5 Best Schools with Online Bachelor’s in Computer Programming

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If you’re a computer buff and you want to pursue earning a living out of it, one of the most fulfilling jobs is to become a professional computer programmer. Individuals can learn more about technology and develop new skills through an online Bachelor’s in Computer Programming degree.

Studying web development, programming, security systems analysis, and other fields in a quality program can prepare Computer Programming and Bachelor’s in Computer Science students for many careers beyond being computer scientists.

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Computer Science degree online graduates can work in any industry they choose. An online Bachelor’s in Computer Programming degree involves coding with multiple approaches. The process of thinking through different solutions and learning programming can assist in developing your problem-solving skills.

Use an online BS in computer programming to jumpstart your computer-related and information technology career.

Quick Summarization

An online Bachelor’s in Computer Programming degree underscores how computer programs can simplify many tasks and resolve operational issues at work. In a world where most industries and companies rely on computers, having programming skills is more than an asset and a necessary skillset today. Information is preserved, stored, manipulated, or recreated using computer programming.

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Sharpen your computer skills by enrolling in online undergraduate Computer Programming degree programs. It is a crucial component of Computer Science and Information Technology, focusing more on learning coding and programming languages.

We have made your selection easier by considering the following factors:

  • Delivered online or as a blended undergraduate degree program, enabling students to pursue the degree without disrupting their work schedules and other commitments,
  • Features the core courses that are vital and useful for landing a programming profession, including an option to customize the program with electives that match a student’s goals and preferences,
  • Emphasizes the fundamentals of JavaScript, database management, software development, Python, web development, and Computer Science courses that emphasize project management and human-computer interaction,
  • Prepares students to be problem-solvers and strategic thinkers through programming values, theories, and practices – must-haves in the computer industry,
  • Facilitated through an advanced Learning Management System that’s user-friendly and convenient for online students everywhere,
  • Reduces undergraduate tuition and fees through financial assistance and credit transfers,
  • Taught by professors and instructors who are experts and have achieved great knowledge and experience in the field of computer programming,
  • Received regional accreditation from colleges and schools commission organizations and agencies, demonstrating academic quality and excellence.

Please visit our Methodology page, which explains how we select the best schools and programs.

5 Best Schools with Online Bachelor’s in Computer Programming

Limestone University

Limestone University

Location: Gaffney, South Carolina

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Programming degree online program is offered at Limestone University. The content and curriculum of online programs are identical to those of traditional on-campus programs. Students can access all coursework through the Canvas online learning system, which includes lectures, assignments, and exams. You may transfer your credits from other accredited colleges to save time and money.

The Bachelor of Computer Science with a Programming concentration provides an in-depth understanding of programming, system administration, security, and architecture, all important information technology areas. Students are challenged to think creatively and find solutions to programming issues and develop software.  

This online bachelor’s degree is structured in an asynchronous format. This means you don’t need to be online at a specific time. You can meet all the requirements and courses at your own pace. There are virtual times during which professors and other instructors can accommodate questions and queries. Two courses are offered in eight-week terms in the programs.

After graduation, here are some careers to pursue:

  • Software Engineer
  • Software Programmer
  • Project Manager
  • Software Analyst
  • Computer Forensics
  • Programming Specialist
  • Systems Programmer
  • Application Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Programmer
  • Project Manager
  • Software Analyst
  • Computer Forensics
  • Programming Specialist
  • Systems Programmer
  • Application Developer
  • Computer Systems Analyst

These skills will be particularly useful for building and maintaining software systems to solve business challenges in the workplace. The Computer Science degree with a concentration in Programming could be perfect for you if you love tackling problems and issues in the IT field.

Baker College

Baker College

Locations: Cadillac, Jackson, Muskegon, Owosso and Royal Oak, Michigan

Baker College offers an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Computer Programming concentration, requiring 120 credits. Most students can finish it in four years. A total of 30 hours of general education is required, 75 hours are required in the major of computer science, and 15 hours are required in the concentration of computer programming. 

