The 20 Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers

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Are you tired of the traditional work routine?

Do you fantasize about leaving the 9-to-5 grind?

Do you wish your work-life had a little more adventure?

Do you crave that adrenaline rush?

It may be time to make a career move and pursue one of the most enjoyable, most intriguing, and most adventurous jobs available!

When you combine your profession with pleasure, excitement, and adventure, you’ll be able to do something new and exciting every day.

These occupations may take you off the beaten route, increase your adrenaline, or keep you alert. Isn’t it exciting?

Quick Summarization:
Careers that are fun, intriguing, and adventurous come in different shapes and sizes. These occupations will usually challenge you out of your comfort zone, take you to new areas, and keep you engaged and joyful about earning a paycheck – all of which are wonderful things if you want to avoid burnout. But the issue with these jobs is that everyone’s concept of fun and adventure is different. Also, while not all of these occupations are without risk, we believe that if you’re looking for thrills and adventure, you’re probably not concerned about that.
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Why choose a fun, interesting, and adventurous career?

An engaging career helps you incorporate your talents and hobbies into your work. When you have an exciting work, you should find satisfaction in your day-to-day work. These occupations, on the other hand, must be realistic.

It’s critical that you earn enough to meet your necessities but also not work too long so that you may enjoy your personal life. This means you must strike a balance between an enjoyable and practical profession.

20 Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers

Watersports Instructor

watersports instructor

You’ll share your love of the sea from sunrise to sunset and encourage others to try it as a hobby.

Speaking of one of the most adventurous jobs, being a watersports instructor is the dream career for many. It’s as far away from the office as possible, with the sea, sun, and sand taking the place of your 9-5.

Water sports are great! Surf instructors, wakeboarders, powerboat drivers, water skiers, and jet skiers are just a few people who can turn their passion for the water into a career.

Watersports instructors put their physical abilities to the test! They can be seen carrying equipment, setting up, or packing down, so you’ll want to be in great shape before you start. Many take emergency care and first aid classes as well.

You must have completed instructor training in three different watersports disciplines to be qualified.


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The firefighting career is considered one of the wildest careers in the world. Talk about an adrenaline rush!

The four key responsibilities and duties of a firefighter are putting out flames, preventing future fires, rescuing and caring for the injured, and investigating the sources of fires, especially in the case of possible arson.

Firefighters are frequently rushed into completely unforeseen circumstances in which they risk being hurt or killed.

They have no idea what’s on fire, the structure’s layout, who’s inside, whether the roof is ready to collapse, whether their equipment will fail, or if they’ll run out of oxygen at the wrong time. Despite many unknowns, they go in nevertheless because they are trained to do first aid to save lives.

While a college degree isn’t required for your first fireman job, becoming an EMT requires at least some post-secondary study in disciplines such as airway management and trauma treatment. A college degree in fire science is needed to advance into a position such as captain or chief.

ER Doctor

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Do you think on your feet? When an emergency patient arrives, you receive an adrenaline rush that you don’t experience anywhere else.

There is no such thing as a “normal day” for an emergency physician; the next patient could have appendicitis or a catastrophic bone fracture. The emergency room (ER), also known as the emergency department (ED) among doctors and critical care nurses, is unpredictable and fast-paced.

It’s a field where quick thinking, a deep comfort with big scary things like codes and traumas, and a general fondness for procedures are valued.

EM professionals prefer to “do things” like basic first aid rather than engage lengthy discussions about disease processes or spend hours repairing a single problem.

After high school, it takes at least eleven years to become an emergency room doctor: four years of undergraduate studies, four years in medical school, and three to five years of residency.

Cruise Ship Entertainer

Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers-4

Imagine waking up every day in paradise on a cruise ship.

What if you could travel the world while pursuing your ambition to be a performer? Cruise ship entertainers get compensated for doing what they enjoy while living and eating for free on a cruise ship. Sounds like a super exciting job!

Cruise ships entertainers work hard but still have spare time to enjoy the ship. The big shows happen in the evening, and entertainers can go ashore or relax aboard the ship for most of the day, except for a rehearsal in the afternoon.

