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In its basic sense, entrepreneurship is both a mindset, readiness, and ability in starting and running a business enterprise including the uncertainties that come with it. The goal isn’t always to make a profit although it’s a common one. 

Entrepreneurs are more comfortable with taking calculated risks than the average person. Their mindset also makes them innovators in whatever industry they are in, whether it’s in information technology or beauty and wellness. Bringing new ideas, products and services come naturally, too. 

Generally speaking, you don’t need to earn an associate degree in entrepreneurship to become an entrepreneur! But its value becomes clear when you want to learn the theory behind the practice. The stronger your theoretical foundation in business management, the stronger your possibilities for success. 

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Quick Summarization

Aspiring business professionals will want to consider enrolling in entrepreneurship associate degree online programs. These entrepreneurship programs are designed to empower students to develop their business skills and, thus, start their own business in the future. 

Furthermore, the best online associate degree in entrepreneurship is also a respected business degree that employers consider an edge in the hiring process! You can use your associate degree to pursue higher education, such as a bachelor’s degree in business management, business administration, and other related fields.


If you want to develop your business skills to become a business owner or to be qualified for business and financial occupations, you should consider online associates in entrepreneurship degrees! These business programs are designed for individuals who want to enter the business world with the right skill sets. 

But always perform a school search of online programs before enrolling in a specific associate degree in entrepreneurship program! Our list consists of the best options for you, considering these salient features that each program is known for:

  • Fully or partially offered as an online distance learning program, so that students experience convenient and flexible class schedules,
  • Offers comprehensive foundational knowledge of Entrepreneurship, featuring the core courses of business, supply chain management, sales, marketing, and consumer behavior,
  • Equips students with Entrepreneurship skills for advancement to the bachelor’s degree or entry into the workforce,
  • Maintains Transfer Pathway arrangements with partner colleges and universities for a seamless transition of Entrepreneurship associate’s degree holders to the bachelor’s level,
  • Taught by instructors with impressive credentials for teaching Entrepreneurship and extensive experience in the actual field as successful entrepreneurs,
  • Emphasizes program affordability thru financial assistance programs for eligible students,
  • Recognized by accrediting agencies that set the academic standards of teaching Entrepreneurship online at the associate’s degree level

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Online Associates in Entrepreneurship

10 Best Online Associate in Entrepreneurship Degree Programs

Forsyth Tech Community College

Forsyth Technical Community College

The online Associate in Applied Science in Entrepreneurship program at Forsyth Tech enables students to develop their fundamental business skills. These skills can be applied in both self-employment (i.e., own business) and employment career paths. Business planning, funding, and marketing are emphasized in the online associate degree. 

The online associate in entrepreneurship program features a 66-credit curriculum with courses in: 

  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Financial Accounting 
  • Managerial Accounting 
  • Business law 
  • Innovation and creativity 
  • Logistics 

This is among the best entrepreneurship programs because students can also plan for higher education. Credits earned can be transferred to a bachelor’s degree program, a stepping stone toward managerial roles. 

Financial aid is available for online students. While Forsyth Tech has affordable tuition, the cost of a college education can be defrayed with federal financial aid and others. 

Forsyth Tech Community College is among the foremost community colleges in North Carolina. With an up-to-date accreditation status from the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), it awards associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. 

SUNY Hudson Valley Community College

SUNY Hudson Valley Community College

The 100% online Associate of Applied Science in Entrepreneurship program at HVCC features semester-based courses. Students earning their online associate degree can study at their own pace but must submit assignments on time. 

Students in the online associate in entrepreneurship program learn from the same credentialed instructors as their on-campus counterparts. Learners earn 63 credits and, in the process, learn business planning and operations skills for small businesses.

Credits earned can be transferred to bachelor’s degree programs both in and outside of the SUNY system. Students must consult with academic advisors if they want to pursue higher education. 

Small business owners seeking to become better entrepreneurs are also welcome to apply to the associate degree in entrepreneurship program. With the increasing complexity of the business industry, the new learnings in small business management will be invaluable! 

