20 Best Schools with Online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education in 2023

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Elementary school teachers play a pivotal role. They help provide the rudimentary building blocks of education to help children grow up to lead productive lives. Elementary teachers are also responsible for helping young children develop their behavior, have a more positive viewpoint, and hone their creativity.

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School teachers have the educational background and training to make abstract concepts more understandable and simplify complex topics for students. They expose students to topics and ideas that others may otherwise not have access to. They can be good role models and support systems that can inspire young minds to dream of a better future for themselves.

Teachers can also hold students accountable for their failures and successes. They help shape children’s opinions about the different things around them. Plus, they can push them to their limits so they can realize their full potential.

Earning an online bachelor’s in Elementary Education is the first step that those wanting to make teaching a profession need to take. This degree program for teacher education will train educators to properly and effectively teach children from grades one through six various subjects, including science, math, social studies, and reading. On top of that, online programs qualify them for state-issued teaching licensing, which will allow them to teach in public schools.

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Quick Summarization

An online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education prepares graduates and future educators to foster the crucial learning milestones that young children experience. It provides soon-to-be teachers with practical and real-world strategies for effectively managing young children’s behaviors in classroom settings.


We have scoured the Internet to compile the 20 Best Schools with Elementary Education degree programs so students and parents don’t have to! We looked into each institution’s unique features, including curriculum, financial assistance, coursework, and internship opportunities, to ensure it is worth mentioning its name here.

We have considered the following criteria to ensure we provide a comprehensive list of all colleges and universities offering the best online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education programs.

  • Offered 100% online or blended learning format with professional core courses and opportunities for student teaching experience,
  • Delivers online or hybrid coursework that focuses on guiding young children to succeed at each grade level and beyond their elementary years,
  • Prepares Elementary Education undergraduates to become educators in public and private schools,
  • Provides federal student aid and credit transfer opportunities to lower the costs,
  • Offers 24/7 access to all coursework and learning materials through a Learning Management System,
  • Features skilled Elementary Education online instructors with terminal degrees in Elementary Education,
  • Delivers comprehensive student support services, including college guidance and career consultation,
  • Accredited by top approving bodies and colleges and schools commission agencies to ensure the quality of education and recognized by industry organizations.

Discover our process of selecting the best schools and programs by visiting our Methodology page.

20 Best Online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education

Walden University

Walden University

Walden University supports those who dream of becoming elementary school teachers but are too busy to attend classes on campus. This university offers a web-based Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education that prepares students to become licensed educators who are more than prepared to impact young children’s lives.

Classes for WU’s BS in Elementary Education program are facilitated by highly experienced faculty from whom students can connect and get training and support as they build their curriculum and instruction design skills. Walden University has success advisors, certification officers, and field experience coordinators who can support and guide the undergraduates throughout the program.

Elementary Education majors will also have plenty of opportunities to practice their skills through interactive avatar simulations and learn to support their student’s academic and socio-emotional skills. This program has a holistic perspective, allowing undergraduates to work with parents, collaborate with colleagues, and connect with families and communities to ensure the growth of their students.

This online degree program prepares undergraduates for teaching certification, which most public schools require. Aside from that, it incorporates strategies that help future teachers have the confidence to succeed in today’s classroom environments.

Degree requirements for the BS in Elementary Education program include:

  • Diverse and Exceptional Learners in the Elementary Classroom
  • Effective Practices: Planning, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Community Building for Effective Classroom Management
  • Social Studies and the Arts K-6: Instruction and Assessment
  • Child Development, Motivation, and Learning

Kansas State University

Kansas State University - Online

Kansas State University prepares students for an elementary school teacher career through its online Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. With this online degree program, students will learn about proven teaching techniques designed to inspire and challenge elementary-age children using the latest technology.

KSU’s BS in Elementary Education degree combines online coursework and a hands-on experience with an accredited elementary school near the students’ residence so that professors can observe and evaluate the quality of their teaching in real-time through a video and provide feedback to improve their skills. Completing this program and the Kansas teacher licensure exams will make students eligible to apply for Initial Teaching Licenses to teach K-6 in the state.