Cruise ships are a popular way of travel, and experts predict that the sector will continue to develop. Because they do not have to pay rent or buy food, the living costs of a cruise ship employee can be significantly cheaper than those of a land-based employee.


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Public and private detectives are the two kinds of detectives.

Private detectives are typically former cops, spies, military personnel, bodyguards, and security guards. Because they are not police officers, many private investigators are confined to citizen arrest and detention authorities when investigating criminal matters.

On the other hand, public detectives investigate crimes and alleged illegal activities. Their earnings are obtained from taxes and government funds; hence they are considered public employees.

Whether in law enforcement or private practice, working as a detective entails risk, and you may be required to work odd hours or join an undesirable company to solve a crime.

Prospective detectives must work as patrol officers in a police department for actual law enforcement experience and build the critical competencies required for detective work. Obtain an advanced degree in criminal justice or a similar discipline.

Travel Blogger/Writer

Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers-6

Travel the world! Blog about it! Do you have an adventurous spirit?

Travel blogging may be for you if you want an adventurous profession that requires no qualifications (other than an insatiable drive to travel and a good command of the English language).

It’s a method to earn money (after years of hard labor and sluggish growth) while satisfying your wanderlust and assisting readers in having their own experiences! Some people spend their days writing about luxury resorts and staying in them.

On the other hand, other bloggers are more like actual explorers who also blog. They’re going on mad adventures to far-flung locations, pushing themselves to the limit and documenting their experiences in their leisure time.

Most travel blogs, however, fall somewhere in the middle. They travel extensively, which is exciting, see and do beautiful things along the way, which is also exciting at times, and document their experiences so that others might benefit from them.

Police Officer

Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers-7

One of the most thrilling, albeit risky, careers in the United States is that of a police officer.

Officers respond to incident reports and follow up to assist in investigating crimes. Speaking with victims and witnesses, seeking evidence, researching what happened, making arrests, and interviewing suspects are all possible options. They will also be called upon to testify in court later.

The work of police officers also has a preventative component. They may, for example, patrol regions and attend huge events.

A US police academy accepts 21-year-old or older US citizens who hold at least a high school diploma with no felony convictions. But it would be best to obtain a criminal justice degree before joining the police force. Written tests, background checks, drug tests, and psychiatric evaluations are all required of applicants.

Storm Chaser

Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers-8

One of the most fun (and risky) careers is storm chasing.

This dangerous job is a favorite thrill seeking hobby that can turn into a career!

Mother nature is unpredictable, and a change in conditions can hurl a tornado straight at them. Getting into the correct position requires strategic planning and sheer chance and knowing how to take advantage of it once you’re there.

The position can vary based on your motivations for chasing, but an eye for conditions is required as getting to close can create life threatening injuries. You’ll need a laser concentration on detail and quick thinking to obtain the correct photo and get away quickly when recording content.

Drivers must be equally prepared, as they must be able to shift into and out of positions at the drop of a hat. Safety training is usually involved when you want to become a storm chaser.

You can start your career as a storm chaser in various ways. Many meteorologists begin their careers as assistants to meteorologists or seasoned storm chasers. After completing your meteorology studies and earning at least an undergraduate degree from a college or university, you could pursue a career as a storm chaser.

Food Critic

Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers-9

A career as a food critic can be exhilarating!

So, if food is your passion, this is the job for you!

Reviewers get to go to other restaurants and write about them, and they can learn a lot about various towns by trying their native cuisine. They do, however, face the danger of being exhausted from the experience of eating out. Furthermore, they are frequently required to consume subpar meals.

For many aspiring writers and foodies interested in discovering new cuisines and places, becoming a food critic might be a dream career. Some of these critics work for specialist journals, newspapers, or websites devoted to the food industry, while others work as freelancers.

Obtaining your high school certificate or GED and a bachelor’s degree in an area such as creative writing, journalism, or communications can help you acquire a position as a food critic. You can also enroll in a culinary arts school to broaden your understanding of foods and their various preparation methods.

Forensic Scientist

Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers-10
Solving crimes as a forensic scientist can be a super rewarding and exciting job!

