5 Best Schools with Online Bachelor’s in Lab Science in 2023

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While doctors and nurses are at the forefront of healthcare, certain medical specialists contribute greatly to detecting or addressing illnesses.

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Partly doing the work of a healthcare investigator or detective, a lab scientist’s primary role is to provide laboratory information from laboratory analyses to help doctors in patient diagnosis and treatment and disease monitoring or prevention. They are often the first to spot cancer, diabetes, and other life-threatening conditions thanks to their broad background in chemistry, hematology, microbiology, and more.

Quick Summarization

Medical laboratory scientists gather and examine biological fluids and tissue to give clinicians vital information to assess medical and health issues, draw conclusions, and carry out the steps to resolve such problems.

With a Bachelor of Science in Laboratory Science, students are poised for a rewarding, valuable career that impacts healthcare and improves lives.


Let us help you find the right online undergraduate program! We put together the 5 Best Online Bachelor’s in Lab Science degrees, with each program best known for these academic features:

  • Offers online courses exclusively or combines online and in-person learning,
  • Imparts foundational knowledge in scientific courses such as chemistry, biology, bioengineering, and hematology,
  • Develops students’ analytical, communication, creativity, leadership, and problem-solving skills relevant to the profession,
  • Prepares Lab Science majors for graduate studies or a master’s degree,
  • Features curricula designed and taught by Lab Science professionals,
  • Utilizes the latest virtual learning management systems and platforms to give learners convenient coursework access.
  • Provides financial aid and transfer credit programs to reduce costs and accelerate degree completion,
  • Offers networking opportunities and resources,
  • Regionally accredited, ensuring adherence to academic standards.

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Best Schools with Online Bachelor’s in Lab Science

Marshall University

Marshall University

Marshall University in Huntington’s online Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science degree is a National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science-approved program.  

It is for those who have previously earned an associate degree in Medical Laboratory Technology.

Here are some courses that you’ll take when enrolled in this lab science degree online:

  • Human Anatomy Lab  
  • Principles of Chemistry I
  • Beginning Composition
  • Intro Organic Chemistry                         
  • College Algebra
  • Fund Speech-Communication
  • Human Physiology      
  • Clinical Practicum – Hematology
  • Advanced Clinical Chemistry

Graduates emerge with the competencies to perform blood examinations, conduct other tests involving the immune systems, draw or interpret clinical chemistry findings, and be adept in molecular diagnostics.

This online bachelor’s degree also offers a solid foundation for advanced education or graduate studies in Medicine, Physical Therapy, and Forensics. Graduates become qualified to sit for the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification.

University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati – Online

The UC – University of Cincinnati College of Allied Health Sciences offers the online Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science degree. It is for students who have completed an associate degree program in Clinical Laboratory Technician or Medical Laboratory Technician.

Students obtain the training to become “scientists in gloves,” conducting tests crucial to patient diagnosis and treatment amid the growing need for advanced illness management and intervention.

Medical Lab Science majors at the University of Cincinnati are given the right preparation to obtain their ASCP Medical Laboratory Science license eventually.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University Online

The Louisiana State University Alexandria’s online Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science program prepares students to pursue careers as physicians’ assistants in diagnosing, treating, and monitoring diseases. This online degree program equips students to work in the booming medical industry, no matter what roles they want to pursue.

Students who complete their coursework can take the ASCP Board of Certification or a comparable national certification exam. This certification enables individuals to apply for jobs in research firms, science labs, academic institutions, industry, quality assurance, manufacturing plants, clinics, and hospitals.

Louisiana State’s BS in Medical Laboratory Science online program prepares students for a medical degree or a master’s or doctorate program. 

Some of the required courses in this lab science degree are:        

  • Clinical Project: Hematology
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Advanced Hematology
  • Advanced Clinical Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • General Chemistry
  • Professional Practices Seminar

Northern Illinois University

Northern Illinois University

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Medical Laboratory Science online degree at Northern Illinois University accepts holders of an Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science degree in a similar or related discipline.

Before being admitted to the program, applicants may need to take extra courses. If no further courses are required, they can finish their BS in Medical Laboratory Sciences in as fast as three semesters.

