10 Great Career Changes for Administrative Assistants

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As the world continues evolving at an unprecedented pace, the job market is shifting as fast. The pandemic and the many changes it brought to career dynamics also prompted a wave of reflection for many of us, leading us to question whether our current career path is truly fulfilling.

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This is especially true for those with an administrative assistant position who have had to shoulder incredible responsibility and adaptability during those uncertain times.

If you’re an administrative professional feeling the itch for change, you’re not alone. Pursue a career that aligns with your passions and values! With new industries emerging and traditional ones transforming, the job market is ripe with possibilities for those willing to take the leap.

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10 Best Career Changes for Administrative Assistants to Explore

The number of alternative career paths that administrative assistants can explore is endless. If you’re looking to venture outside of the administrative assistant role, check out these new positions that may lead you to great pride and satisfaction in your work.

Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager

Assistant managers support the manager and oversee department or team operations. Here are some of the duties of an assistant manager and how your experience as an effective administrator can prepare you for this role:

  • Providing administrative support to the office managers in daily operations, including scheduling, budgeting, and staffing. You will also be tasked to coordinate appointments and handle financial transactions.
  • Managing personnel and providing guidance and support.
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and developing and implementing strategies to enhance performance.
  • Building relationships with clients and customers to ensure customer satisfaction.

To become an assistant manager, you need to possess the following:

  • Robust communication and leadership skills, office administrators
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills to identify areas of improvement and develop strategies,
  • Organizational and multi-tasking skills,
  • Capability to manage pressure and deliver on time,
  • Business Management or Administration major and relevant leadership experience

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Accounts Receivable Specialist

Accounts Receivable Specialist

An accounts receivable specialist is responsible for managing a company’s incoming payments. This involves maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring timely payments from clients. Some of the major tasks include:

  • Managing the collection of outstanding payments from customers,
  • Preparing invoices and maintaining accurate records of payments received,
  • Resolving billing discrepancies and addressing customer inquiries or complaints,
  • Coordinating with departments in billing processes,
  • Maintaining accurate and up-to-date customer account information.

Some of the skills and traits of an administrative assistant that can make you an excellent accounts receivable specialist include:

  • Organizational skills for keeping track of customer accounts and payments,
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills,
  • Proficiency in computer software, such as Microsoft Excel and accounting software, to track and manage financial records,
  • Multiple project handling and management

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

Becoming a customer service representative (CSR) can be a significant career change for those looking for a new challenge. As a CSR, your job will entail the following:

  • Responding to customer inquiries, complaints, and requests via various phone, email, and social media channels,
  • Providing solutions to customer issues, ensuring customer needs are met,
  • Working with other departments to address customer concerns and improve customer satisfaction,
  • Maintaining accurate records of customer interactions and ensuring that customer information is up-to-date,
  • Always on the lookout for customer experience improvement areas.

Your previous experience as an administrative assistant can make an excellent CSR because you have the following hard skills:

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, which are essential for interacting with customers,
  • Organized and detail-oriented to keep accurate records and follow up with customers,
  • Experience in managing multiple tasks and prioritizing workload, so you can efficiently handle a high volume of customer inquiries,
  • Experience with different types of people, including handling customer complaints and resolving conflicts,
  • Familiarity with various software and tools used in the administrative field, which can help you quickly adapt to the software used by your company for customer service.

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant

Executive assistants are the unsung heroes of the corporate world. They keep the wheels of the business keep turning by providing top-notch support to high-level executives, making it a complex and demanding job that requires a unique skill set.

Here are the primary responsibilities of an executive assistant:

  • Handle multiple tasks at once, often juggling priorities on the fly, all while managing a ton of workload, which involves scheduling meetings and prioritizing tasks for their employer.
  • Be an expert in time management to keep track of deadlines and appointments. This is to keep your executive on schedule and ensure they don’t miss important meetings or events.
  • Have excellent communication skills for interacting with and liaising between people at all levels of the organization.
  • Have enough experience with office technology and use various software and tools to effectively manage emails, create reports, and use other software tools to support your boss.



As a paralegal, you’ll play a vital role in the legal field by assisting attorneys with various tasks. Your duties will include the following:

  • Conducting legal research and analysis to support cases,
  • Crafting legal paperwork, including contracts and petitions,
  • Organizing and managing case files and documents,
  • Assisting with trial preparation and attending court hearings,
  • Communicating with clients, witnesses, and opposing counsel,
  • Upholding ethical principles and protecting sensitive information

You have many transferable skills that will be useful once you venture into the legal field. These include:

  • Attention to detail in both roles where accuracy and precision are crucial.
  • You must manage multiple tasks and deadlines in both positions.
  • You’ll interact with clients and colleagues in both roles.
  • You must gather and analyze information in both fields through research.
  • Efficiently managing your time is key in both positions.

