Top 15 Colleges Offering the Best Student Support Services After Graduation

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Several factors are considered by incoming students and their families when choosing the college they want to attend. One such aspect also includes student support, limited to the service they can get while studying, but this context also covers even when they graduate and leave the school.

More often than not, many universities offer solid support for their alumni, whether it’s a pool of connections, networks, job opportunities, or simply resources.

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The term student support encompasses almost all services that students receive outside the curriculum and instruction. Student support, in any sense, is administered by many positions and staff in the school. These are usually granted by school counselors, school psychologists, school social workers, researchers, librarians, and other professional personnel who can translate support to students or even graduates. 

Student affairs professionals are concerned with developing the “whole student,” or an individual’s intellectual, emotional, social, and physical abilities their moral and religious values, and economic resources. Students have changed over time, but the basic tenets of student affairs have remained constant: guiding students to reach their full potential and addressing them as individuals rather than simply intellectuals.

Divisions of student affairs support the educational mission of colleges and universities by providing student services. The exact equivalent is valid for graduates and alumni. Alumni associations and networks are formed to provide support to each other. Several services continue to be offered to existing students, those who recently graduated, and even those who graduated a long time ago.

Transitioning To Real Life After College

The majority of job openings were determined by college degrees in the past. However, in the current era, employers now require other skills rather than simply an undergraduate diploma. Skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, time management, and collaboration skills are crucial soft skills. Students who graduate from universities must consider these when transitioning to the real world. And as they transition, your school must continue to provide you with resources and support. 

According to a recent analysis of millions of job postings by Burning Glass, postings for jobs that require a bachelor’s degree often require more soft skills than technical skills. In addition, 20% of job postings also request specific certifications or licenses.

A college degree may indeed help get a job interview, but employers do not trust it enough to know someone can do the job. Consequently, young adults today have a less defined and straightforward career path than previous generations.

Specifically, the Harvard Business Review found that students either become Sprinters, Wanderers, or Stragglers in their transition to adulthood:

  • Young adults (35%) who are referred to as “springers” jump straight into their careers after graduation or are in the process of finding success after attending additional educational institutions.
  • The survey found that wanderers (32%) are taking their time to start a career – about half of them are in their twenties.
  • Those who lag behind (33%) press pause and spend most of their twenties attempting to get started.

Examples of Student Services that Students Can Take Advantage of During Study or Post-Graduation

Student services vary differently from various colleges and universities. While some continue to form long-lasting relationships with their students and alumni, other educational institutions offer creative services too. Here are some examples of the services that are provided to existing students that can benefit them during post-graduation:

  1. Networking

Building your network early will increase your employability. Take advantage of student services that will make networking less overwhelming if networking isn’t intuitive for you. Some schools train you to work on your confidence as you network with others. Some networking workshops offer to teach you how to deal with or approach professionals. Also, there will be times when you will need to create a networking event, so getting familiar with how to do it will be helpful in the future. 

  1. Tutoring Programs

This student service benefits new students more than those entering the real world. Being a student isn’t easy, so it’s worth searching for mentoring programs and peer support at your college. Many institutions offer Peer-assisted study sessions to students looking for assistance with improving their academic performance. They are run by former students of the relevant unit—this aids students on subject matters and courses that are challenging for them.

  1. Counseling Services

At least once during your studies, the overwhelming feeling of the University is nothing you have to go through alone. Students themselves mainly offer this student service. You can have student counselors with whom you can share your school challenges. They can provide advice and tackle any issues you’re dealing with, like finances, books, exams, health issues, or even homesickness.

  1. Career Advising

A career counseling workshop at your University allows you to explore your motivation, assets, the skills you have to offer businesses, and the types of jobs you could pursue. This is something beneficial when you’re almost graduating from university. Career counseling can be helpful if you’re unsure of your career path. This will assist you in discovering new options and deciding upon a course of action. In addition to helping you with job applications, internship hunts, and contacting alumni in your field, your university career center can offer career counseling as well. This student service is unparalleled indeed.

  1. Student Union

During their time on campus, student unions advocate for student rights and many other issues. Interested students can participate in student leadership through these clubs and are at the center of student politics. Their services include organizing fun student events, giving advice to students in need, creating clubs and societies, and providing safe spaces. If you want to avail of this service’s excellent benefits and rewards, you can become a student union member at your University. 