Some of the core courses required in this bachelor’s program are the following:

  • Data analysis, structures and algorithms
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Multiple programming languages
  • Computer architecture
  • System development methods

To keep up with the latest technological advances, this bachelor of Computer Science program was developed under the guidance of industry professionals. In addition to the senior project, you’ll complete a 150-hour work experience with a company, which exposes you to real-world programming settings.

Graduates become well-versed in computing and programming and are sought after by employers for their skills and knowledge. Your degree will prepare you to enter the workforce or continue your education.

Herzing University

Herzing University

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming, a 120-credit undergraduate program, prepares you for programming jobs. It teaches students programming logic, web scripting, and software and application development fundamentals. Depending on your learning pace, you can finish it as early as three years. 

Herzing University’s online Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming degree is designed to prepare students for a wide range of programming careers. You can take all the classes 100% online for optimum convenience.

Some of the courses are:

  • Programming Logic
  • Internet Foundation 
  • Computer Networks
  • Object-Oriented Programming

This is one concrete step to pursuing a master’s degree education. Up to 12 credits can be transferred toward an MBA from Herzing for students pursuing a BS in computer programming.

Florida State University

Florida State University

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

Florida State University offers an online Computer Programming and Applications Bachelor of Arts program. As a result of this major, you can enter a career in computing with a broad background. Computing is viewed from an applications perspective, emphasizing the interdependence between programming, object-oriented design, and software engineering. 

This online degree also covers a wide variety of computer-related courses like the following:

  • Web programming
  • Data engineering
  • Data warehousing
  • Mobile programming
  • Computer science
  • Digital forensics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Databases and data engineering
  • Computer and network systems administration

Furthermore, you will learn to adeptly master programming languages such as:

  • Java Script 
  • Java
  • HTML
  • Python
  • SQL
  • C#
  • Objective-C

A Computer Programming and Applications major allows students to combine other interests with computing. An advisor will help students choose a minor from an approved list. 

Davenport University

Davenport University

Location: ‎Detroit, ‎Detroit – Warren, ‎Midland – Great Lakes Bay and ‎Lansing, Michigan

Davenport University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, allowing you to specialize in computer programming.  Davenport offers four specialization areas for its computer technology program, including a programming specialization leading to a computer programming degree. This bachelor’s degree can be taken both in person and online. 

The highly experienced instructors at Davenport bring exceptional field expertise to your classes, helping you develop the skills for a career in Computer Information Systems. Hands-on internships, class projects, service-learning opportunities, and a capstone project allow you to use what you learn in your online computer programming degree program.

To meet the digital information needs of organizations, Computer Information Systems degrees apply practical knowledge and methods to a wide range of computer information technologies.

Some of the career pathways for this online BS in computer programming are:

  • IT manager
  • Computer programmer 
  • Computer analyst
  • Technical specialist
  • Systems administrator
  • Computer technician 

This degree is ranked as one of the top computer programming degrees because it features object-oriented programming and a mobile application development course. To complement your computer technology degree, consider adding a mathematics minor. 

BS in Computer Programming Career Paths

BS in Computer Programming Career Paths

Computer Programmer

Responsible for writing code for operating systems and software applications, computer programmers also check errors and rewrite the program until it is error-free. 

Network Administrators

Network Administrators maintain an organization’s computer network and ensure its smooth operation. Network administrators maintain the organization’s local area network, wide area network, and intranet. They maintain network security, administer updates, and install upgrades. 

Computer Systems Analysts

Computer Systems Analysts revamp, update, and modify computer systems to increase organizational efficiency. Data models are often created more effectively by computer professionals with a background in computer programming.

Software Developers

The job of a software developer is to create and develop computer programs, websites, and other applications. Aside from a bachelor’s degree in computer programming, software developers should have good interpersonal and collaboration skills to launch and fulfill successful software.