KSU’s Professional Education Unit is accredited by the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) and the National Council for Accreditation for Teacher Education (NCATE).

KSU’s Elementary Education degree offers the following course requirements:

  • Foundations of Education
  • Teaching as a Career
  • New Literacies in Contemporary Classrooms
  • Educational Technology for Teaching and Learning
  • Exceptional Children in the Regular Classroom

Western Governors University

Western Governor's University

Western Governors University’s Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education qualifies students to become licensed elementary school teachers. This program is the perfect degree for those who are passionate about education. This puts students’ passion to work and allows them to make a difference in young children’s lives.

WGU’s BA in Elementary Education provides students with the necessary skills and credentials to educate and handle different learners. Similarly, it prepares undergraduates for teaching licensure exams in all 50 states, helping them to be qualified for a teaching certification no matter where they live.

This online degree program in Elementary Education features coursework, preclinical experience, and assessments. Students can complete their coursework online and simultaneously get in-classroom experience with a Demonstration Teaching component facilitated by an experienced teacher and guided by a clinical supervisor.

WGU’s BA in Elementary Education focuses on providing students with practical experience, theoretical depth, classroom management, and curriculum planning skills. Students are guaranteed the quality of this program because it is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), ensuring that it meets industry standards.

Course requirements for WGU’s BA in Elementary Education include:

  • The School as a Community of Care
  • Introduction to Physical and Human Geography
  • Fundamentals of Diverse Learners
  • Educational Psychology and Development of Children and Adolescents
  • Introduction to Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Liberty University


Liberty University offers an online Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education that helps dedicated individuals who want to be successful elementary school teachers with a strong foundation of primary education, good leadership, and emotional support.

Enrollees for this program are eligible for the Federal TEACH Grant, which grants students planning to become teachers in any high-need field in low-income schools up to $4,000 annually.

This Elementary Education program can give learners the tools to help young children, ages kindergarten to grade six, succeed in their educational journey. As a fully online degree, it qualifies graduates for a teacher licensure exam in the state and beyond. Students will also complete student teaching, practicum, and core competency requirements to earn their Virginia teaching license. This prepares undergraduates to apply theories and best practices that will help elementary students grow and thrive.

Liberty University’s School of Education meets national standards for educator preparation programs set by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). After completing their state licensure requirements, graduates can apply for reciprocity in other states.

At Liberty University, classes are facilitated by professors who teach from a biblical worldview and with Christ-like compassion. With their years of experience teaching elementary schools, students integrate their faith into their profession as educators.

Some of the Elementary Education courses include:

  • Instructional Design for Elementary and Middle Classrooms
  • Elementary School Curriculum
  • Behavioral and Individual Differences
  • Teaching Reading to Diverse Learners
  • Introduction to Education & Classroom Technology

Drexel University

Drexel University - Online

At Drexel University, individuals passionate about teaching young children can enroll in its online Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. With this program, future educators can prepare for the PK-4 elementary teacher certification or PK-4 and Special Education certification.

What makes Drexel’s online degree in Elementary Education is that students are provided with personalized plans of study that will teach them the necessary know-how and skills to effectively manage elementary-level classrooms, improve their problem-solving skills, and work with pedagogical technology.

Those looking to be employed as elementary school teachers must have student teaching experiences, while those who do not can take additional pedagogy courses instead.

This BS in Elementary degree program is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, ensuring its coursework complies with the state’s certification preparation standards. It is also a program that prepares future teachers to obtain their Pennsylvania Instructional I Certificate and be certified to teach in virtually all states through the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement.

Drexel University’s BS in Elementary Education is accredited by the CAEP-Council for the Accreditation of Education Preparation, ensuring excellence in its educator preparation program. This institution is a partner of the TEACH (Teacher Education And Compensation Helps) Early Childhood Pennsylvania Scholarship Program, a scholarship that allows future educators to pursue a degree debt-free.

