How To Become A Radiation Therapist

radiation therapist

A Radiation Therapist administers treatment to cancer patients. Most people, if not all, have friends or family that have been affected by cancer.  According to the National Cancer Institute, over 1,806,590 lives were diagnosed in 2020, with over 606,520 dying from the horrible disease in the U.S. By 2040, they estimate 29.5 million new cases […]

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The 10 Best Radiation Therapists Online Schools in 2021

Radiation Therapy Online Schools featured

Did you know that the discovery of X-rays led to the development of radiation therapy to treat cancer? By 1896, the year after Wilhelm Conrad Rцntgen discovered X-rays, Emil Herman Grubbe used them to treat breast cancer!  From the 1970s until the 1980s, radiation therapy made significant improvements, including proton beam accelerators. Nowadays, more sophisticated […]

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