10 Best Schools with Online Bachelor’s in Health Services in 2023

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Health services refer to the kind of service that only healthcare professionals can provide. The need for more varied medical services has been growing for many years with many aging people.

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With the healthcare industry continuously evolving and advancing, the number of opportunities for skilled healthcare professionals has become virtually endless. The Labor Statistics Bureau predicts a 28% growth in the employment of medical and health services managers from 2022 to 2032. It translates to about 144,700 job openings every year on average.

An online Bachelor of Health Services degree will prepare students for many healthcare-related roles by teaching them to manage the operations of healthcare facilities and take on health administration and health education positions. This program will also train them to hone their analytical, communication, and leadership skills.

Students enrolled in a Bachelor’s in Health Services program will have courses focusing on business strategies and administrative duties, preparing them for leadership roles in healthcare settings. In fact, certain principles of the Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration program are applied to the Health Services degree. They will also have practical learning experiences that will allow them to apply their training in real-world situations.

Some university programs have concentrations in Administration, Health Policy, Health Science, and Healthcare Technology, providing an avenue for Health Services majors to focus on a specific area of study that will help them advance in their careers or prepare them for graduate studies.

Quick Summarization

An online Bachelor’s in Health Services degree will familiarize students with evaluating the quality and efficacy of care within a healthcare facility. They will learn new processes and implement various changes to ensure the quality of care. Moreover, they will be prepared for various careers in the healthcare field, including health services managers, health educators, human resources managers, and health information specialists.


When choosing the best school that offers an online Bachelor’s in Health Services program, students must consider a few crucial factors to ensure they get the most out of their tuition. After all, the average tuition and fees of colleges and universities have gone higher since 2020-2021 than a decade ago.

Take a look at the criteria we used to choose each of the best online colleges offering a Bachelor’s in Health Services:

  • Offers synchronous and asynchronous program formats to suit part-time and full-time student study schedules.
  • Provides students with the freedom to tailor-fit their coursework to ensure that it aligns with their personal and professional goals well.
  • Offers affordable tuition and fees for both online and on-campus programs.
  • Provides Federal Student Aid options, including student loans, grants, scholarships, and other financial assistance services, to make higher education more accessible.
  • Classes are conducted by industry-experienced faculty who also teach on campus to guarantee that distance learners get the same education and training as in-person students.
  • Has proper accreditation from respectable accrediting bodies, such as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME), among many others.

Read our Methodology and discover how we choose the best undergraduate programs.

Best Online Bachelor’s in Health Services

Missouri State University

Missouri State University

The Missouri State University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Health Services – Clinical Services Track degree to help students’ careers in healthcare move forward. Through this program, students will establish a solid foundation of knowledge in health care systems, legal issues, leadership, and grant writing, among others.

MSU’s BS in Health Services program has a Clinical Services track designed for pre-credentialed allied health professionals, helping take their careers to the next level. In this area of study, students’ clinical education credits can be counted toward completing a bachelor’s degree.

The Clinical Services track program trains students to properly provide direct care to patients in clinics, hospitals, and other similar settings. Learners will also be exposed to various healthcare experiences by exploring areas such as social work, psychology, and healthcare management.

At the end of the program, students will be able to develop the necessary skills to interact with people from diverse backgrounds in a culturally competent way. They will be able to successfully manage human and fiscal resources cost-effectively to ensure the quality of health care services.

Students wanting to enroll in this online Health Services program can transfer up to 53 credit hours from an accredited institution. The transfer credits will be evaluated individually. This program gives students a competitive edge in various careers, including medical technologists, pharmacy techs, respiratory therapists, occupational therapy assistants, dental assistants, electrocardiogram (EKG) techs, and medical lab techs.

Course requirements for MSU’s BS in Health Services – Clinical Services track include:

  • Interprofessional Health Care
  • Informatics/Terminology Healthcare
  • Patient Safety Health Professionals
  • Health Care Organization
  • Health Care Legal Issues

Mercy College

Mercy College

Mercy College’s online Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science – Specialization in Health Services Management is for students busy with work or pursuing work in the administrative side of any healthcare setting. It is geared toward those looking to work in hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and health insurance companies.