UX Developers

Creating relevant and significant user experiences for a particular product or platform is the responsibility of UX Designers. You love the interfaces and features of your favorite apps because of them. One of the basic requirements for UX developers is programming expertise and skills. 

Database Administrators

A database administrator is fundamentally responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of databases. In the digital space, they fix and troubleshoot data organization and storage issues. Also, they ensure that users can access data as allowed and that it is secured from unauthorized access. This occupation is best suited to people with a keen interest in analyzing and recovering information and a fast problem-solving ability.

Business Intelligence Analyst

A business intelligence analyst helps drive business value by turning data into insights. As a result of their ability to analyze, visualize, and model data, this person can identify trends that can assist other individuals within the organization in making business decisions for the modernization and improvement of processes within the organization. 

IT Project Manager

IT project managers plan, budget, and oversee an organization’s IT initiatives and goals. This is one of the most crucial IT positions among modern companies today. As they position technologies for their operations, IT project managers should have programming skills and information technology know-how. 

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

While software engineers develop the system, there’s also a need for software quality assurance engineers. This person monitors every phase of the development process to ensure the design and software adhere to the company’s standards. They are keen on detecting issues and problems while ensuring quality performance. 

Game Developer

Game developers design and develop video games for PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. Looking at the ideas of the design team, game developers code the base engine. Game developers also prepare all the game features and game details. 

Bachelor's in Computer Programming Courses

Bachelor’s in Computer Programming Courses


Nowadays, digital information and data are the most important assets of most companies. Information security is the focus of this cybersecurity course. There may be a written report at the end of the course, along with a collaborative or solo project.

Game Programming

This course teaches students how to design and program games for personal computers, consoles, and mobile devices. During the course, students will master using 2D and 3D art and learn problem-solving skills, level design, and physics laws within gaming environments.

Object-Oriented Programming

Object-oriented programming classes are sometimes referred to as introductions to Computer Science in some schools. Object-oriented programming fundamentals are covered in the class. Students can gain a deeper understanding of Computer Science by learning these skills.

Algorithms and Data Structure

In this course, algorithm design and analysis will be covered. Practical computational problems are solved using algorithm implementation techniques through hands-on coursework. Topics may include sorting algorithms, string processing algorithms, search algorithms, and graph algorithms. Moreover, the course discusses algorithm efficiency and recursive backtracking.

Software Testing

Software testing and software engineering courses are important courses for computer programmers. This emphasizes a hands-on approach and focuses on integration and mutation testing strategies. Different types of software must be tested concurrently in a component-based, object-oriented, and component-based approach.

Java Programming

A key component of software engineering and programming is Java syntax and concepts. This course will introduce you to them.

Programming Languages

A programming language class introduces students to various languages and explains how their designs and functions work. Professionals in Computer Science must be able to learn new programming languages. To become a successful programmer, students need to take the course.

Cloud Computing

You will explore the impact of cloud computing on the IT industry in this course. Applications developed using a software-as-a-service model, application development for cloud applications, and security testing will be discussed. You can use the cloud as a service infrastructure at the end of the course.

Operating Systems

An operating systems course studies UNIX, iOS, and Windows operating systems. Operating systems also need to be discussed in terms of security. Common security technique like intrusion detection and access control is examined by students, as well as threats such as malware.

Advanced Mathematics

Calculus is one of the advanced mathematics courses offered in Computer Science programs. Their Computer Science classes would benefit from learning derivatives, limits, applications, and functions from this course and how to solve problems using integration.

Skills Necessary for Computer Programmers

Soft Skills:

Attention to Detail

Details are very important in computer programming. Trivial mistakes can lead to disasters for software and other systems. An entire program can fail due to one incorrect character. Having great attention to detail is a soft skill required by computer programmers.

Problem-Solving Skills

By nature, programmers are problem solvers, which is a soft skill crucial to success. As part of the job, you create solutions to meet the needs of various industries. Programmers also find and fix any errors that may appear after writing codes and creating programs. Programs can suffer havoc even when the slightest error is made, and having good problem-solving skills can make everything easier.

