The 10 Best Schools For Becoming a Web Developer: Degree and Job Info

web developer

Have you always wanted to become a Web Developer? If you access the internet regularly, you’ve realized how important a Web Developer can be to the site which you are viewing. Often, they are involved in the expansion of a website at a variety of levels, from conception to completion.


web developer

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Quick Summarization:
We see the work of a Web Developer every time we get on the internet, but have you ever wondered how a website is created? If so, becoming a Web Developer may be something you’re interested in. The field of Web Development is a growing field earning you a lucrative living, no doubt. Consider earning your Bachelor of Web Development degree today!


In general, Web Developers are tasked with creating and maintaining websites. They also monitor the site’s speed and how much traffic it can handle as they create content. Web Developers test websites for functionality and usability. 

In addition, Web Developers design graphics for a pleasing concept, meet with clients to discuss their goals, and often work with a team of people to create websites. They must also know programming languages and other computer programming skills. 

The web development process is interesting, exciting, and challenging!


Although many duties overlap, Digital Designers are concerned primarily with the aesthetics of a website. They are very creative and decide what looks the best and what makes a website easy to use. A Web Developer decides the best way to accomplish the goals set forth by the client and the Digital Designer.

becoming a web developer


Arizona State University 

web developer
Bachelor of Applied Science – Internet & Web Development (Online)

ASU’s program trains students in website development, including multimedia design, user experience design, and graphic applications across media and platforms. There’s also an emphasis on emerging web development technologies, so students become adept at adapting to the ever-evolving web. 

This is a 100% online program, but students must consult with their advisors throughout the program for class scheduling and other purposes. Students take 20 classes in total, with each class lasting for 15 weeks. 

This is a degree completion program, meaning applicants must have an associate of applied science degree in web development or a related field. Appropriate fields are graphic arts, graphic design, fine arts, and technical disciplines in computer technology. The associate degree must be at least 60 credits so that students leave the program with a 120-credit total. 

Students can request for transfer of credits via the MyPath2ASU route. This is a self-service platform, but students may ask for assistance during the transfer process. 

The program itself requires 60 credits within ASU to earn a bachelor’s degree. The 60-credit curriculum consists of 19 credits in general studies, 15 credits in core courses, 21 credits for the concentration, and five assignable credits. Courses include Arts and Design, Multimedia Design, and Website and E-Commerce Strategies. 

Programs Offered: 

  • Biochemistry 
  • Anthropology 

Start your journey as a Web Developer! With the best degree, ASU’s BAS in Internet and Web Development program will serve you well! With its online format, you will love the flexible scheduling aside from the affordable tuition, excellent student support services, and quality education. 

Utah Valley University 

web developer
(On-campus) Bachelor of Science in Web and App Development 

UVU’s web design and web development program seamlessly combines the art and science of web development through an up-to-date curriculum. Students learn the technical skills to create and maintain websites and apps for desktops and mobile devices in an increasingly connected world. 

The BS in Web and App Development is a concentration within the Web Design and Web Development program, and, thus, students must meet minimum requirements before admission. These include: 

  • Completion of all required courses in the Web Design and Development program  or in the process of meeting core course requirements; 
  • Minimum of 2.5 or B- for core courses; 
  • Submission of an online portfolio 

To become a web developer, students are required to pursue an internship with approved companies. Adobe, Amazon, Facebook, and Google are a few of the most popular ones. This internship in web development is intended to empower students in transferring their theoretical knowledge to real-world settings and, thus, transforming it into practical skills. 

UVU also offers another emphasis – the BS in Interaction and Design that equips students with the technical skills in creating websites and digital publications and interfaces. 

Programs Offered: 

  • Aerospace Technology Management 
  • RN to BSN

UVU’s BS in Web and App Development program trains students in preparation for becoming a web developer in a highly demanding and challenging world. Check it out and see why its graduates are sought-after applicants among employers in Utah and beyond!

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point 

web developer
(On-campus) Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts in Web Development

UWSP’s web development program is offered as a bachelor of arts (BA) or a bachelor of science (BS) degree, but these share many similarities, particularly in quality education and intensive training.  Both degrees also train students to design and develop various interactive technologies, including human-technology interactions and user interfaces. 

Students earn 120 credits covering general education courses, core and concentration courses, and electives. The expected time to degree is two years or eight semesters of full-time study. The courses cover a range of web design and development, including its principles and practices, programming languages, Interaction Design, Evaluation of User Interfaces, and Professional IT Communication. 

Collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills are tested in each course since these are the most valuable transferable skills in the workplace. Hands-on learning experiences ensure that students are workplace-ready, and these experiences include extensive group projects and community-based learning.