This Health Services Management major is a 36-credit track that gives students knowledge and experiences that will prepare them for the role of a health services administrator. They will have internship opportunities to gain practical knowledge that will give them a competitive edge when they apply for any role.

At Mercy College, all students are assured that they will receive the support, attention, and guidance they need from day one. The school has a Personalized Achievement Contract (PACT) program that pairs each student with an adviser to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Students with disabilities can also take advantage of programs and accommodations that give them equal access to a successful education and college life.

These are the courses that students who enroll in the Health Services Management specialization track must complete:

  • Intro to Financial Accounting
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Managing Human Conflict
  • Health Care Organization/Management
  • Medical Ethics

Keiser University

Keiser University

Students enrolled in Keiser University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Health Services Administration program will develop a deep understanding of health services administration and the crucial skills needed for the role.

Topics for the BA in Health Services Administration program help build theoretical and practical skills useful in both the private and public sectors. These include ethical and legal considerations in healthcare, health finance healthcare, research methods, public policy, healthcare marketing, and healthcare leadership.

This online degree program in Health Services Administration is designed to develop students’ ability to use their problem-solving, professional communication, and critical thinking skills. Learners will also be equipped to work within a wide range of healthcare settings while upholding industry standards and applying ethical management principles.

This program can also provide students with a deeper know-how of measuring health and disease, the importance of prevention in the cost of service provision, and the different roles health professionals play in delivering services across the continuum of care.

This Health Services Administration program requires students to complete 120 total credit hours of coursework, including these courses:

  • Accounting for Healthcare
  • Medical Office Administration and Billing
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Research Methods in Healthcare
  • Risk Management in Healthcare

Marian University

Marian University

Marian University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Health and Human Services degree is geared towards those who want to make a difference within their respective communities, enjoy caring for others, and want to influence societal change. And because it’s an online program, students can customize their program of study to suit their busy schedules.

The BA in Health and Human Services program aims to improve the health and well-being of citizens. This online degree program offers a combination of general education classes and real-world career preparation to teach students to address and prevent problems to improve their overall quality of life.

Careers in Health and Human Services differ from those in social work or public health. Public health jobs usually focus on legislative, environmental, and regulatory issues, while HHS jobs require knowledge to serve and educate others. Aside from that, careers in HHS go beyond direct care for individuals. Rather, Health and Human Services specialists coordinate the delivery of healthcare services on a broader scale.

Because of this, there is a great need for well-trained professionals in the field to be employed as health educators, community health managers, case managers, child welfare specialists, nonprofit program directors, and elder care service workers.

At Marian University, BA in Health and Human Services, students must exhibit respect and care while interacting with clients, colleagues, and families. They will be able to analyze and address societal problems and ethical issues in the health and human services industries. They will be able to think critically and demonstrate analytical skills, display leadership and teamwork to improve client safety and quality and incorporate the needs of various cultures and individuals in the health and human services industries.

Here are some of the core courses BA in Health and Human Services students need to complete:

  • Principles of Management
  • Public Health and Society
  • Family, Child, and People with Disabilities
  • Social Class, Power & Inequality
  • Social Psychology

Drexel University

Drexel University - Online

Drexel University’s online Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration program is offered through its College of Nursing and Health Professionals. It is designed for career-focused individuals who want to pursue opportunities in the field of healthcare management.

This BS in Health Services Administration program focuses on critical competencies in healthcare administration, marketing and information systems, ethics, and economics and policy. This means that students enrolled in this program will graduate with an interdisciplinary range of valuable skills and a significant network of professional connections.

Through this online degree program, students will acquire practical knowledge in health services administration through a comprehensive and engaging curriculum that focuses on critical career skills defined by the National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL). Students will learn from professors well-known for their pioneering scholarship and extensive experience in various healthcare research and management settings.

Health Services Administration majors will receive an interdisciplinary education and be exposed to a network that can introduce them to a wide variety and rich education outside their specialty. Upon graduation, students will have many career options in consulting firms, private practices, hospitals, health insurance organizations, clinics, nursing homes, public health departments, nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers, and mental health organizations.

Through Drexel University’s Health Services Administration degree, students will benefit from the mission-focused aspects of healthcare and acquire the crucial business skills needed to translate between the patient, administrative, business, and clinical aspects of a multidisciplinary environment. Moreover, this program will equip them with the necessary knowledge to plan, develop, and manage healthcare operations and services.