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Tips to Transition Into Career Life More Smoothly

It’s a hard transition for many people to make from college to their first career. Unfortunately, for most young adults, this is a struggle they must overcome on their own. While your introduction to the job market might not be ideal, there are still ways to flourish. Apply the tips below and have a smoother and successful transition to your career life:

  1. Accept Your Transitioning Phase

Embrace the challenges of your situation and deal with the realness of it. Once college is over, you’ll have to answer questions about how you’ll proceed in your career life. If you admit that you do not have all of the answers, you can move on and stay calm. Embracing uncertainty helps you cope better with unrealized expectations after college. In this way, you can discover your options in a non-judgmental manner.

  1. Know The Importance Of Hard Skills

It doesn’t matter which job, employer, or industry a person holds; some skills are always in demand. It is essential to be a good writer and speaker; most employers recognize the value of graphic design experience, coding capabilities, and software skills. Lucky for you if you already have such technical skills. Otherwise, it isn’t too late to take up some classes and be well-versed in specific areas. Gain mastery of one or more hard skills, and you will prosper in any profession.

  1. Work On Your Soft Skills Too

While the previous tip highlights how crucial hard skills are, soft skills receive equal importance. Employers value soft skills such as the ability to network, work effectively in a team, be resourceful, be flexible, listen attentively, and learn from others. All these may have been acquired through experience. These skills are not taught in schools and institutions, but the good news is that you can improve all these aspects of soft skills by focusing on them and practicing them.

  1. Stay Updated

Jobs and employers have changed over the years. Therefore, critical skills have also been changing for prospective employees. A trend forecaster surveys employers every year to identify the traits they are looking for in a prospective employee. To stay up to date, check out online resources or job postings from different companies. When you adapt to these changes and requirements, you’ll be more likely to land the job you’ve wanted to have.  

Colleges that Offer the Best Student Support Services After Graduation

Now, here’s the list of the best colleges that offer student support services even after graduation. They provide the necessary tools and resources that can aid you during the launch of your career:

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New York University

New York University

NYU is a university known for having no boundaries regarding conventional classroom teachings and the real world. They seek for students to take advantage of limitless possibilities and opportunities. Because of this force, New York University has become one of the world’s most prestigious and influential universities.

They now have schools in 15 cities all over the United States. Students and graduates benefit from their global network by gaining access to a rich academic experience led by highly regarded faculty with accolades ranging from the Nobel Prize to the Grammy Awards.

The University’s goal has been diversity, access & inclusion from the very beginning, resulting in one of the most diverse student populations with over 150 nationalities and no single ethnic majority. Some of the brightest minds, most influential people, and ground-breaking research have come out of the University.

There are a variety of things students can do to benefit from NYU’s network of academic resources. NYU combines the best academic advising, faculty interactions, and three million books in Bobst Library’s twelve floors to be at the forefront of teaching and research.

Your presence at NYU will open your eyes to an environment that fosters inclusion, excellence, learning, and growth. You can achieve an intercultural perspective that promotes understanding, inclusivity, and equity by joining or developing clubs and organizations run by students so that you can contribute positively to the University’s structure. Students from around the world study at NYU with differing backgrounds and aspirations.

Diverse communities bring enrichment and enlightenment to the University: among the students who are part of NYU, several groups share everyday situations and concerns. As you graduate from this school, you will still have access to several communities that offer support, resources and means to connect with others. 

Boston University

Boston University

Private, research-intensive Boston University is located in historic Boston. BU offers a wide variety of education, including ten undergraduate schools, 400 different majors and minors, more than 650 courses offered internationally, more than a million dollars in research funding, and 80+ study abroad programs.

Graduates from BU are well prepared to lead in an interconnected world, as they have access to a wide range of research and internship opportunities both at home and abroad. And when it comes to employability, Boston University boasts of staying at #14. Here are some of their student services that you can enjoy:

University Service Center

Whenever you need assistance or have a question that does not seem well suited for one of the more specialized offices on campus, the University Service Center (USC) is the place to go. In particular, they can assist undergraduate students who encounter sensitive problems or have concerns that involve multiple areas of the University at once.  

Educational Resource Center

To help students succeed at BU, the ERC offers peer tutoring, writing assistance, and other resources. It also provides language links where students can learn to speak foreign languages that they may benefit from in their actual companies. 

Princeton University

Princeton University

The University has been around for the past 273 years and boasts an impressive alumni base. Currently, Princeton has over 93,000 alumni spread across 155 countries, meaning you can quickly meet fellow alumni all over the world. Two alumni have become presidents of the United States, and three alumni serve as judges on the United States Supreme Court. There is no denying how prestigious and well-established their network is.

There are 160 Princeton alumni communities located throughout the world, each yearly hosting reunions and networking events. Originally named the College of New Jersey, Princeton University began operating in 1746. It’s no secret that Princeton University boasts the largest endowment per enrolled student in the country.

