybersecurity, and it’s one of the best industries for them!

Many introverted people achieve success primarily because of their technical abilities and conscientiousness. Specific security roles may necessitate high concentration, planning, creativity, and practice, all of which introverts excel at.

Film/Video Editor

Best Jobs for Introverts-Film or Video Editor

Annual Average Salary: $62,420

As a film/video editor, you will manage material such as camera footage, sound effects, dialogue, graphics, and special effects or create a product.

This is a critical role in the post-production process, and your abilities will determine the quality and timeliness of the final product. You’ll usually collaborate closely with the director to achieve the desired outcome.

Employment for bachelor’s degree holders in the field of video or film editing is typically freelance, with short-term contracts for post-production studios, television companies, and corporate employers.

This job is best suited for introverts because it allows them to explore their imaginative world and reveal it to others. A film/video editor is usually found in front of a computer screen, with headphones firmly pressed against their ears.

Email Support

Best Jobs for Introverts-Email Support

Annual Average Salary: $59,660 

Email and chat support specialists, many of whom acquire training from bachelor’s degree programs, save customers from the frustration of making phone calls, figuring out which keys to press, and waiting for a long time to speak with a representative. It’s no surprise that many businesses are abandoning phone support in favor of this type of medium.

However, providing excellent customer service requires more than just using this technology. This type of virtual assistant service dramatically contributes to the level of satisfaction felt by customers.

Even if you want to work in customer service, you don’t have to. Fortunately, many businesses provide support via live chat or email, a fantastic opportunity.


Best Jobs for Introverts-Mechanic

Annual Average Salary: $46,970

A mechanic assesses, troubleshoots, diagnoses, and repairs problems with vehicles, machinery, or equipment. Their duties typically involve testing a machine’s operation and performing routine and preventative maintenance.

Most mechanics specialize in repairing specific vehicle types, such as automobiles, diesel trucks, motorcycles, and boats, and specific machine types, such as factory machinery and construction equipment.

Because it requires analytical skills and attention to detail, being a mechanic is an excellent job for introverts. At the same time, most mechanics work alone or in small groups. Many mechanics work behind the scenes and do not have much direct contact with customers.


Best Jobs for Introverts-Librarian

Annual Average Salary: $61,660

A librarian is a trained professional, usually with a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, working in information science. They work in a school, a local library, or even for the government, assisting those in need of informational articles and services while managing and organizing those materials.

Librarians manage a vast amount of information, ranging from the traditional management of books and periodicals to more modern responsibilities involving audio and video recordings and digital resources.

Because libraries are quiet places, it stands to reason that this profession would attract introverts. An influential 1992 study discovered that nearly two-thirds of librarians who took the Myers-Briggs personality test were introverted.

Truck driver

Best Jobs for Introverts-Truck Driver

Annual Average Salary: $49,920

The primary responsibilities of a truck driver include driving a large, diesel-powered cabin to transport trailers of goods from a manufacturer, vendor, or supplier to another location.

Truck drivers plan delivery routes, communicate with dispatchers to optimize the route, drive for extended periods, steer the trailer into the delivery position, and assist with unloading. 

Because of the hours of solitude required for the job, introverts are excellent truck drivers. Long-haul drivers can be on the road for a week or two with little to no human interaction. It is possible to drive in a group, but it is not required.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Social Media Manager

Annual Average Salary: $69,000

Social Media Managers create and manage brand promotions, company information, and marketing campaigns across multiple social media networks for their company. Use a digital marketing campaign checklist to ensure that your content is on track.

A social media manager, typically with a bachelor’s degree, also understands the best social media metrics to concentrate on, how to use free or paid tools, and how to respond to questions and comments following its voice and guidelines. Social media managers create new content daily and keep up with digital marketing trends.

As an introvert, social media manager tasks can be fraught with pitfalls and awkward interactions. Because creative thinking is an essential part of digital marketing, introverts can be less influenced by the mainstream because they spend more time alone.


Best Jobs for Introverts-Plumber

Average Annual Salary: $60,090

The primary duties include assessing, repairing, installing, and maintaining plumbing systems in residential and commercial buildings.

They examine blueprints and existing construction to design efficient plumbing systems for new construction. In the case of existing buildings, their job is to assess any damage or wear on plumbing system elements.

Plumbing is a promising career for introverts, especially when building a private practice or apprenticing with an established local plumber.

Although you will need people skills to work directly with customers, plumbing offers many hours of solo work that is financially and psychologically rewarding for those who prefer to work with things rather than people.

What Introverts Need To Know About Contributing To The Workplace

According to Laurie A. Helgoe, author of Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life Is Your Hidden Strength, “…any environment that consistently leaves you feeling bad about who you are in the wrong environment.”