Hudson Valley Community College is one of many community colleges in the SUNY system. As such, students are eligible for federal financial aid including grants and loans. 

Southeast Technical College

Southeast Technical College

The online Associate of Applied Science in Entrepreneurship program at Southeast Tech has a 61-credit curriculum that ensures a well-rounded education. Students with an associate degree in entrepreneurship learn effective business planning, organizational leadership, and small business management. 

The courses in the online associate in entrepreneurship program topics: 

  • Entrepreneurship with the computer, communications, and math requirements 
  • Foundations of business 
  • Business communications 
  • Human resources management 
  • Business law 
  • Supervisory management 

Students also learn QuickBooks and payroll applications. Note that this is an online associate degree with an applied science focus, meaning the lessons have real-world applications. Students become competent in making a suitable business plan for various small business ventures. 

Prospective students must, at the very least, have a high school diploma with at least a 2.0 GPA, a 580 GED, or at least a 2.0 college GPA (9+ credits). 

The Business Administration and Entrepreneurship programs at Southeast Technical College are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Southeast Technical College is also accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).  

Stark State College

Stark State College 

The online Associate of Applied Business in Business Management – Concentration in Entrepreneurship program at Stark State provides students with opportunities for hands-on learning. Students learn from business managers and entrepreneurs about business planning and management. 

Graduates with an online associate in entrepreneurship can run an established business, start their own business, or become employed. The online associate degree program also has transfer mechanisms that ensure a seamless transfer to bachelor’s degree programs. 

Full-time students can earn an associate degree in two years. Individuals interested in the associate degree but are unsure, may consider the one-year certificate program first. The credits that students earn in this certificate program are applicable to either the associate in entrepreneurship or business management program. 

Students earn 63-64 credits in courses like: 

  • Business administration 
  • Global entrepreneurship 
  • Human resources management 
  • Financial and managerial accounting 
  • Business law and ethics 

Students can also undergo an entrepreneurship practicum to gain exposure to real-world business scenarios. 

As one of Ohio’s top-rated community colleges, Stark State College is in the best position to train future entrepreneurs. Students qualify for financial aid at the Higher Learning Commission-accredited public community college. 

US Career Institute

US Career Institute

The online Associate Degree in Entrepreneurship program at the US Career Institute is an exceptional start to your business dreams! Students who want to earn the associate in entrepreneurship degree must complete the academic requirements for courses in: 

  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Business communications 
  • Human resources management 
  • Consumer behavior 
  • Small business management 
  • Principles of sales and advertising 

The education and training in the online associate in entrepreneurship program prepare students for self-employment and corporate employment. Many graduates with an online associate degree start their own business with a winning mindset. 

Purdue University Global

Purdue Global University

Purdue University’s online Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration – Entrepreneurship Concentration program requires 15-18 hours of study time per week. Students can then maintain a good work-studies-life balance. 

This is a two-year online associate in entrepreneurship program with 10-week terms. The Entrepreneurship concentration enables students to develop small business management skills. 

The 90-credit associate degree in entrepreneurship program includes courses in: 

  • Management including business planning and operations 
  • Finance 
  • Marketing 

Students apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world settings through a capstone project. 

Individuals interested in the online associate degree program can choose from three start dates – August, September, and October. College-level credits can be transferred into the degree, thus, students can shorten their time to completion. 

Graduates may apply for the credits from the associate degree into a BS in Business Administration degree at Purdue Global. 

Christian Leadership University

Christian Leadership University

If you want a faith-centered online associate degree, you may want to consider the online Associate in Christian Entrepreneurship program. This is a unique program in that college-level credits and life experiences can be counted toward the associate in entrepreneurship degree. 

The 60-credit curriculum of the online associate in entrepreneurship includes unique courses like: 

  • Start and succeed in your own business 
  • Recordkeeping for the small business 
  • Anatomy of a business plan 

Students are also encouraged to view business as a form of ministry. 