Courses for the PK-4 Specialization program include:

  • Educational Policy, Law & Advocacy      
  • Foundations in Education: A Historical & Philosophical Perspective
  • Assessment of Young Children
  • Creating a Positive Classroom Climate
  • Teaching in Urban Contexts

Old Dominion University Global

Old Dominion University - Global

Old Dominion University Global offers a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education through Darden College of Education & Professional Studies. This program is for those with some college credits and who have completed at least 30 credits online from this university.

ODU’s BS in Elementary Education is geared toward teaching future teachers how to educate young minds. They acquire the skills for successful teaching careers through the guidance and mentorship of faculty members with direct and current school-based experience and former school professionals.

Elementary Education majors must complete a supervised capstone teaching experience and extensive fieldwork, allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge in school settings. This allows them to practice state-of-the-art instruction, pursue professional growth and development, and teach young students of different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

Through this online bachelor’s program in Elementary Education, students will be eligible to apply for Virginia teacher licensure. Before that, they must complete a student teaching practicum, requiring them to submit a background check.

Course requirements for ODU’s BS in Elementary Education program include:

  • Foundations & Intro to Assessment of Education
  • Foundations of Special Education: Legal Aspects & Characteristics
  • Foundations of Special Education: Legal Aspects & Characteristics
  • Intro to Literacy Research, Theory & Practice
  • Information Literacy for the Digital Age

University of North Dakota

University of North Dakota

Complete a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at the University of North Dakota, one of the best online degree programs for those wanting to become elementary school teachers because of its affordability and flexibility.

Because this Elementary Education degree program is fully online, students are never required to attend classes on campus. Students can learn through posted lectures, online simulations, lesson modules, streaming video content, and virtual libraries, which they can access on their own time within a set timeframe, depending on the instructors. However, they must complete a student teaching placement for one semester at any elementary school.

Even if students only attend classes online, they are guaranteed to have the same degree, classes, real interactions, academic advisors, academic coaching, and online tutoring services as those who attend in-person classes.

Degree requirements for UND’s Elementary Education degree program include the following:

  • Child Development
  • Development Psychology
  • Introduction to Education
  • Understanding Individuals with Different Abilities
  • Integrating the Arts in the Elementary Classroom

UND’s BS in Elementary Education program is CAE-accredited, ensuring that it meets licensure requirements in most states. This university is among the best online colleges in the United States because of its student retention rate, affordability, academic excellence, and student outcome.

Valdosta State University

Valdosta State University

Those who want to become professional educators in the future should enroll in Valdosta State University’s 100% web-based Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. This program includes various methods and courses to engage Elementary Education students in practical learning activities actively.

Students will also have opportunities for experiential learning that will teach them how to guide their young students’ social, intellectual, physical, personal, and emotional development.

Online BS in Elementary Education, students at VSU get access to academic advisors and coaches who ensure they stay on track and meet their professional and personal goals. They also get dedicated tutors whenever they need help with their academics. Plus, the university offers powerful databases for its online library. Also, students can use the school’s tech support to ensure they get the most out of their online classes.

Course requirements for VSU’s Elementary Education program include the following:

  • Introduction to Developmentally Appropriate Practice
  • Social Emotional Learning and Classroom Management
  • Technology for Learning
  • Planning for Effective Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching Elementary Science Methods

University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina

Individuals who believe teaching young children is meaningful and rewarding should turn their passion into a profession by enrolling in the University of South Carolina’s Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. This online program will teach undergraduates to engage elementary students in inquiry, develop a curriculum, and facilitate learning.

Through UofSC’s BA in Elementary Education, future teachers become adept at collecting, interpreting, and analyzing student data to customize instruction. Aside from that, students will be required to have extensive field experiences in P-12 schools in the state. This is essential because such experiences will provide students with valuable knowledge and skills in working with school children.