In practice, what does this mean? If you are an introvert, an industry with an open workspace and making progress through in-person meetings may leave you feeling run down and not stimulated to do your best work. While working can often be challenging, it should not make you miserable.

The Four Types of Introverted Personalities And Their Behavior

It’s critical to examine each type of introverted personality. There is a large gray area between introverts and extroverts, including four distinct types of introverted personalities, each with its own set of desires.

Social Introverts

These individuals enjoy company but prefer small groups and intimate gatherings to large parties. They are also perfectly content staying at home alone and do not require social interaction to be happy.

Restrained Introverts

These slow-moving personalities aren’t necessarily introverts, but they’re frequently lumped in with the group due to their restrained thoughts and actions. They prefer to be deliberate in their words and interactions, so they take their time analyzing before proceeding.

Thinking Introverts

Because they are often lost in their thoughts, Thinking Introverts can appear distant or rude. They aren’t being deliberately inconsiderate or aloof about social interaction; they simply enjoy their mind more than their surroundings.

Anxious Introverts

Anxious introverts, who play the stereotypical introvert, are nervous about social interaction. Being social drains them, and they usually prefer to be alone to recharge after being out in public.

Skills that Make Introverts Stand Out

Being introverted is not a hindrance to career success. Introverts can be highly productive and proficient and successfully advance up the career ladder and become leaders. So, what skills can an introvert use in the workplace?

Introverts make considered decisions.

Introverts are frequently chastised for overthinking decisions, but this can be highly advantageous in the workplace. When making decisions, introverts are more analytical, thoughtful, and cautious. An introvert takes longer to process information than an extrovert. This usually results in well-considered, well-informed, and balanced decisions.

Introverts make open-minded and passionate leaders.

There is a widespread misconception that introverts do not make good leaders, but this is not the case. Introverts are often very dedicated to the causes they believe in. Because they are so reliable, they tend to rise to positions of leadership to advance their causes.

Introverts also excel as leaders because they are excellent listeners. They can think ‘outside the box,’ are open to new innovative ideas, and make calculated decisions. 

Introverts are self-aware and empathetic.

Introverts, on average, have a much higher level of self-awareness than extroverts and are far more sensitive to the needs of others. Understanding and appreciating other people’s points of view is a valuable and often undervalued skill in the workplace.

Introverts are excellent listeners.

Introverts are said to have a solid ability to listen. An introvert’s greatest strength in the workplace is most likely their ability to listen.

This is because introverts are far more comfortable than extroverts simply sitting back and absorbing knowledge and insight from their colleagues and employers. They tend to take their time in every meeting or conversation, ingesting and processing information before responding. 

Introverts are more creative.

Have you ever noticed how many gifted and successful writers, artists, and scientists are introverts? You’ll be surprised if you Google a few! This is because introverts are naturally more creative than extroverts. The most creative people in many fields are often introverts. It is often solitude rather than collaboration that leads to creative insights.

Introverts are more productive.

Introverts prefer solitude in the workplace, away from socializing, office distractions, and office drama. Even if they work from home, they will seek a quiet location away from family distractions or outdoor noise. And, of course, most people are more productive when there are fewer distractions.

Introverts have a healthy work-life balance.

Introverts are acutely aware of the draining nature of social interaction at work. Daily interactions with bosses, co-workers, and customers can be exhausting. They understand the importance of taking time to relax and practice self-care to avoid overload and illness.

As a result, introverts frequently have a positive work-life balance, which leads to a healthier life and better well-being. 

Want to Succeed in the Workplace as an Introvert? Check Out These Tips!

As an introvert, you may occasionally feel that the effort you put into your job is underappreciated. This is a common complaint among introverts. We frequently discover that our contributions go unnoticed because we aren’t as outgoing as our co-workers.

You cannot alter your personality. But you can use your personality to your advantage.

Research Your Employer Before Accepting Any Position

It’s certainly more than about the bachelor’s degree or master’s degree attainment! Determine your boss’ leadership style. Some leaders will only accept extroversion from their employees, while others are happy to work with both types of personalities. If your potential boss falls into the latter category, you can rest assured that they will value your work contributions rather than your ability to schmooze.

Create a Network

For introverts, networking is the most critical issue. You are less likely to participate in group discussions or offer your opinion at a meeting. It does not imply, however, that you stay away from your co-workers!

Choose the right people and places to network. Do it while standing near the pantry. Choose a time when these locations are not crowded. Find people with whom you feel comfortable conversing and work your way up to form a team.