SUNY Genesee Community College

SUNY Genesee Community College

SUNY is known for its excellent online associate degree programs and the Associate of Applied Science in Entrepreneurship at Genesee is one of the best! This is a mostly online associate in entrepreneurship program (i.e., 75% online).

Fresh high school graduates and working professionals are welcome to earn the associate in entrepreneurship degree. 

Students learn from the online coursework and from hands-on experiences, such as field trips and retail business management lab sessions. Full-time internships are also available for interested students. 

The curriculum covers topics on:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Operations management
  • Managerial and financial accounting 
  • Sales and marketing 
  • Human resource management and relations 
  • E-commerce 

Graduates are encouraged to pursue higher education via bachelor’s degree programs. Financial aid is available to all qualified students since SUNY Genesee Community College is a public institution. 

Northwest Arkansas Community College

Northwest Arkansas Community College

The hybrid Associate of Applied Science in Business Management – Entrepreneurship program at NWACC attracts aspiring entrepreneurs. Students not only earn an associate in entrepreneurship degree but, more importantly, develop their essential business skills. 

Graduates are able to create a new business or expand an existing small business. Their ability to transform a business concept into a feasible business plan is part of their success. 

Most of the courses in the entrepreneurship degree program are completed online – the rest are on-campus courses. The 60-credit curriculum covers topics in: 

  • Accounting 
  • Small business management 
  • Legal environment 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • E-commerce 
  • Feasibility and funding 

NWACC’s business programs including this online associate degree in entrepreneurship are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. Financial aid is available to all qualified students. 

North Hennepin Community College

North Hennepin Community College

The Associate in Applied Science in Entrepreneurship online program enables students to gain essential skills in small business management. This hybrid online associate degree equips them for immediate employment or entrepreneurial ventures after graduation. 

Aside from competency in developing an effective business plan, students also tackle these courses in the 60-credit curriculum: 

  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting 
  • Consumer behavior 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Principles of marketing, management, and business finance 

Graduates are prepared to manage an established business or create a new one. 

Even with affordable tuition in public community colleges, students are eligible for federal financial aid to defray the cost of higher education. 

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Overview of Online Associate in Entrepreneurship Programs   

The best online associates in entrepreneurship programs make it to the top of school rankings because of their high academic standards. Many associates in entrepreneurship programs are offered by community colleges because of their mandate of providing quality two-year higher education. Online students obtain the same quality of instruction as their on-campus counterparts. 

Admission Requirements 

Prospective students of online associate in entrepreneurship programs must meet the following minimum standards: 

  • A high school diploma with a minimum cumulative GPA; or
  • GED equivalent with the minimum score; or 
  • College credits with minimum GPA  

Check the standardized test requirements since every associate program has specific limits. 

Average Time-to-completion 

Online students can complete an associate in entrepreneurship degree program in the intended time to completion, usually two years. While studying at your own pace is possible with an online associate in entrepreneurship program, timely submission of assignments is a must. 

Transferring previously earned associate degree credits will shorten the time to completion. Accelerated programs have a shorter time to completion but the fast-paced course sequence can be difficult. 

Credits, Curriculum, and Courses  

Associate degrees in entrepreneurship programs don’t usually have concentrations or specializations that students can choose from. But the best entrepreneurship associate degree online programs usually provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the four types of entrepreneurship. 

  • Small business entrepreneurship refers to mom-and-pop businesses where the principles and practices of small business management apply.
  • Scalable startup entrepreneurship is a step up from small business entrepreneurship in that there are concrete expansion plans.
  • Large company entrepreneurship refers to business enterprises with a defined life cycle. Many graduates of associate degrees in entrepreneurship programs gravitate to these companies. 
  • Social entrepreneurship focuses on finding solutions for social needs and issues via innovative products and services. Skills learned in an online entrepreneurship associate degree program are used for the greater good.

The minimum associate degree credits earned is 60 semester credits, minimum. Online students can transfer these credits into a bachelor’s degree program, but it isn’t guaranteed. When doing a school search, check the school’s articulation agreements and transfer policies. 