The Office of Clinical Experiences arranges all practicum opportunities, field experiences, and internship locations. Upon graduation, along with positive recommendations from the faculty, students become qualified for teacher certifications.

UofSC’s BA in Elementary Education can lead to a South Carolina teaching certification for grades 2 through 6. This online program will take full-time students two and a half years to three years to complete. During their final year, students will spend an entire year on internship.

Elementary Education courses include:

  • Introduction to Exceptional Children
  • Nature and Management of Elementary Classrooms
  • Introduction to Classroom Assessment
  • Elementary Literacy Instruction
  • Internship in Elementary Education

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University

At Oklahoma State University, working adults can earn their Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education online to have flexibility and freedom when juggling their time between their education and other commitments. This online undergraduate degree in Elementary Education offers future educators top-notch academic experience and school-based connections.

Elementary Education majors will be prepared to apply for full teacher certification through the Oklahoma State Department of Education. OSU’s education graduates are highly sought after and have successfully worked in various educational settings.

This online degree program is facilitated through Canvas, the university’s online learning platform. However, students must report on campus for in-person classroom observations and interactions, including student teaching internships and field experiences. Full-time students can complete their Elementary Education degree in four years, including a semester of student teaching experience during their final semester.

All degree requirements for the online degree program are guaranteed identical to the in-person requirement, making undergraduates eligible to apply for teacher certification.

Course requirements for OSU’s BS in Elementary Education program include:

  • Teaching Language Arts – Elementary and Middle School
  • Psychological Foundations of Childhood or Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science
  • Geometric Structures for Early Childhood & Elementary Teachers
  • Social Studies in the Elementary School Curriculum        
  • Educating Exceptional Learners

Lynn University

Lynn University

At Lynn University, students enrolled in its Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (Grades K-6) prepare themselves to change the young lives of K-6 children. Through this program, undergraduates will be taught how to meet the academic needs of children of different backgrounds, design engaging curricula, develop their teaching styles, and explore practical classroom techniques they can use.

Students can enroll in online and hybrid classes to help them manage their schedules. This will train them to use innovative online learning and take advantage of modern technologies and useful applications that they can use for their instructional strategies in the future. Aside from that, Elementary Education majors will have plenty of hands-on experiences through onsite components in classrooms near them.

This Elementary Education degree program is state-approved and is geared towards preparing undergraduates for the Florida certification requirements. Lynn University has been recognized as one of the best online bachelor’s programs nationwide, ensuring students get top-notch education anytime, anywhere. It is one of the Apple Distinguished Schools for its innovation in teaching, learning, and the school environment.

Classes at this university are small – students get one-on-one mentoring and support from faculty members and academic advisers with years of experience in the field. Throughout the program, students will tackle topics like classroom management, education and child development fundamentals, effective teaching strategies, and evidence-based instructional decision-making.

Courses for the Elementary Education Grades K-6 degree program include:

  • Introduction to Education
  • Differentiated Instruction and Effective Teaching Strategies
  • Children’s Literature
  • Child Development, Health, PE & Safety
  • Child Development, Health, PE & Safety

University of Louisiana Monroe

University of Louisiana-Monroe

The University of Louisiana Monroe, through the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Leadership, offers the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education to guide elementary school teachers through their undergraduate academic degrees. This online program’s curriculum is designed to improve future educators and ensure they can facilitate learning.

This online degree program features a curriculum with a carefully planned interaction with general studies, content studies, professional and pedagogical studies, Integrative Studies, and student teaching experiences. This degree will teach future educators how to facilitate learning and manage classrooms successfully.

Transfer students are required to have completed college-level English and Mathematics courses to be admitted to the program.

Here are some of the courses ULM’s BS in Elementary Education undergraduates must enroll in:

  • Classroom, Behavior, and Instructional Management – Elementary
  • Application of Instructional Media and Technology
  • Education Psychology
  • Educational Foundations for Diverse Learning Environments
  • Art Education for the Elementary School

Regis University

Regis University

With Regis University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, future teachers will take the first step to make their dream job a reality.