Connect With Fellow Introverts

You may not realize it, but one out of every three people is an introvert. This means that meeting other introverts at work is relatively high. The person next to you could be an introvert who likes you. Find these introverts and make contact with them. Communication with introverts will become easier as they better understand your personality.

Use the Online World

When it comes to networking and communication, the world of emails and text messages is heaven for introverts. If you don’t feel comfortable discussing something in person, consider sending an email or a message. This will also give you time to word your proposal correctly. You can then follow up with that person directly.

Practice In Front Of the Mirror

You’ve probably heard of it before. This is because it works. To prepare for the big meeting, grab a mirror and practice in front of it.

We frequently overthink how we appear when we speak. Having all eyes on you may give you anxiety and distract you from focusing on what’s important. Figure out your angles and how to keep your face calm while talking in front of the mirror. When you make this a habit, you’ll find it easier to participate in meetings.

Do Your Homework

If you find yourself speechless at an important meeting and can’t think of anything to say, consider prepping for the meeting beforehand. Examine the meeting agenda. Consider what you can bring to the meeting.

Make a list of things to remember to help you out. You do not have to dominate the entire meeting. Put your thoughts where you believe they are needed. People stop and listen when you don’t speak too much.

Know Your Worth

Extroverts tend to take center stage. With the spotlight on them almost constantly, they may put more effort and energy. Don’t let that diminish your worth and cause you to lose your position. Make your assessment. How can you make a difference at work? With a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree as an educational background, can you do a better job? If you can find ways to push yourself, go for it. It will boost your self-esteem tremendously.

Telling Co-workers That You Have An Introvert Personality

In recent years, it has become acceptable to discuss the best jobs for introverts and what it means to be one at work.

Before starting the conversation, make it clear that you’re ready to own your introversion and not share it with them to justify, defend, or apologize for your behavior.

A healthy step-by-step approach would be to:

  • Tell your co-workers that you’ve been reading about introversion and picking up information that has prompted you to change how you work and communicate.
  • Outline the changes you intend to make.
  • Prepare for feedback or even pushback
  • Decide where you’ll stand firm and where you’ll negotiate.

The goal is to create a more respectful, efficient, and effective work environment where people feel their strengths and needs are taken into account.

Why Introverts Are Displeased At Their Job

Unfortunately, introverted personality types are known to be dissatisfied even in the best jobs due to many external factors, regardless of a good average salary. They are easily burned out and frustrated despite their aptitude for the perfect job. Many offices have constant noise and distractions, which can trigger mental health issues for an introvert. An open-plan office is one of the worst jobs for introverts.

Many authoritative figures emphasize team-focused work or on one interaction instead of encouraging people to work independently. In many job interview situations, the candidate’s social skills are also heavily emphasized.

Many team leaders and managers fail to recognize the inherent strengths– including human interaction and excellent ways to communicate ideas in the perfect job–that introverts can bring to the table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is college hard for introverts?

Introverted personality types can thrive in college if they recognize their strengths. Instead of studying in crowded places or attending large social events where there is too much human interaction, introverts can concentrate on developing smaller social networks. Introverts may prefer online classes as well.

How can I decompress at the end of the workday?

Meditation and journaling assist you in organizing your thoughts, worries, and expectations after what could be a long day of social interactions. They also have a calming effect and can elicit feelings of gratitude. Practicing these two things daily can help introverts express themselves effectively and keep their mental health in check.

How much of introversion is nurture, and how much is nature? 

We all have introverted and extroverted characteristics. We’re all somewhere on a spectrum. Nature can be masked by nurture: if introverts grow up in a household with discordant energy, they may feel compelled to pretend to be extroverts and vice versa.

Can introverts be successful?

Introverts make excellent team leaders and can be impressive at social interactions, but they are also effective when working alone. Because introverts have often struggled to have their true talents recognized and appreciated, they are generally quite respectful of other people’s different working styles and preferences, so their job search isn’t that difficult.

Can introverts thrive in “extroverted” careers?

While it may appear that the business world was designed for extroverts, introverts perform just as well in the best jobs for them. Introverts, like extroverts, have a natural ability to form deep and meaningful bonds through social interactions. They just do things a little differently.

Key Takeaways

When looking for work as an introvert, it’s critical to find the best jobs that will energize you rather than drain you. Although some of the best jobs for introverts pay a great average salary and require a lot of social interaction, such as sales or becoming a lawyer, they can be mentally and even physically exhausting.

Instead, look for the best jobs for introverts that allow you to be self-sufficient with a competitive average salary and have few social interactions, such as graphic design or day trading.

Because meetings are less frequent and done virtually, choosing a remote job can also be a great way to limit draining interactions. You can also look for freelance work that allows you to work independently and at your own pace.

Malcolm Peralty
Chief Editor