Students in this web development program have access to state-of-the-art hardware and software used in workplaces where web developers are considered valuable team members. 

UWSP strongly encourages its students to engage in extracurricular activities through student clubs and the SPIN platform. Paying for your education is easy, too, with the scholarships and other financial aid options. 

Programs Offered: 

  • Military Science 
  • Sociology 

Whether you choose the BA or BS in Web Development program, you will enjoy the benefits of UW’s excellent standards in didactic education and on-the-job training. Be sure to include it in your shortlist of the best web development programs now! 

California State University Los Angeles 

web developer
(On-campus) Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Cal State designed its computer science program based on computer science’s current principles and practices while also ensuring its adaptability to changes. Students gain a solid foundation in the theory and practice of computer science that’s as vital for work in web development as it is for graduate studies. 

The faculty members possess extensive credentials and experience in their fields of expertise and can share their knowledge with students. Small class sizes enable faculty members to maintain the high standards of education Cal State sets for its programs while also encouraging individualized attention. 

Students must earn at least 120 units to earn the degree. There are 93 units required for the major and 18 units of electives that tailor the degree according to your interests. The coursework includes introductory courses in programming, relational databases, and competitive programming. 

The ECST Department requires students to submit a Capstone Senior Design project highlighting their knowledge and skills. Students form teams, choose from issues presented by industry partners, and develop viable solutions for these problems. 

Cal State uses a Multi-Factor Admission Score system in choosing qualified applicants for admission. Several factors are considered, with each factor given a weight percentage, and each applicant’s merits are considered based on these factors. These include academic achievement, community commitment, work experience, and socioeconomic circumstances. 

Programs Offered: 

  • Engineering 
  • Food Science and Technology 

Put Cal State’s BS in Computer Science degree to your advantage as a successful web developer! But first, you must earn it, so start applying to the program now. 

Purdue University Polytechnic Institute

web developer
(On-campus) Bachelor of Science in Web Programming & Design

Purdue Polytechnic Institute has a team-based approach where students test ideas, find solutions, and develop innovations as a team and alongside experienced professors. The BS in Web Programming and Web Design program takes it up a notch by encouraging students to expand their technical knowledge and skills in and outside the classroom.

Transferable skills are just as important and, thus, students engage in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, too. 

Students design and build interactive, user-friendly, and secure websites and apps with real-world applications. Their skills in geometric modeling, computer graphics programming, and human-computer interface design are professional, thanks to years of hands-on experience. ASP, PHP, and open-source MySQL integration become second nature, too. 

But Purdue doesn’t stop with trade-specific technical skills! Students also gain a solid STEM education through its general education curriculum. Add in the strong liberal arts foundation with courses in business management, English composition, and economics, and Purdue alumni get a well-rounded education. 

Core courses in this web development program include Programming Languages, Fundamentals of Imaging Technology, User Experience Design Studio, and Internet Foundations Technologies and Development. Students must expect rigorous coursework due to the technical nature of the degree and its courses. 

Note that Purdue offers an accelerated five-year program to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in computer graphic technology. 

Programs Offered: 

  • Construction Management Technology
  • Airport Management and Operations

Pour your energy and effort into earning Purdue’s BS in Web Programming and Design degree for four years, and you will reap its wonderful rewards soon after! The Purdue prestige is as strong as ever, not to mention that your technical and transferable skills are top-notch. 

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Columbia College 

web developer
(On-campus and Online) Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science 

Columbia provides its students with such flexibility in their programs that it can be a challenge to choose! For one thing, you can choose between a BA or BS in Computer and Information Science, although both are suitable for web development work. For another thing, you can earn the degree as a day, evening, or online student! 

Regardless of your choice, you can earn a degree that can be used for immediate employment and graduate studies. Web development is just one of its possible workplace applications, thanks to the broad range of skills gained. Students may pursue a double major or earn several minors and, thus, increase their employability. 

Major courses include Systems Analysis and Design, Principles of Information Systems, Database Management Systems, and Programming. Students also learn the intricacies of computer hardware, software, networking, software development, coding languages, data structure, and algorithms. Combining these courses results in a well-rounded technical education with versatile applications in the computer technology industry. 

Senior students must complete an internship to apply their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a workplace setting. Silicon Valley companies are the usual internship venues. 

Programs Offered: 

  • Behavioral Science
  • Forensic Psychology

Whether you want to focus on the art side of science, a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Science from Columbia is your ticket to success! Web Developer or Web Designer?… It’s your choice!

Brigham Young University–Idaho

web developer
(On-campus) Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Development

Such is the world-class quality of education in BYU-Idaho’s program that 100% of its graduates become gainfully employed less than a year after earning the degree!