During the first few weeks after moving into your dorm room, you will meet classmates who could become good friends for life. Their residential campus offers close-knit communities where students can live, eat, study, socialize, and learn together, and where they can find community through housing facilities, classes, and extracurricular activities. Having a vast network of friends, colleagues, and professional contacts to tap into is one of the perks of Princetonian status.

An active Alumni Association at Princeton provides networking opportunities on campus, internationally, and online. Students and alumni can also bond over shared interests within different academic departments. If you’re looking for this, Princeton University is a great choice. 

St. Lawrence University

St. Lawrence University

The college has been committed to developing a community of collaboration since its founding in 1856. The University has been rated among the top five for visibility and student ratings. Students and alumni of St. Lawrence benefit from alumni services by gaining meaningful educational experiences, opening doors to careers, and facilitating networking opportunities.

St. Lawrence University is known for the Shadow-a-Saint program, enabling learners to participate in a week-long internship at an alumnus’ workplace. SLU Connect and Laurentians in Residence programs offer alumni and students the opportunity to connect in a small group setting. Students at the Laurentians can also apply for the Laurentians Investing in Networking and Careers program, which helps them land internships and careers at companies where alumni are currently employed.

Schedule an appointment with a career coach at the Center for Career Excellence after exploring the online resources. In general, alumni support sessions are limited to three per career transition. A career counselor or career coach may be a better fit for alumni over five years post-graduation seeking career support or assistance. When you have all these services at your disposal, what other University can beat it, right?

Stanford University

Stanford University

Stanford is home to one of the most significant alumni associations in the world, with over 95,000 members. One of the benefits is access to career services that can assist in getting jobs. Stanford’s alumni receive perks and opportunities from participating in events.

As an alumnus at Stanford, you can access the library, and the alumni cafe, or even ride bicycles here and there. As well as the renowned gardens and fifty indigenous plant species, the Alumni Center is a great place to unwind. As part of the Stanford Alumni Association, the Stanford Magazine is published annually, facilitating alumni connections.

Your relationship with them is highly valued, and they are eager to follow and support your career journey throughout your life. You can find connections with fellow GSE alumni, current students, and employers looking to hire GSE alum on Stanford EdCareers. Having alumni mentor students is one of the main functions of Stanford Alumni Mentoring (SAM).

Alumni can contribute to a student’s academic and professional development by sharing their own experiences. Having alumni mentor students assists them in identifying their career goals and in developing lifelong friendships.

In the GSE newsletter, you will find information about career events and workshops on campus. This is another adequate support for you after graduating from this University. A list of all new internships and job postings is also included. 

Harvard University

Harvard University

Harvard University is the oldest institution of higher learning in the country and is known for having one of the largest and most respected alumni networks. If you want to become a member of a solid alumni with diverse members, attending Harvard will give you such perks.

Featuring more than 360,000 members, the alumni network encourages alums to network, volunteer, and stay connected to the campus and community. Additionally, alumni can take advantage of the school’s lifelong learning services, research centers, and libraries and continue to take part in clubs.

The Harvard alumni network, volunteer, and give back to the community while supporting current students through clubs and programs. Crimson Career is the job board where graduates can post internships and job opportunities.

The program also offers resume reviews and job interview practice through Firsthand Advisors, which provides mentoring and job-search advice. These are some helpful resources for you when you finish your education years. The Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) holds events worldwide, symposia, reunions, and club activities for its members.

The organization offers you and your fellow graduates various opportunities for networking, professional development, volunteer work, faculty-led trips, and more. At Harvard, you’ll always be connected whether you’re interested in connecting with your classmates, mentoring students, engaging in lifelong learning, or staying on top of Harvard news—the Harvard Alumni Association is here to help. Harvard will always provide you with support and guidance, even if you are no longer a student. You will forever be a part of Harvard’s alumni community.

Amherst College

Amherst College

There are more than 23,000 alumni of Amherst College. Amherst College strives to ensure its education experiences do not end with graduation. This is a promise that is significant to any Amherst student. The alumni association offers various ways for alumni to stay connected with their classmates and continue to gain access to school library resources. Alumni activities and events are regularly updated through the association’s publications, academic journals, and merchandise. As an alumnus, you’ll have access to these resources and services.

This private men’s school was established in 1821 and is a private college in Massachusetts. Bassett Planetarium is located on the school campus and is available free of charge by appointment only. In the Wall Street Journal’s top liberal arts schools rankings in the Northeast, Amherst College ranked first.