The curriculum for Drexel University’s Health Services Administration program includes the following courses:

  • Management of Health Services
  • Introduction to Analysis
  • Introduction to Civic Engagement
  • Health-Care Human Resources
  • Leadership in Health Services Administration

Western Governors University

Western Governor's University

At Western Governors University, individuals can gain the crucial knowledge and skills needed to succeed in health and human services by pursuing the online Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Services degree. This program is an excellent step toward a successful career that lets individuals help people live healthier lives and improve communities.

This online degree program in BS in Health and Human Services will prepare students to drive change in the healthcare field and facilitate improvements in their communities. Students will also be prepared to advocate for patients and clients in various settings. Aside from that, they will be able to learn about value-based care systems, promoting client-centered holistic care, using community and public health strategies, conveying health plan information to patients, and being change agents for integrated care management.

WGU’s BS in Health and Human Services features a curriculum designed with input from Health Professions Program Council professionals, ensuring that students will learn crucial best practices in the field and keep up with the latest industry trends. Its coursework will provide undergraduates with realistic experiences as health services professionals through virtual simulations and various contexts, depending on their professional goals.

At the end of the program, students will be required to complete a capstone project that culminates all of their hard work. They must complete a field experience project that expands their professional knowledge. Before the field experience, though, students must pass a background check.

Below are some of the courses required for students enrolled in WGU’s BS in Health and Human Services program:

  • Care for Individuals and Families
  • Healthcare Values and Ethics
  • Introduction to Systems Thinking for Health Professionals
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Applied Healthcare Statistics

Florida International University

Florida International University - Online

Florida International University’s fully online Bachelor of Health Services Administration degree is one of the most prominent bachelor’s programs in health services administration program in the United States. This program prepares students for entry-level managerial positions in a wide range of health-related organizations or for graduate studies.

FIU’s BHSA program focuses on financial management and systems engineering in health organizations, economics, legal aspects of health systems, health services research, program planning and evaluation, and policies and regulations. It features a curriculum that prepares students to successfully manage healthcare organizations within the industry.

BHSA classes are instructed by faculty members who are leaders in their respective fields with deep academic knowledge in real-world practical experience and other areas of healthcare. Meanwhile, online students enjoy student engagement via interactive technology that offers 24/7 access and support, personal success advice, and real-time faculty feedback.

Graduates of the BHSA program will have many opportunities to make significant contributions to healthcare organizations and multicultural communities. They will also have many career options in health insurance, long-term care facilities, hospitals, private medical practices, community agencies, acute care healthcare systems, nonprofit healthcare, and rehabilitation centers.

This online bachelor’s degree is an Associate Member of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA), offering scholarships and awards to qualified students. Aside from that, this allows this university to offer the Bugbee-Falk Award through AUPHA, which is provided to eligible students on a rotating basis.

BHSA will be required to complete 120 credit hours with 60 credit hours of lower-division core curriculum and 60 credit hours of upper-division coursework, including core courses, integrative courses, electives, and foundation courses.

These are some of the required courses for FIU’s BHSA degree program:

  • Accounting for Decisions
  • Introduction to Health Services Systems
  • Values, Ethics, and Conflict Resolution in Health and Urban Affairs
  • Quality and Evidence-Based Healthcare Services
  • Legal Aspects of Healthcare

University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida

Through the University of Central Florida’s online Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration program, individuals can become leaders in the field of healthcare. This degree prepares students for the most cutting-edge and challenging career opportunities today. Moreover, they are great leaders who positively impact lives and improve communities.

UCF’s BS in Health Services Administration program provides students with the knowledge and experience to tackle some of the most crucial challenges in the healthcare field. This program focuses on the managerial aspects of the field, preparing students to help manage healthcare facilities, whether it be a hospital, ambulatory care center, or long-term care facility.

The program’s comprehensive curriculum teaches students how to make critical decisions affecting lives in various healthcare settings. This will prepare them to pursue graduate studies in health services administration or any related discipline. They will be able to optimize healthcare operations, help improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare services, and enhance patient experiences.

On top of that, they become qualified to manage teams, make sound decisions, address complex challenges in healthcare organizations, and establish a positive work environment.