Students start early in their training in designing, creating, and maintaining websites, apps, and software, and their skills are at the professional level at graduation. Their best strengths are front-end and back-end development, computer programming, and visual media. 

Of course, these top-notch technical skills must be complemented by effective transferable skills! Students in this web development and design program develop their problem-solving, critical thinking, analytical skills, and collaborative and communication skills in every course. Their above-par written and verbal communication skills also allow them to assume leadership positions. 

Continuous enrollment and good standing in the program are a challenge! Students must earn at least a C- or numerical equivalent grade in all major courses. 

The 120-credit program includes general education, core and major, and elective courses that result in a science-grounded education. The core courses cover databases, programming with functions and building blocks, web front-end and back-end development, JavaScript, and advanced CSS, among other programming languages. Web business creation and social media marketing courses result in a skill set that can be applied as a self-employed professional. 

Students should complete a capstone project and an internship to earn the degree. Every BYU student must also adopt the honor code to stay in the program. 

Programs Offered: 

  • Mechanical and Civil Engineering
  • Marketing 

Are you ready to become a Web Developer? Earning your BS in Web Design and Development degree from BYU means taking the best step toward career success! Take that first step today! 

University of Arkansas Little Rock 

web developer
(On-campus) Bachelor of Arts in Web Design & Development

UALR welcomes traditional and non-traditional students into its program and, thus, makes it a diverse program with students from all walks of life. The result is that students bring their unique experiences and perspectives to web design and development. No wonder then that UALR is a hotbed of innovations! 

Students become proficient in the wide range of skills vital in effective web design and development for various applications, from healthcare to manufacturing industries. The interdisciplinary curriculum contributes to the innovative approaches adopted by students, too. 

This UALR undergraduate program is a collaborative project between several departments, including Art, Mass Communication, Information Science, and Rhetoric and Writing. Students enjoy the benefits of a truly well-rounded education with a balance between technical and liberal education perspectives. Even the capstone courses completed by students are cross-listed for this reason. 

The 120-credit-hour program features courses across several disciplines. FYC Information Science, Web Technologies, Mobile Web Design, Typography, Technical Writing, and Usability Testing and Design are a few examples. 

Students in this web development program must also complete a course on Project Development and Portfolio Defense that develops their skills in these areas. The program learning outcomes emphasize the students’ transferable skills as stated under the SKIM goals. 

Programs Offered: 

  • Construction Management 
  • Biology 

Make a difference in the industry and your life by earning a BS in Web Design and Development degree! With innovation as the program’s driving force, you have the opportunity for innovative leadership in your work. 

Youngstown State University 

web developer
(On-campus) Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

YSU has multiple start dates for its program and, thus, applicants don’t have to worry about missing out on an enrollment opportunity. But admission into the program is competitive, so applicants must comply with the stringent admission requirements. However, once enrolled, students enjoy the benefits of affordable tuition rates, excellent student support services, and accessible faculty. 

Students enrolled in 15 hours per semester, on average, can earn the degree in eight semesters or four years. The rigorous coursework demands time, energy, and effort equivalent to a full-time job. But students also have the time for extracurricular activities and life-studies balance. 

Applicants must have a strong math background to be accepted and, later on, to thrive in the demanding academic environment. Students gain a deeper insight into the issues that affect the creation and maintenance of websites, software, and mobile apps. Classroom discussions complement intensive projects where knowledge and skills must be maximized to produce the desired results. 

At the heart of the program are three core skills – the design and creation of software, developing solutions for computing problems, and devising innovative and better methods in applying computer science in the modern world. But students aren’t limited to these core skills either, as they can pursue multiple minors. 

Programs Offered: 

  • Actuarial Science 
  • Criminal Justice 

Be updated on the latest trends in computer science while also establishing a solid foundation in the field with the BS in Computer Science degree! 

Webster State University 

web developer
(On-campus) Bachelor of Science in Web and User Experience

WSU’s program offers two concentrations, but both establish a robust web and user experience foundation that can be applied in web development work.

First, the Full Stack Web Development Emphasis trains students in building effective web applications using various programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, and Python. The end goal is finding, storing, saving, and changing data and information and, finally, providing it to users. 

Second, the User Experience Design Emphasis enables students to understand the human-technology interaction and design meaningful user experiences. These are essential in designing new websites, apps, and services that users will benefit from through regular use.

Students enter the emphasis on their last two years in the BS in Web and User Experience program, and there’s a list of interdisciplinary support courses that must be completed in other departments. 