This online degree program will equip students to take the initial teacher licensure and serve communities as educators. They will learn tried and tested strategies that ensure success, allowing undergraduates to keep inspiring and pushing their students to reach their full potential. Moreover, this program will provide students with the necessary experience and skills to confidently and successfully lead classrooms in the future.

Elementary Education majors at Regis University will be taught to use their field experiences to know the best placements for student teaching, allowing them to choose where they want to be placed. The university has partner schools where undergraduates can complete their practical experience, 1-3 field hours per week.

Before undergraduates can apply for student teaching, they must finish 200 field hours and pass the state-required Praxis tests. Once the students complete their degree requirements, field hours, and licensure concurrently, they will be eligible to apply for licensure through the Colorado Department of Education, along with the university’s recommendation. Also, BA in Elementary Education students who want to teach subjects to children of all ability levels can apply for dual licensure in elementary and special education.

Academic requirements for this online degree program include:

  • Foundations of Education for Diverse Learners
  • Assessment of the Diverse Learner
  • Theories, Strategies, and Assessment for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse K-12
  • Understanding Human Behavior, Diversity, and Culture
  • Quantitative Literacy

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays, State University runs a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education program that qualifies undergraduates for licensure in elementary education, from Pre-K through grade 6. This program guides future educators in discovering the link between professional education curricula, general education courses, clinical experience, and pedagogical theory.

FHSU’s BS in Elementary Education program has nationally ranked among the best online and on-campus programs providing field experiences in various settings. Students enrolled in this degree will have plenty of opportunities to apply what they’ve learned and get measurable outcomes and useful feedback from faculty members.

This online degree program will also prepare students for state-required licensure exams. To qualify for such tests, undergraduate students must render field hours for clinical experiences at accredited schools in their respective states. On top of that, they must pass an entrance exam, either the Core Academic Skills for Education (CORE) or the American College Test (ACT).

Some of the professional studies and major courses for this program include:

  • Foundations of Education
  • Educating Exceptional Students
  • Concepts of Elementary Mathematics
  • Curriculum & Assessment
  • Elementary School Science Methods

Eastern Kentucky University

Eastern Kentucky University - Online

With Eastern Kentucky University’s Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, students can complete the 120-125 credit hour requirements from anywhere in 3.5 years. Aside from that, students who have previously finished credit hours can transfer up to 90 hours toward their Elementary Education degree.

At EKU, students who enroll in its BS in Elementary Education will learn the knowledge and skills needed to have successful careers as K-5 teachers. They must render 200 hours of clinical field experience in accredited schools before being qualified for student teaching. Students can seek guidance through the university’s clinical office to arrange the required field hours.

Through EKU’s Elementary Education degree, undergraduates will have the capacity and capability to shape children’s futures. Students can combine academic and professional preparation through evolving and relevant content through its virtual learning platform.

Besides being accredited by EPSB and CAEP, EKU offers free textbooks through its BookSmart program, a partnership between the university and Barnes & Noble College to provide free textbooks for all students. Moreover, this university offers various scholarship opportunities and accelerated eight-week terms.

Sample courses for EKU’s BS in Elementary Education include:

  • Educational Foundations
  • Emerging Instructional Technologies
  • Children’s Literature and Related Materials
  • Culturally Responsive Perspectives
  • Creative Thinking Through Performance and Visual Arts

Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education is an initial program that leads to Initial Teacher Licensure. Through this program, future educators will learn everything they need to know to guide children’s emotional, mental, and social development and to provide a solid foundation in early basic education, including reading and math.

Throughout the program, undergraduates will be able to identify their students’ strengths and weaknesses. They will also be able to customize their instruction, content, and projects to meet their students’ different needs and interests. They will be prepared to motivate and engage young students, communicate with parents, and establish behavioral rules. Also, they will learn about advanced methods for teaching English language learners and developing curricula to engage diverse learners.