Principles of Management 

Students learn about the business skills that make for the effective management of organizations. The course covers planning, organizing, and leading an organization. 

Managerial Accounting

Small business owners must know the basics of managerial accounting because its final outputs are made specifically for them. 

Financial Accounting

Accounting is the language of business and, thus, business professionals must have a fundamental understanding of financial accounting. This is also an integral part of financial management since money is the blood of business. 

Operations Management

This course is just as crucial to your success as strategic management due to its day-to-day applications. The topics covered include human resources management, marketing practices, and financial management. 

Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Students learn about the leadership of organizations and their people including motivational strategies. Keep in mind that human resources – people – are still the most crucial resource. 

Business Law

The course covers the laws that affect businesses including small and medium enterprises. Case studies are usually used to demonstrate the real-world impact of these laws. 

Human Resources Management

Students learn about the concepts, practices, and issues related to human resource management, from hiring to firing. 

Learners also learn via case studies where real-world business scenarios are discussed. 

Online students may also be able to join professional associations to strengthen their theoretical knowledge and broaden their network. Examples include the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, the National Federation of Independent Business, and the U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship. 

Online Learning Technology 

All online associates in entrepreneurship programs have a learning management system (LMS) for online students. While their features vary, the typical LMS allows students to access their learning materials. Students also submit weekly assignments, interact with their peers and professors, and perform other learning-related activities on it. 

Online students in associate in entrepreneurship programs are also graded based on their academic performance and progress. Quizzes, exams, and assignments are as common in these online programs as they are in on-campus programs. 

Internship and Practicum 

The online associates in entrepreneurship programs also provide students with exposure to real-world business scenarios via internship opportunities. These entrepreneurship programs empower students to learn the ropes of business administration in diverse locations, from small businesses to large corporations. 

Skills and Traits 

While an online entrepreneurship degree isn’t a guarantee that you will develop essential business skills to be successful, it’s an excellent foundation. Indeed, the best entrepreneurship programs emphasize skills development in these key areas. 

  • Risk-taking 
  • Innovation 
  • Leadership 
  • Vision 
  • Open-mindedness 

Tuition and Financial Aid 

Prospective students of online associate in entrepreneurship degree programs should consider their financial aid options. Community colleges are the best option for quality yet accessible online entrepreneurship degree programs because of their affordable tuition and financial aid. 

The cost of an online entrepreneurship associate degree varies depending on the institution as well as other student-related factors. But the average ranges from $5,000 to $15,000 for a two-year degree. 

Online Associates in Entrepreneurship - fact

Entrepreneurship: Social Impact and Personal Benefits 

Entrepreneurship may have a fairly simple definition – starting a business – but its social impact and personal benefits cannot be underestimated! Individuals who start their own businesses aren’t just looking out for themselves by earning profits but are also making profound contributions to society. 

Indeed, students in business programs who are pursuing online associates in entrepreneurship degrees are on the right track. Entrepreneurism is celebrated as part of the American way of life and small business enterprises are considered the birthplaces of innovation. Plus, entrepreneurism is among the desired paths to upward mobility since average people can build their wealth with such a mindset. 

Social Impact 

Entrepreneurs are business professionals who identify the unmet needs of consumers and then provide the products and services that address them. While it’s a risky proposition, entrepreneurs relish taking calculated risks and grabbing the opportunities when they come. With their ability to introduce new products and services – or to introduce innovations to existing ones – entrepreneurs fuel economic growth. 

With new businesses comes the necessity for hiring workers, even when it’s on a temporary basis or among family and friends only. The job creation aspect means supporting local communities and their people. 

Online entrepreneurship degree programs emphasize the role of digital technology in bringing regional economies together. Entrepreneurs play crucial roles in the integration of economies, too, including their role in e-commerce. 

Students in online entrepreneurship degree programs are also exposed to the challenge of addressing environmental issues that come with capitalism and consumerism. With their innovative mindset, they can also contribute to finding solutions to these environmental issues.  