Commencement is only the beginning of an Amherst education. They continue to provide student support services even after graduation. You’ll have plenty to consider and discuss when you participate in various learning experiences in person and online. You’ll gain access to the following services:

Alumni Directory / Profile

The Alumni Directory will give you a pool of 23,000 fellow alumni and allows you to search by region, career field, graduation program, class year, extracurricular activities, and more. You can also input your information so others can search and find you too.

Alumni Listservs

This service is their Google group and allows you to connect with classmates and fellow alumni.

Career Resources

Career Resources is the place where you can seek counseling and advice on your career.

Library Resources and Academic Journals

Libraries often offer alumni access to academic resources, such as JSTOR.

Regional Programs

Across the globe, Amherst College maintains more than 23,000 alumni, parents, and friends of Amherst College.  The Amherst community has many ways to connect with the College, Amherst students, and others, no matter where they live. Join any regional program to become proactive alumni successfully.  

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Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College

Many Dartmouth reunions are sponsored by the alumni association each year. Other than these reunion events, they also arranged Camp Dartmouth weekends or sponsored events like sports rivalries. Over 35 international trips are organized and managed by Dartmouth Alumni Travel each year for alumni and their families.

They offer alumni a series of tours that take them to international destinations and another series that explores the world’s tallest mountains. If you want to be part of an alumni association that entails many events and gatherings, Dartmouth College will bless you with that opportunity.

1769 marked the founding of Dartmouth College. Having been established before the Revolution, Dartmouth is the ninth oldest college. Dartmouth College boasts the distinction of being a member of the Ivy League and an Ivy League school. The top 100 research and teaching schools listed by  US News and World Report also include Dartmouth College.

To help the Dartmouth alumni network grow, recent Dartmouth grads provide services for current students. Volunteering in donation drives for college funds, offering career advice and mentoring, and meeting with prospective students to provide educational support and assistance are some of the student services they offer.

Duke University

Duke University

At Duke’s Karsh Alumni Center, you can find offices, a meeting room, and a pavilion where you can organize Duke alumni events. In terms of alumni networks, Duke’s may rank among the best. You’ll have solid support and membership when you join Duke’s community. Additionally, the Karsh Alumni Center features a large grassy area that can be used for more significant events. Duke Alumni Association (DAA) aims to carry on the Duke tradition wherever its alumni may be.

Founded in 1838, Duke University is a private higher education institution. There are nearly 16,000 students at Duke University’s 8500-acre campus. With more than 40,000 applicants for the 2023 class, Duke University is considered a highly selective university. Only seven percent of applicants are accepted. Rankings of relevant national schools place Duke University among the top ten schools.

Career advising services are provided by the Career Center to alumni for an entire year following graduation. Duke Alumni Association Career Network supports all Duke graduates throughout their lives. You can rest easy knowing that you have some dedicated group of networks to turn to right after finishing college until the end of time.  Here are some student services they offer to graduates:

Alumni Career Coaches 

Over twenty Duke alumni coaches are participating in this network, and most of them are offering free 30-minute to 1-hour consultations and discounts on further services to alumni.

Professional Development Newsletter

You can subscribe as an alumnus to this newsletter as you gain access to anything Duke-related. The alumni directory ( should be used by alumni looking for jobs to network and update their profiles.

University Of Chicago

University Of Chicago

The University of Chicago’s Alumni Association (AA) makes several resources available to alumni and their families. One of the best alumni networks is the university’s Alumni Association, which offers fantastic benefits. The alumni website provides several benefits to UChicago alumni.

Among them are alumni directories, alumni events, discounts on Graham School classes, monthly webinars that offer career guidance, and campus privileges for athletic facilities, library resources, and other school resources.

In addition to its many elite schools, the University’s 200-acre urban campus is home to more than 16,000 students from medical to divinity to business degrees. It’s a global university with diverse foreign and ex-pat students on campus and virtual learning programs. Many benefits and services are available to UChicago Alumni on campus and around the globe through online platforms.

All former students of The University of Chicago, including graduates and nongraduates of its Graduate School, Professional School, and Laboratory Schools, may utilize the benefits and services provided by its alumni association. Find and post-career opportunities on the alumni job board, and find career resources provided by campus career offices, including events, expert advice, networking, and career coach referrals.

Brown University

Brown University

The alumni association of Brown University, Brunonia, operates online, allowing its members to keep in touch with everyone in the University and fellow alumni. They aim to create a lifelong network of alumni connections at Brunonia. Some of their methods include alumni directories, clubs, events, and welcome kits for alumni moving to regions where alumni associations are established.

The Brown University Alumni Association keeps alumni engaged through its Brown Travelers Program, Campus Dances, and Reunion Weekends. Brown alumni may also get access to free services like Rosetta Stone and reduced insurance rates. 