A paralegal certificate or associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies is a must to snag this position. Experience directly related to the legal profession, which also means familiarity with legal procedures and terminologies, is also preferred.  Writing, analytical, and research skills come in handy as well.

Human Resources Coordinator

Human Resources Coordinator

A human resources coordinator is responsible for talent acquisition, onboarding of new hires, data management, regulatory compliance, employee relations issues, and employee engagement.

As an administrative assistant, you already possess many of the transferable skills necessary to excel in this role, including:

  • Strong organizational skills to manage various tasks and deadlines.
  • Excellent communication skills to liaise with employees, management, and external stakeholders.
  • Attention to detail to maintain accurate records and ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive employee information.
  • Customer service skills to respond to employee inquiries and concerns.

To become a human resources coordinator, you may need to complete additional training or education, such as a college degree in HR or a related course, like business or organizational psychology, and relevant experience in an operational role.

Front Desk Receptionist

Front Desk Receptionist

Front desk receptionists are the first point of contact for visitors and clients, making a great first impression crucial.

Former administrative assistants are well-positioned to excel as front desk receptionists owing to these skills:

  • Organization: Your multi-tasking experience is crucial in managing the front desk.
  • Communication: Your communication skills, including answering calls and greeting visitors, are transferable to the receptionist role.
  • Time management: You are accustomed to managing your time and can handle unexpected interruptions.
  • Problem-solving: You can handle difficult situations and find solutions as an administrative assistant.
  • Attention to detail: You understand the importance of accuracy and keeping track of details, such as appointments and schedules,

To become a front desk receptionist, you’ll need the following:

  • High school diploma, but some employers may prefer a post-secondary education.
  • Excellent communication skills and phone etiquette.
  • Aptitude in handling customer inquiries and performing administrative work.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and other office software.

Accounting Clerk

Accounting Clerk

If you’re considering a career change and have administrative assistant experience, your role as an accounting clerk will help you become the perfect candidate.

Here are some administrative assistant attributes that are of great use to an accounting clerk job:

  • Attention to detail: Precision and accuracy in managing financial records, invoices, and bookkeeping.
  • Organizational skills: Effective management of multiple tasks and deadlines.
  • Communication skills: Confident interaction with clients, vendors, and other departments in both roles.
  • Problem-solving skills: Proficiency in reconciling accounts and managing budgets.
  • Technical skills: Efficiency in the use of accounting software and tools.

These are some of the essential requirements to transition to an accounting clerk position.

  • A degree or certification in Accounting or a related field.
  • Real-world experience in accounting, finance, or bookkeeping.
  • Sound analytical and critical thinking competencies.
  • Deep understanding of accounting standards and laws.
  • Attention to detail and strong organizational skills.

Project Manager

Project Manager

As an administrative assistant, you already possess many skills essential for a successful career as a project manager.

Here are some of the duties of project managers and how your experience as an administrative assistant can prepare you for this role:

  • Planning and managing projects from start to finish, including budgeting, scheduling, and resource allocation.  
  • Leading a team and motivating them to meet project goals.  
  • Assessing potential hazards and formulating contingency plans.  
  • Working with stakeholders to achieve project goals.  

To become a successful project manager, you need to possess the following transferable skills and qualifications:

  • Exceptional communication and leadership abilities to lead and motivate the team
  • Proficient in identifying potential risks and developing contingency plans with good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills
  • Willing and able to handle pressure and meet deadlines
  • A bachelor’s degree in Project Management, Business Administration, or a related field and experience in a leadership role.

Office Manager

Office Manager

An office manager is responsible for managing the daily operations of an office, overseeing staff, and ensuring that everything runs like clockwork.

Here’s how your experience as an administrative assistant can prepare you for this role.

  • Support the manager by staying on top of schedules, coordinating appointments, and handling financial transactions.
  • Communicate with different kinds of people and manage relationships within the workplace.
  • Analyze processes and identify opportunities for improvement in the many aspects of the business or organization by analyzing processes,
  • Build customer relationships and provide excellent customer service.

To become a successful office manager, you must possess strong communication and leadership skills, good analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent organizational skills, and the skill to perform under pressure and meet deadlines.

You will also need a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Administration, or a related field and experience in a leadership role.

Final Thoughts 

A career change may sound daunting to administrative assistants. Perhaps the trick to truly navigating new career options with ease lies in identifying the duties you enjoy the most and ensuring they would still be put to good use. Gain the added training and education you need and land the new job you want to pursue in no time!

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