GCU is accredited by the Arizona State Board of Education, ensuring that its BS in Elementary Education program meets the state’s education teaching requirements. Courses are also guaranteed to meet the standards of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC).

Course requirements for GCU’s Elementary Education program include the following:

  • Child and Early Adolescent Development & Psychology
  • Instructional Planning & Assessments for Elementary Teacher Candidates
  • Foundational Literacy Skills: Phonics & the Science of Reading
  • Methods and Strategies for Integrating Social Studies & the Arts
  • Literacy Interventions & Remediation for Elementary Education

Asbury University

Asbury University

Asbury University has a longstanding reputation for producing award-winning teachers, superintendents, and principals in Kentucky.

Offered online, the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education offered by Asbury University will help shape the careers of future educators, ensuring that they make an impact in the lives of young children every day. This fully online program will provide plenty of clinical experiences to prepare them to lead the next generation of learners.

For this program, undergraduates must complete the clinical education components in elementary schools in Kentucky. Students must also complete 124 total credit hours to graduate.

Program requirements include:

  • Introduction to Education
  • Technology for Education
  • Facilitating EL Student Success
  • Exceptional Learner
  • Classroom Management

Campbellsville University

Campbellsville University - Online

Campbellsville University ranked among the top 50 most affordable Christian colleges in the United States. To help make the dream of future educators to make a difference in the lives of young children, Campbellsville University offers a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (P-5).

This online degree program in Elementary Education Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) of Kentucky-approved. This degree provides undergraduates with the interdisciplinary knowledge, experience, and skills needed to become licensed elementary school teachers in Kentucky. Its curriculum prepares future educators to teach all elementary school subjects. Also, it covers topics including learning theory, classroom management, strategies for diverse learners, and instructional technology.

By the end of the program, students will apply what they’ve learned by rendering 16 weeks of student teaching experience in any elementary classroom. The university can provide placement assistance to help them find the best student teaching opportunities within their communities.

Moreover, students will be prepared to take the Praxis exams upon graduation and the initial licensure to teach primary through grade five students. Plus, students can apply for dual certification in special education to get more teaching opportunities.

Course requirements for Campbellsville University’s online degree program in Elementary Education include the following:

  • Introduction to Teaching
  • Human Development and Learning Theory
  • Teaching Diverse Learners
  • Assessment and Instructional Strategies
  • Classroom Management

Morningside University

Morningside University

Morningside University offers a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education as a completion program designed for working adults looking to become elementary school teachers. Although the program is completely online, field experiences and student teaching opportunities can be arranged with partner schools to allow students to comply with the program requirements wherever they are in the country.

This program is aimed at those looking to complete their teaching credentials in Iowa in two to three years. Before admission to the program, though, students must submit to a transcript analysis to ensure they have met all content requirements for the elementary education licensure, as required by the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners.

Required courses for Morningside University’s BS in Elementary Education include:

  • Principles of Education
  • Inclusive Environments
  • Literature for the Elementary Reader
  • Foundations of Teaching Reading
  • Written Communication and Grammar for the Educator

University of West Alabama

University of West Alabama - Online

The University of West Alabama is one of the state’s oldest, most prestigious universities and is recognized as one of the leading trainers of educators. With its online Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood/Elementary Education (P-3/K-6), educators can build their skills for career advancement.

This online bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education has gained the approval Commission on the Accreditation of Early Childhood Higher Education ProgramsNational Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)’s approval. It is designed to meet the needs of individuals looking to earn a bachelor’s degree, work as an elementary school educator, and earn a Class B Professional Educator Certificate.

Students can access UWA’s Mentor Collective program to help enhance their online learning experience. This one-on-one mentorship scheme provides students insights into what it’s like to teach inside a classroom and build networks.