Time Management Skills

Programmers often need deadlines to make their businesses more efficient and effective. It is common for programmers to work alone on projects that they can complete independently. However, some projects need to collaborate with others. No matter which work style you’re committed to, it’s necessary to have time management skills. You must strictly honor and follow the deadlines to maintain harmonious relationships with clients and co-workers. 

Communication Skills

The job of a computer programmer includes creating programs that meet the needs of many different industries. Computer programmers should have good communication skills during these exchanges of details and goals to ensure everything is clear between parties. It’s essential to understand different groups’ needs and develop effective solutions by communicating effectively.


A majority of the time, programs don’t work the first time. As a result, computer programmers must be patient in fine-tuning and adjusting their code. In such instances, it’s best to be patient in these hard and testing times.

Hard Skills:

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is booming due to the need for cloud developers as businesses move their environments digitally into cloud systems. Businesses will also need programmers familiar with the underlying technology to work effectively with cloud-native applications.

Object Oriented Programming Languages

Object-oriented programming (OOP) languages utilize classes and objects to facilitate programming. The importance of this paradigm lies in the fact that it enables programmers to reuse complex code easily from program to program. 

Algorithms and Data Structures

Some programmers think they will never need data structures and algorithms. However, many employers and tech companies need computer programmers adept in algorithms and data structures. DSA knowledge is important to companies for several reasons, and programmers should also be interested in it.

Integrated Development Environments

One of the benefits of IDEs is that they provide developers with access to various tools that operate in synergy instead of learning and combining tools separately. Additionally, the programmer doesn’t have to switch between applications because all the tools are accessible through one GUI.

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Bachelor's in Computer Programming Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should prospective students enroll in an online Bachelor’s in Computer Programming?

An advantage of earning a Bachelor’s in Computer Programming is the possibility of taking on a wide range of jobs in the field. As technology advances, more businesses rely on computers and systems. Many companies require a college degree even if you are a skilled programmer.

Hence, studying for an online Bachelor’s in Computer Programming can qualify you for numerous job possibilities worldwide. If you are creative, you can also build the world’s most famous business applications or create your own program just for you.

How long can an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming degree program take to complete?

A bachelor’s degree in computer programming program is typically earned online in four years, just like their traditional counterparts. Depending on factors like the classes being attended, accelerated course options, and transfer credit programs, this timeline can vary significantly.

How much do professionals earn as online BS in computer programming graduates?

Computer programmers, web developers, and computer network architects can all find jobs after earning degrees in computer programming. Database administrators, information security analysts, and computer support specialists can work in these fields. One of the highest-paying programming jobs you can have is a computer and information research scientist, which pays around $136,620, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As for computer programming jobs, they are estimated to have a salary of $97,800 yearly on average. Students who aim to earn more in computer programming can benefit from higher education. Studying for a master’s degree or doctorate can allow you to land executive and leadership roles. 

Key Points to Ponder

  • Online computer programming degrees focus on software designs that are translated into instructions a computer can understand and follow. A programmer also tests programs, fixes errors, and debugs systems.
  • Those with bachelor’s degrees or higher, as well as those who are fluent in several programming languages, should find excellent employment opportunities. By taking supplemental courses in business or science, candidates can strengthen their analytical skills and resume even further.
  • Computer Science bachelor’s degree holders can pursue various careers in a growing industry. The computer programming programs teach students how to jump into any field, from web development to building mobile apps to overseeing computer network security systems.
  • A computer programming bachelor program will help you gain entry-level positions upon graduation. Strong computer programming skills can provide a wide variety of lucrative careers.
  • A computer programming education can be found on-campus or through distance learning options. Distance learners can learn about network administration, software design, internet programming, assembly language programming, information systems analysis, network administration, and other skills to provide professional development.

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