A forensic science job would most likely be the most exciting for you if you are passionate about science and can stomach the nasty details from crime scenes. Forensic scientists are detectives with microscopes who use science to identify criminals and evaluate the evidence against them. 

The discipline of forensic science is evolving. Laboratories are accredited, and different standards apply. There are written instructions on how to conduct the analysis.

You can’t just say, “I know how to use these instruments, and I’ll figure it out,” since the adjustments are based on legal grounds. 

A bachelor’s degree is required of a forensic scientist. Although a degree in forensic science or natural science is preferred, some crime scene investigators begin their careers as police officers and advance through the ranks based on their job experience. They might have a certificate or an associate’s degree.

Explosives Worker

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Thank goodness we have brave men and women willing to become Explosives Workers!

It’s difficult to imagine a more dramatic or dangerous event than an explosion. Witnessing an explosion may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most of us, but it’s all part of the job for explosives workers.

In this dangerous job, these experts handle, position, and detonate explosives for engineering, construction, mining, and oil and gas production. They must demolish buildings and move rocks and dirt safely and efficiently so that new structures may be built or current resources can be accessed.

Not only is an explosion enough to raise your blood pressure, but explosive workers also have the added pressure of ensuring that the demolition goes off without a hitch.

Most explosives workers have a high school diploma. However, others have a certificate or undergraduate degree in a related field such as engineering or construction.

Adventure Therapist

Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers-12

An adventure therapist is similar to a psychotherapist but with a mix of adventures thrown in for additional aid.

Troubled youth, persons suffering from depression or PTSD and anxiety, people with developmental disabilities, and those struggling with addiction are all common targets for adventure therapy.

This therapy pushes people beyond their comfort zones while giving confidence and problem-solving skills.

Lower-risk activities such as rock climbing, ropes courses, camping, and white-water rafting are commonly used in adventure therapy. So, if you’re an outdoorsy person who likes to engage in people’s mental and emotional health, this career will fit you perfectly. 

To land this adventure job, you must obtain a degree in psychology or related degrees. However, 38 percent of current adventure therapists have master’s degrees to earn better pay.

If you earned a high school diploma or the equivalent or certificates, it might be impossible to get a jump into this career. 


Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers-13

People deeply interested in the ocean and its marine life should consider a career in oceanography.

This career is fascinating and never has a dull moment. You’ll be in frequent contact with beautiful water creatures, which a deep sea diver would love!

An oceanographer studies the oceans of the world and their properties. Besides the skills of a deep sea diver, a professional uses statistical models of laboratory and field data to analyze hypotheses and make predictions. They also use computer or mathematical models to simulate phenomena in this adventure job!

Most entry-level careers in oceanography require at least a bachelor’s degree. Employers prefer candidates with oceanography or geosciences degrees, while some oceanographers begin their careers with environmental science or engineering degrees. A master’s degree is required for the oceanographer career.

Water Park Ride Tester

Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers-14

This one is for all the big kids out there. Who wouldn’t want to test water slides?!

If you love the thrill of water parks, why not take it further and work as a tester for these businesses? There will be no long lines at Disney or Universal to get your adrenaline high, and you will be compensated.

These rides aren’t open to the general public yet, and while companies will guarantee that they’re as safe as possible, you’ll be the “test dummy.”

You’ll be highlighting any flaws that need to be ironed out. In short, testers are typically engineers or members of the design team who must understand the inner workings of the ride to ensure that it is both safe and enjoyable.

To become a water slide tester, you don’t need an academic degree or a strong skill set. You can apply for this job if you have reached adulthood (18 is the optimal age)if you have excellent observation skills, a calm mind, and the courage to try all sorts of rides.


Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers-15

This one may appear to be a bit of a surprise.

However, we realized that becoming a geologist entails more than just staring at, examining, and talking about rocks all day.

It’s genuinely rather fun and exciting.

Geology provides beneficial information for comprehending the earth and its inhabitants in all its divisions. They’re always off on an adventure, exploring new oil and gas deposits or researching ancient geological features.