The bottom line: Entrepreneurship isn’t just about making money for yourself – more importantly, it’s also about making a social and economic impact! 

Personal Benefits 

Of course, the increasing popularity of online associates in entrepreneurship degrees among young adults and working professionals lies in their personal value! These online programs contribute to your wider and better network that will be instrumental in your career. This is true whether you want to become a small business owner or a corporate employee. 

If you want to own businesses, you should develop essential business skills in small business management first. While you can achieve it via self-study, enrolling in the best online associate in entrepreneurship program is best. 

Why? You will be able to understand the principles and practices of business management from experienced professors and share ideas with your peers! You can engage in self-study, too, while earning your associate degree. 

The best online associate in entrepreneurship programs also makes practice less expensive. Think of the numerous mistakes that you can make when you’re creating your own company – lost opportunities, lost capital, and losses. With classes in entrepreneurship, you will have a base knowledge of small business management and minimize the risks of these losses. 

You will also be able to determine your passions, whether it’s for small business management or social entrepreneurship. You can also use your associate degree for higher education, from a bachelor’s degree to a master’s degree. 

Being in the best online associate in entrepreneurship programs also means getting opportunities for skills diversification. In a world where there’s too much emphasis on specialization, being a generalist has its merits! 

Careers and Salaries of Graduates of Associate in Entrepreneurship Programs 

According to the country’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment landscape in business and financial occupations has a projected growth rate of 8% (2022-2032). Business professionals with an associate degree in entrepreneurship can get a foot in the door with the said credential. 

Executive Assistants ($64,011/year

These professionals assist the executives in a wide range of activities that make them more effective and efficient at their jobs. Their tasks include scheduling appointments, maintaining records, and performing other administrative tasks.

Accounting Clerks ($65,925/year

Their main duties include issuing official receipts, recording financial transactions, and assisting in the preparation of financial statements. 

Financial Clerks ($48,178/year

These professionals are responsible for preparing and processing bills, invoices, and receipts, among other financial documents. They may also be in charge of financial databases and of the accuracy of financial information. 

Human Resources Assistants ($51,178/year)

With the supervision of human resource managers, human resources assistants take charge of many administrative tasks related to the profession. These tasks include handling payroll, assisting with recruitment and training, and being a liaison with third-party individuals. 

Sales Representatives ($104,239/year

With their savvy sales skills, sales representatives generate leads and meet sales goals. They also negotiate contracts with clients, prepare sales reports, and give sales presentations. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best degree to become an Entrepreneur?

There’s no best degree since you don’t need a degree to become an entrepreneur! But an associate in entrepreneurship degree provides a strong foundation in business skills in running a small business. 

Is an Associate in Entrepreneurship degree worth it? 

Yes, it is, particularly for aspiring business professionals who want a competitive edge. It’s a versatile degree with applications in immediate employment and self-employment. 

Are licenses and certifications necessary for Associate in Entrepreneurship degree holders? 

There are no professional licenses and certifications for entrepreneurship associate degree holders. But if you want to start your own business, you must secure permits and licenses from the government. Examples include fire, air and water pollution control, and county permits. 

How can you choose the best online Associate in Entrepreneurship degree program? 

Always do a school search of the entrepreneurship degree programs first. Check out the accreditation status, quality of instruction, student support services, and overall reputation. 

Are Entrepreneurship degrees in high demand?

Yes, they are considering the robust 8% projected growth rate in employment among business and financial occupations. 

In Conclusion 

  • The demand for business professionals with an associate degree in entrepreneurship continues to be high, thanks to the national economy recovering from the pandemic.
  • Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make significant contributions to the economy and society. 
  • It is crucial that you look for online associates in Entrepreneurship degrees based on their accreditation, quality of curriculum and instruction, and overall reputation.
  • Keep in mind, however, that the best online associate degree in entrepreneurship is the one that best matches your current needs and future goals.

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