Both emphases, however, have similar degree requirements. Students don’t have to pursue a minor but must earn at least a “C” grade in all required CS and WEB courses and mandatory support courses. Both programs also involve earning 123 credit hours to earn the degree, and a total of 40 upper-division credit hours is a must for graduation. 

Programs Offered: 

  • Education Teaching 
  • Building Design & Construction

The BS in Web and User Experience degree isn’t just a stepping stone to a web development career. You will find that it’s the best tool for a successful career in the computer industry, so widen your horizons! 


Here, we have compiled a few questions that might be on your mind. With minimum educational requirements (in some cases), becoming a Web Developer may be a good fit for you!

What types of Web Developing can I specialize in?

As many Web Developers “do it all,” many simply choose to specialize in a specific job responsibility in the field. Here are a few suggestions to consider with your new web developer skills:

  • Webmaster
  • Back-end Web Developer
  • Web & Digital Interface Designer
  • Front-end Web Developer 
How do I become a Web Developer?

Becoming a Web Developer can be a little tricky. The necessities for securing a job are dependent upon the employer’s required qualifications as they see fit… And, each company will vary. Consider these options:

  • High School Education – Today, many high schools can teach in-depth computer science applications. If you have excelled in this area at this grade level, you may be able to secure a beginner’s job in Web Development upon graduation. In addition, if you have worked summer jobs or internships and have gained valuable work experience, you may qualify as well.
  • Associate Degree in Computer Science or Computer Programming – Perhaps your best bet, earning an associate degree, will give you the college education that some employers require. 
  • Bachelor’s Degree – If you decide to pursue a career as a Web Developer and would like to enjoy a wide array of job opportunities and better pay, then earning your bachelor’s degree will ensure your success. 

So, if you want to become a Web Developer, you may want to evaluate what your “end goal” will be. Investing in additional education, such as a degree, may pay off!  

What kind of salary can I expect as a Web Developer?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2022, the average salary for a Web Developer was $83,240 annually. Successful Web Developers can earn upwards of $166,180 per year with proper training and experience. 

Is there a demand for Web Developers?

Between 2022 and 2032, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the job growth rate for aspiring Web Developers and Digital Designers should increase by 16%, adding approximately 19,000 jobs per year.

What will I learn in a Web Developer degree program?

Depending on your beginning level, certification classes may include coursework in:

  • Introduction to Coding
  • JavaScript Programming
  • HTML Programming
  • Intro to Web Design
  • And, much more! 

At the associate degree level: 

  • Database Management
  • Web Page Multimedia
  • E-Commerce
  • Website Graphics
  • And, much more!

At the bachelor’s degree level: 

  • Optimizing Websites
  • Website Useability
  • Social Media and Collaboration
  • Advance Web Design
  • And, much more!
Should potential Web Developers earn a bachelor’s degree in this field?

Yes, most definitely, if you would like a shot at the best employment opportunities and the best salary! Your degree program will provide you with the best web development skills.

What programming languages should I know?

Typically, the three core programming concepts you should know are HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. In addition, other prerequisites may include knowledge of SQL, Backbone, Foundation, Bootstrap, Ruby, PHP, Java, and Oracle, to name a few.

Within any position in Web Development, you must stay on top of new tools and skills as you continue your career. Will you have to learn a new programming language at some point? Probably so!

Where do Web Developers work?

Most Web Developers are self-employed; however, some work in a traditional office setting, full-time, with regular daytime working hours. If you are not ready to go out on your own just yet, begin your career with a company specializing in computer systems design, consulting services, or an advertising agency. Becoming a Freelance Web Developer can provide many opportunities with a wide variety of website topics.

What are some related career options in the field of computers?

As you know, computer-related occupations are plentiful and come in a wide variety of job possibilities, such as Computer Programmer, Graphic Designer, Special Effects Artist and Animator, Software Developers, Computer Information Systems Management, and much more! But, please be advised that web development professionals often have a bachelor’s degree.


  • Web Developers create the technical aspects of establishing a website.
  • Web Developer jobs are plentiful due to the popularity of online shopping, social media, or creating a web page focused on internet information you may need.
  • Web Designers are concerned with the aesthetics of a website, while Web Developers work on the functionality and creation. They also optimize websites and perfect site performance.
  • Aspiring Web Developers should consider earning a Bachelor’s degree in Web Development.
  • Web Development professionals with experience and education enjoy a lucrative annual salary.
  • As Web Developers create websites, they become experts in popular coding languages, programming skills, software engineering, CSS frameworks, the development process, cloud computing, and much more.
  • Other Web Development field-related careers include software developers, freelance web developers, responsive web design, full stack developers, senior web developers, front end developers, in project management, and much more!
  • Do you need a program that offers online degrees? Yes, they are available!

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