A bachelor’s degree in geology or geoscience is required to work as a geologist. You may also perform field study work as part of your degree program to get on-the-job experience during this period. Today, several employers favor candidates with a master’s degree or experience and education.

Airline Pilot

Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers-16

Soar above the clouds as a commercial airline pilot.

In the movies, becoming a pilot appears to be so cool and glamorous. Few people can boast of having an office in the sky. Most airline pilots believe it’s a vista they’ll never tire of. It’s simple to see why, with distant thunderstorms and a never-ending blue sky.

Aside from being one of the most fun and exciting careers globally, being an airline pilot is one of the most rewarding. You’ll get the chance to command commercial aircraft, take people to long or short-haul locations, and operate from an office above the skies.

Learning to fly a commercial airplane takes a long time and a lot of money and the positions are demanding and require many nights away from home. To become a pilot, one must earn a Bachelor of Science in Professional Flight for 3 to 4 years plus various training.

Self-Enrichment Education Teacher

Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers-17

Do hobbies like skydiving, white-water rafting, and rock climbing give you an adrenaline rush?

Hundreds of thousands of extreme sports fans make a profession instructing others in “self-enrichment” activities, and you can become one too!

Of course, not everyone who enjoys skydiving, white-water rafting, scuba diving, and other extreme sports should pursue a career in self-enrichment teaching.

If you work as an instructor full-time, you’ll spend every weekday in that atmosphere, participating in and assisting others in the activity. Because you will be responsible for the safety of others and yourself, you’re under a lot more pressure as an instructor than as a participant.

Most self-enrichment education instructors don’t need a college degree, at least not those that teach high-adrenaline extreme sports and hobbies like these.

They do, however, require extensive training and expertise to perform their duties properly. After all, these hobbies are dangerous. And the danger is what makes them so thrilling.

SWAT Team Member

Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers-18

SWAT Team members are some of the best of the best!

Some of us grew up and enjoyed watching movies and playing video games that involved rescuing and fire shooting.

You could have what it takes to make it as a member of a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team if you’re willing to endure intense physical demands and remain steadfast in the face of significant risk.

These specialized police officers who save lives respond to high-risk, volatile events, such as riots and hostage rescues, that ordinary police forces are ill-equipped to manage. Using tear gas to disperse a crowd or pointing a high-powered gun at a barricaded suspect can get the adrenaline pumping.

A college diploma is one of the qualifications for joining the squad. A military experience, on the other hand, can be a viable alternative to a college diploma and can assist you in being physically fit enough to fulfill department SWAT criteria.

Working with a special operations unit such as the Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Army Night Stalkers, Air Force Special Tactics, or Marine RECON groups can teach you about tactics, negotiating methods, and operating special operations equipment and weapons.

Event Planner

Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers-19

An event planner works behind the scenes when a wedding, fundraiser, or event runs smoothly.

You could be checking out a new venue, having a demo for some new technology, meeting with customers, and discussing ideas in a single day.

There are no two events alike, and you usually manage many tasks simultaneously, so you don’t have a dull day either.

In general, events are a lot of fun and appear to draw other professionals in the field. Working in a dream event team is the most effective method to get outcomes, reduce stress in the fast-paced event sector, and share the workload.

You enjoy the successes as well, as a successful event team is likely to be close-knit, going out for drinks and socializing after a major win and supporting one another through the obstacles; taking it all in as a team, win or lose.

Working as an event planner frequently necessitates a bachelor’s degree in business, communications, public relations, marketing, or hotel management. Entry-level roles may be available to those without a degree, but they must have one to two years of relevant experience.

Video Game Designer

Most Fun, Interesting and Adventurous Careers-20

It’s unusual for real-world employment to be associated with fun and excitement, but game design is a few exceptions.

Game designers are part of an ever-evolving industry that continuously presents new challenges and rewards, so simply enjoying the day-to-day components of the profession isn’t enough.

There will never be a dull moment here, and you will be able to learn new things throughout your career. At the same time, you’ll have the security of a steady career because the video game industry is well-established.

A high school diploma is usually required in video game design, but some firms require a bachelor’s degree. You must be creative and able to put your creativity into practice. It’s also crucial for game creators to be able to communicate a story, as many games are narrative-driven.