It was initially known as Rhode Island College when Brown University was created in 1764. In addition to being an Ivy League university, Brown University is also known as a colonial college. Brown University is unique among higher education institutions for its acceptance of students regardless of their religious affiliation. 

The Brown perks can provide value at every step along the way. When you avail or gain access to the facilities offered for alumni, you don’t have to pay any membership fee for them. Using BrownConnect, you can browse your alumni network, create job alerts, practice interviewing, contact career advisers, and more. Your education started at Brown, and it continues way after your graduation.

Find new ways to practice a language, access online journals and library resources, and plan unforgettable trips with Brunonians. Their library is also available at your disposal if you want to do research even after finishing your studies at Brown. You can also travel the world with Brown faculty and fellow alumni on educational adventures.

University of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame

Alumni and Friends refer to the Alumni Association at Notre Dame. Since the school’s humble beginnings 150 years ago, Notre Dame has had an alumni association. Due to its long history, it has continued to grow its broad pool of networks. In addition to job postings and networking opportunities, IrishCompass is one of the main features offered by the alumni association. By meeting up at Notre Dame alumni events or online directories, alumni remain in touch with one another.

Alumni networks at Notre Dame are considered to be among the nation’s best. As a Congregation of Holy Cross institution, Notre Dame University was founded in 1842. Undergraduate studies at Notre Dame have earned the school a reputation as one of the country’s best universities.

Alumni and friends have a new online community to share experiences and talk about school. Now you can easily follow any Notre Dame communities – classes, clubs, etc. in just a few clicks. 

Their upgraded alumni directory will let you reconnect with old friends and classmates. You are welcome to visit any of their digital neighborhoods where they share all your passions, such as learning, praying, networking, and sharing their knowledge. Engaging with the University and fellow alumni and friends on these free platforms is a unique and meaningful way to stay connected.

Bates College

Bates College

In addition to networking, Bates alumni find opportunities to stay connected show their Bates pride, and continue to support one another. In the alumni association of Bates College, you will find many affinities and interest groups reserved for alumni. The Bates community and alumni commit time and resources to volunteer work. If you share the same values or interests, it’s a great institution to be a part of. 

In 1855, the college became a private institution. Over 600 acres of Bates-Morse Mountain form part of the college’s nature preserve. In Maine, Bates is the 3rd oldest College behind Colby College and Bowdoin College.

Bates has an undeniable connection with each Bobcat. The Bates Society is a global organization of 24,000 individuals who pursue their dreams, make a difference, and give back to their communities. The experiences they acquired in Lewiston, the education that prepared them for success, and the people they have surrounded themselves with create a tie that spans generations. You can engage with the Bates community through a wide range of events, professional networking opportunities, and volunteer opportunities.

California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology

Alumni of the California Institute of Technology can stay in touch with the school and fellow alumni through the California Institute of Technology Alumni Association (CAA). In the world of alumni associations, CalTech’s Alumni Association stands out.

The CAA provides CalTech students with outstanding job and career development opportunities and access to its impressive professional network. You can work with CAA’s tech advisor network if you have graduated from CalTech. Such services continue as your perk since you become an alumnus of this prestigious school. 

Founded in 1891 as a private research institution, the California Institute of Technology was one of the first higher education universities in the country. There is a strict honor code at CalTech, but graduates often pull pranks that make the school stand out from others. Caltech is consistently ranked in the top ten of many globally acclaimed institutions.

Career Development Center (Career Services) resources and services for Caltech Alumni are all free for alumni to avail and use. Participation in their career fairs is open to all alumni. As an alumni association, Caltech provides various career resources, including webinars, workshops, and a network of fellow alumni.

Any career search must include networking, and you should never begin too late. Contacting alumni from Caltech via LinkedIn is a great place to start. With more than 14,000 members, it’s an excellent place to start networking.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology

The Georgia Institute of Technology’s alumni network has consistently ranked among the best in the nation for student ratings. It provides alumni with a platform for networking, collaboration, and career development. In addition to a job board, Georgia Tech Alumni Association members receive discounts on insurance and legal services, as well as partner discounts. These are just some of the fantastic perks of being a graduate of this school.

Several campus and regional events are held as part of the association’s scholarship program, career guidance, and mentoring services. Volunteering, networking, becoming an ambassador, and contributing to the student fund are ways alumni can become involved.

While a student, you’ll earn and develop a Yellow Jacket network that challenges, prepares, and ultimately supports you as a graduate. In addition to social gatherings, networking events, and career services, the Georgia Tech Alumni Association provides graduates who wish to stay actively involved with Georgia Tech.

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