Check out the required courses below:

  • Hematology
  • Medical Immunology
  • Medical Diagnostic Mycology and Parasitology
  • Microbiology
  • Basic Statistics
  • Introduction to Teaching – Allied Health Profession
  • Immunology
  • Medical Diagnostic Microbiology
  • Laboratory Management Principles and Processes
  • Fundamentals of Cellular Biology

This adaptable curriculum is entirely online, freeing learners from clinical practicum. Students can also receive credit for prior employment, allowing them to attend classes part-time and complete the program at their own speed.

Northern Illinois’ BS in Medical Laboratory Science degree program prepares students to sit for the ASCP Board of Certification exam. 

Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University - Global

Old Dominion University comes with an online Bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science, equipping students to carry out lab science duties crucial to the medical industry. These might be as straightforward as premarital blood testing or as intricate as medical laboratory examinations that reveal conditions like AIDS, cancer, and heart disease.

A total of 120 credits are required for this online degree, with these as sample courses:

  • Nature of Science
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Organic Chemistry Lecture and Lab
  • Clinical Hematology Competencies
  • Immunohematology
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Advanced Hematology and Hemostasis
  • Medical Technology Seminar
  • Urinalysis and Body Fluids

Graduates can sit for the ASCP Board of Certification examination.

Old Dominion is part of the Virginia Community College System and other educational institutions, making credit transfers seamless. You may be eligible for transfer credit if you completed a program leading to accreditation as a medical laboratory technician, attended classes at another college, or had relevant military experience.

Old Dominion also inked the Guaranteed Admission Agreement designed to make it simpler for students to transfer universities. Prospective students undergo a free unofficial transfer evaluation conducted by Old Dominion University’s online enrollment coordinators.

Medical Lab Technician vs Medical Laboratory Scientist

If you’re unfamiliar with healthcare terminologies, you might get confused between medical lab technicians and scientists.

Despite working in a similar environment with similar duties, these professions differ primarily in their educational requirements and management duties.

Primarily, you can distinguish them through the educational requirements. For instance, medical lab technicians would only require an associate degree. Medical lab technician programs prepare students for a career in medical lab technology with an associate’s degree. After graduation from this two-year degree, they can hold certifications and practice as a medical laboratory technician.

On the other hand, medical lab scientists often require longer or higher educational requirements. This is because their job also entails more roles and tasks. 

Entry-level MLS positions typically demand a four-year degree and previous laboratory experience. The title “medical lab scientist” (MLS) is frequently used in academia and indicates an understanding of clinical serology and microbiology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can students expect from an online Medical Laboratory Sciences program?

BS in Clinical Laboratory Science or Medical Laboratory Science programs are typically intended for individuals who already hold an associate degree, are certified laboratory technicians, or have comparable training and work experience.

In this online degree, expect to learn how to carry out laboratory tests typical of clinical or medical settings. While most courses are offered online, students may be required to participate in clinical rotations.

What qualities should students have to complete a Medical Laboratory Science Technology degree?

Medical Laboratory Science Technology students who succeed are emotionally mature, academically capable, self-disciplined, and passionate. They are highly motivated and eager to impact societies.

This online degree is for students who enjoy helping, working, and building relationships with others but can also work independently. They must be tolerant, are good at building relationships, can work independently, and are problem-solvers.

Would it be possible to find a job after graduating with an online Bachelor’s in Lab Science?

A 17% job growth is seen among medical lab scientists in the next decade in anticipation of the rising cases of obesity and diabetes in an aging population that, in turn, will require laboratory tests and diagnoses.

Most medical laboratory scientists work for clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices, state and federal health authorities, and the military.

Key Points to Ponder

  • A medical laboratory scientist, sometimes called a medical technologist or a clinical laboratory scientist, analyzes biological specimens. Medical professionals rely on them to analyze samples and communicate the results to patients.
  • The four-year online Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (Medical Technology) and Clinical Laboratory Sciences curriculum covers the principles and practices involving laboratory analyses, scientific concepts, and medical laboratory sciences.

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