Importance of Meaningful Work 

Work dominates our lives. Being bored or unhappy with how you spend major portions of your day will be detrimental to your health. You may be burned out and frustrated, anxious, sad, or unable to enjoy time at home because of the impending workweek.

High levels of stress can be caused by concentrating on monotonous, repetitive, or unpleasant jobs for an extended time.

Furthermore, creating the effort and passion required to advance your career or profession is challenging if you do not find your job gratifying. You are more likely to succeed in employment that you are enthusiastic about.

The Great Resignation

You may be burned out, want to try something new after reading the list of fun jobs, or are simply motivated to find something better due to the “Great Resignation” wave sweeping the country.

Several surveys have revealed that many people want to quit their jobs. Quitting a job is a crucial decision. Never act rashly or rage-quit. You risk tarnishing your reputation and making it difficult for potential future employers to understand why you left your previous job. And this can be a warning sign.

Here’s how to defy the urge to quit your job:

Learn to cope with challenges involving work.

Instead of storming into your boss’s office or sending an email stating “I quit,” get up from your desk and take a walk. Do some quick meditation at your desk or talk to a friend about your frustrations.

These things will temporarily redirect the thought process and create a sense of calm. You can also tell yourself that this is only a temporary situation.

Make sure you have a good laugh, reminding yourself that how you feel is not permanent; this is what can help the most in overcoming feelings of learned helplessness.

Know your why.

Be truthful about why you want to leave your job, and write it down.

What are the circumstances, and what motivates you? Is it because you’re bored with your current job and want to try something new? Do you want to start a business of your own, or do you want to leave a boss who is a bully?

Create a plan.

Figure out what you’re going to do with the information you’ve gathered after determining your why: coming up with actionable steps to move from theory to practice.

Rather than being impulsive, being deliberate about your next move will make you feel more settled.

When looking for new opportunities, be very clear about your top needs and preferences in a new role. Make a list of the top five non-negotiables you require and what you would like to have in your next job.

Determining the Best Exciting Career For You

Different people have different ideas about fun. Think about the jobs or activities you enjoy. Identify what makes you happy and motivated. Here are three steps to finding a fun job:

Consider your experience.

Begin by recalling any duties or responsibilities you’ve had in the past that you enjoyed. Consider your previous experiences, such as your time in school, work, or even duties or responsibilities at home.

Then look for jobs that have the same or similar responsibilities. For example, consider a design career such as video game designer if you like playing online and offline games. 

Think about your favorite activities or hobbies.

Next, think about what activities or hobbies you enjoy, even if you don’t think they have anything to do with a career. It is possible to turn your hobbies into a career, and it may be easier than you think.

For example, if you find excitement in dangerous and thrilling jobs, you could consider working as an explosive worker, waterslide tester, storm chaser, or firefighter.

Evaluate your values and mission.

The final thing to think about is your values or mission. Work will be more enjoyable if you agree with the company’s values, so consider what values you want to uphold in your professional and personal life.

Improving Your Skills to Land An Exciting Career

It is essential to have more to your life than just everyday routine work to improve your skills and be a well-rounded individual. You should engage in hobbies. Some people unwind by going to plays, sporting events, concerts, or simply relaxing on weekends.

Some people, on the other hand, travel. They have a travel bug and constantly plan their next vacation whenever they find an extended long weekend. These people have outstanding personalities and are very good at managing things.

So, our best advice is to hop on a plane and take the next flight–and here’s why you should:

Welcome unexpected opportunities.

Leaving your comfort zone can give awareness, inspiration, and ideas that you might not have considered if you kept doing the same thing in the same place day after day.

Of course, not everyone who travels abroad returns home with a wildly successful organization. However, you may come up with new solutions to old problems. You can make a new business contact or learn about a new career path that wasn’t previously on your radar.

Learn a new language.

Immersion in a different city culture is a nearly guaranteed way to learn a language. There are other ways you can learn a language, such as traditional classes or online resources, but the best, most effective way is to put yourself in a situation where you must use it consistently in your day-to-day interactions.