University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Maryland Global Campus

Those interested in success in one nation’s fastest-growing job sectors should consider pursuing the University of Maryland Global Campus’s online Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management. This program provides students with the core knowledge and competencies to manage dynamic healthcare settings effectively.

UMGC’s BS in Health Services Management features a curriculum designed with input from scholars, industry experts, and employers, teaching students to think strategically and comprehensively about healthcare trends to ensure they can lead innovation. This online degree program will help students gain knowledge and skills through coursework that draws from the experience and expertise of respectable professors.

Health Services Management majors will gain business skills and exercise business and financial management principles through strategic planning and process mapping. They can apply emerging trends and technological advances in the US healthcare system to ensure organizational goals and practices are followed.

They will be able to evaluate ethical and legal issues concerning the planning and delivery of healthcare services. Moreover, students can determine, analyze, and assess qualitative and quantitative healthcare data and information to help them make effective decisions in various healthcare settings.

This online program requires students to complete a minimum of 120 credit hours with 36 credit hours of upper-level courses. They need to obtain a GPA of at least 2.0 overall and a minimum grade of C for any major classes. They will also be required to complete all coursework, typically between 30 and 39 credits of core coursework.

Some of the required major courses for UMGC’s Health Services Management program include:

  • Management in Health Care Organizations
  • Healthcare Marketing
  • Introduction to the US Healthcare Sector
  • Strategic Planning and Leadership in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Economics

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

University of Louisiana at Lafayette - Online

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette can help individuals prepare for rewarding careers in the healthcare field through its online Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration degree. This program is an accredited and nationally recognized bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration.

Through this BS in Health Services Administration program, students will learn to meet technological requirements, demands, and regulations in health care and prepare them to pursue graduate studies. Students can apply for an accelerated program with eight-week courses and sixteen-week courses. Plus, they can use the university’s 24/7 technical support, online library, online tutoring, and academic success services.

Aside from offering affordable, flat-rate tuition for all online degree programs, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette also has a generous transfer credit option. It allows students to apply previously earned college credit to their degree. Plus, they can apply for financial assistance to further lower the cost of tuition.

To earn this degree, students enrolled in UL Lafayette’s BS in Health Services Administration must complete 120 credit hours. Some of the core courses required are as follows:

  • Introduction to Financial Accounting for Health Professionals
  • Management of Behavior and Organizations
  • Fundamentals of Health Information Systems
  • Principles of Healthcare Management
  • Health Care Delivery System

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the highest-paying jobs for those with an online bachelor’s degree in Health Services?

Graduates with a bachelor’s in Health Services degree can become managers, administrators, and other similar roles in healthcare settings.

Is pursuing a master’s degree in Health Services worth it?

Pursuing a master’s degree or Ph.D. program in this discipline will help graduates advance in their chosen fields. This is because master’s programs allow learners to dive deeper into management topics that will further enhance the necessary skills to succeed in the healthcare industry.

With a master’s degree, individuals will be qualified for higher positions, like practice administrators, directors of operations, or clinical nurse managers. On top of that, graduates can also qualify as healthcare consultants, with an average median pay of $84,797.

What are the licensure/certifications Health Services graduates must apply for?

To qualify for higher-paying managerial positions within the healthcare industry, degree holders of Health Services may apply for these licensure/certifications:

  • Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE) – adds value to healthcare leaders and demonstrates their competency in a wide range of areas of healthcare management.
  • Certified Medical Manager (CMM) – offered by the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM), it acknowledges the skills, abilities, and knowledge necessary to manage ambulatory services and physician practices effectively.
  • Certified Professional in Health Care Risk Management (CPHRM) is offered by the American Society for Health Care Risk Management (ASHRM). It showcases health services professionals’ expertise and experience in healthcare risk management, which is a requirement for the best jobs in the industry.

Key Points to Ponder

  • An online Bachelor’s in Health Services program prepares individuals to successfully carry out leadership roles in the business side of healthcare.
  • The occupational outlook for graduates with Health Services degrees is estimated to grow by 28% from 2022 to 2032, or over 144,700 job openings every year.
  • An online Bachelor’s in Health Services degree equips students with the crucial knowledge and skills to help them become successful future health administrators, counselors, and managers.  

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