Courses BS in Elementary Education students must enroll in include:

  • Introduction to Teaching and Learning
  • Technology and Education
  • Introduction to Special Education
  • Measurement and Assessment
  • Internship, Pre-School through Grade Twelve

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Essential Skills in Online Bachelor's in Elementary Education

Essential Skills in Online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education

Students pursuing an online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education must develop hard, soft, and online skills necessary for classroom instruction. Through such a program, students will be able to hone each of the required skills that will help them stand out in this field.

Classroom management and teaching skills

These include testing and grading, record keeping, curriculum and lesson planning, computer and in-class technology skills, student supervision and discipline, and other skills that will help teachers keep a smooth-running classroom for young children.

Writing skills

Teachers need to have an exceptional ability to write concisely, effectively, and clearly. It is one of the most important skills to obtain a teaching license. Through an online degree program in Elementary Education, future teachers will have a strong foundational knowledge of English grammar; writing for a target audience; creating clear and relevant topics; editing and revising; and using the appropriate academic essay formats and structures.

Reading comprehension skills

Teachers need to study and absorb a lot of materials quickly, which explains why they need to be fast readers with a high level of reading comprehension.

Research skills

Research theory courses are part of the degree’s curriculum to help future teachers learn how to write and format research proposals; use library resources and databases; define research projects; develop their search techniques; check facts; and use correct citation and referencing.

Communication skills

Educators need to be effective communicators not only to their students but also to other individuals. This is why Elementary Education majors need to learn to be confident, empathetic, open-minded, clear, and cohesive, as well as actively listen in written and verbal correspondence.

Creative thinking skills

An online bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education can teach future educators about creative thinking techniques and theories. These will be useful to them when creating their research paper or figuring out teaching activities. They will also learn about storyboarding, mind-mapping, and metaphorical thinking, which will help them develop their creativity.

Critical thinking skills

By honing their critical thinking skills, Elementary Education undergraduates will be able to identify, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize what they learn to come up with clear, informed, and rational decisions and conclusions, especially when developing lessons or topics for their classes.

Technology skills

Because of the popularity of distance learning nowadays, teachers need to have basic computer skills and be proficient in programs such as Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Zoom, and more. They will use these apps daily if they decide to hold online classes for elementary students.

States with the Highest Salaries for Elementary Education Teachers

States with the Highest Salaries for Elementary Education Teachers

The Labor Statistics Bureau reports, kindergarten and elementary school, teachers get an annual median pay of $61,620. However, salaries for kindergarten and elementary teachers depend on several factors.

For one, pay depends on the school they are employed in. The state where they teach is also a big factor.

Per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are the states with the highest annual mean wages for elementary school teachers:

  • California – $90,470
  • New York – $89,580
  • Washington – $85,580
  • Connecticut – $84,580
  • Massachusetts – $82,690

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top career options for online Elementary Education degree holders?
What are the top career options for online Elementary Education degree holders?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects almost 1.9 million job opportunities for Elementary Education graduates from 2014 to 2024.

Some of the top career options for Bachelor’s in Elementary Education degree holders include:

  • Elementary Teachers
  • Early Childhood Education Teachers
  • Learning Mentors
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Play Therapists
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Community Education Officers
  • Health Play Specialists
  • Youth Workers
  • School Districts Leaders
What is the cost of an online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education degree?

The total cost of tuition for an online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education varies per school and number of credits.

Why should students enroll in an Elementary Education degree online?

Online degree programs are ideal for those not living in the same state as the university or college they want to enroll in. Through virtual learning, students will be able to attend classes and, at the same time, fulfill other commitments, like work or family life.

Additionally, online and on-campus bachelor’s in online Elementary Education program degrees have the same curricula, ensuring that undergraduates enrolled in online classes will have the same courses, coursework, and internship opportunities, all required to graduate.

Key Points to Ponder

  • Online Elementary Education programs at the undergraduate level will equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful elementary school teachers.
  • An online Bachelor in Elementary Education will prepare students for state-issued teaching licensure, which is required in all 50 states.
  • An online bachelor’s in Elementary Education has the same curriculum as on-campus programs, ensuring the same courses and hands-on experience as in-person classes.

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