But what does learning a different language do with your professional life?

The BLS or Bureau of Labor Statistics says a 4% spike in interpreter and translator employment can be expected by 2032. That means there is—and will continue to be a high demand for people who can communicate in multiple languages.

Increase your cultural knowledge.

Learning to tolerate and appreciate cultural differences is a wise career move in today’s more international culture.

You don’t have to leave the nation to feel more at ease when conversing with individuals of different cultures, but immersing yourself in another culture can give you a new level of understanding and awareness of people different from you.

When you have that level of understanding, you’ll be less stressed about foreign interaction and less likely to experience communication barriers—which means you’ll be more likely to reach a solution more quickly. Everyone comes out ahead.

Traveling abroad can be an expensive investment, but it does not have to be an impediment. If you’re traveling with a class, look for scholarships, or read travel websites and blogs to learn how to save money while you’re abroad. This is an investment that will change your life—and your career.

Are Fun Interesting Adventurous Careers Suitable For You?

The jobs listed above are best suited for people who are extroverts, adventure lovers, nature enthusiasts, and travel enthusiasts.


Extroverts are people who are outgoing and sociable. They enjoy socializing in person or online and prefer to be in places buzzing with different activities. The following topics may pique the interest of extroverts:

  • The most daring and adventurous jobs they can find
  • Outdoor jobs with good pay 
  • Part-time outdoor jobs as a diversion from their mundane office jobs

Adventure Lovers

These people enjoy taking trips to various exciting locations while also enjoying the side attractions they may encounter. Adventure seekers would take the most daring job they could find. They prefer to work in fields related to nature or travel.

Some of them learn from mother nature for the rest of their lives. These jobs could include professional deep sea divers, shark diving, rock climbers, adventure guides or maybe consider becoming a park ranger.

Travel Enthusiasts

Travel enthusiasts would seek the most adventurous job possible to take them to various destinations worldwide. They are always on the move, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take their time to enjoy every moment of their stay in a specific location.

Outdoor careers that pay well that travel enthusiasts can pursue include travel blogging, cruise ship work, and so on.

Nature Enthusiasts

These people enjoy being “one with nature” and enjoy being in the countryside or the wilderness. They would take the most daring job they could find as long as it involved being surrounded by nature, be it conserving or studying it. Outdoor careers that pay well include, for example, oceanographer, deep sea diver, geologist, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Exciting Career Choices?

While everyone’s ideal career is different due to individual interests and aptitudes, a medical professional is one of the best options in any industry. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, as professionals earn higher degrees, their average salaries rise, and their unemployment rates fall.

Which Career Has the Highest Happiness Level?

Many occupations, including video game designer, explosive worker, adventure therapist, and airline pilot, report high job satisfaction. When forecasting future happiness, professionals must consider salary rates, work-life stability, and the significance of the work.

What Is the Most Prominent Career?

Some of the most prominent careers involve technology and business, with high demand and above-average pay. Healthcare careers, such as being critical care nurses, are also among the most popular.

What Job Causes the Most Deaths?

Fishing and hunting jobs are considered the most dangerous jobs in America, so we did not include this on our list. Fishing and hunting workers had a fatal accident rate of 33 times higher than the national average.

Do People Who Love Their Work Live Longer?

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life,” they say. However, new research indicates that enjoying your job can help you live a longer, healthier life.

Key Takeaways

What a fun, exciting, and adventurous job entails differs from person to person. Based on that theory, every career on this list may not have piqued your interest.

Consider your primary goals and see what piques you the most. It is also beneficial to conduct a self-evaluation. You could begin by asking yourself questions like:

  • Which tasks, duties, and responsibilities do I enjoy the most at school or work?
  • Which activities make time seem to fly by?
  • Are there any values, issues, or missions that I am particularly passionate about?

We’ve also noted that most of the jobs on the list require a college education. Others have extensive degrees, such as postgraduate or doctoral degrees. The individual employer will determine the education preference for many jobs.

faster than you can say “fun interesting adventurous careers,” you do have access to the right kind that suits your lifestyle!

Malcolm Peralty
Chief Editor