10 Best Schools with Online Bachelor’s in Web Development in 2023

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Everyone looks for news, information, entertainment, and shopping options online. Unsurprisingly, businesses are investing in their online presence, ensuring that their websites provide customers with what they need.

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If you want to help businesses build their brand online, becoming a web developer is the way to go! Latest data show an estimated 1.13 billion websites—demonstrating the numerous opportunities for Web Development. 

Quick Summarization

An online bachelor’s degree in Web Development equips students with top tech skills for creating and running websites and applications in the healthcare, eCommerce, industrial, food, and more sectors.

Emphasizing innovation and problem-solving, this online bachelor program features the core courses that are integral to online platform-related tasks, including coding, scripting, eCommerce strategies, computer information systems, software development, programming languages, web application development, web forms, database development, and user experience design.


Get your technical skills up to speed and compete in the Web Development industry! Explore our recommended Bachelor of Web Development degrees online, each of which was chosen based on these factors:

  • Structured with working professionals in mind, enabling them to obtain their undergraduate degree online or partially online,
  • Features online coursework of advanced and innovative Web Development tools and methods, so that students learn the technical skills that equip them for entry- or mid-level work, or a master’s degree should they decide to pursue graduate studies,
  • Facilitated thru top-rated online learning systems where virtual classes are held, and coursework can be accessed conveniently,
  • Offers financial assistance and credit transfers to reduce undergraduate expenses, 
  • Features skilled and uniquely qualified faculty members with terminal degrees, and substantial knowledge and experience, in Web Development.
  • Meets the academic standards for online Web Development instruction, as evidenced by regional accreditations,

Read our Methodology to learn how we select and rank the best undergraduate online programs.

10 Best Schools with Online Bachelor’s in Web Development

Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Arizona State University’s online Bachelor of Applied Science in Internet and Web Development teaches you how to design an effective website. The course features courses on Web Design and User Experience so that businesses can easily convert leads., increase brand awareness, and enhance their bottom line.

Web development majors become adept at the following tech topics:

  • User-centered design
  • Graphic design practices
  • Programming languages such as CSS, Java, and HTML
  • Visual design

Degrees in Internet and Web Development expose students to tools, methods, resources, and practices that enable them to design effectively. Cross-media and cross-platform graphic applications, multimedia designs, and usability all fall under this discipline.

Web design, graphic design, and similar careers are the courses included in this Web Development degree program. After graduation, you can pursue design-focused jobs or start a business of this type.

Liberty University


Liberty’s online BS in Information Technology with a specialization in Web and Mobile Programming seeks to produce graduates with expertise in designing websites or applications that work seamlessly on all platforms and devices. By earning this degree, students become qualified for important roles in the IT field.

Addressing the need for skilled programming professionals focusing on websites and mobile applications, this degree program provides training on multiple facets of the discipline:

  • Database management
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Data and computing sciences
  • Data security
  • Mobile programming languages
  • Web architecture

Baker College

Baker College

Baker College’s Bachelor’s in Information Systems (Web Development Concentration) degree online is aimed at developing your business and technical skills. A work experience course and several projects will allow you to apply your knowledge of information systems and Web Development to real-world problems.

This Web Development program degree online will provide you with the skills to support a wide variety of organizations.

All elements of an enterprise are integrated into an information system through technology, which provides responsive, proactive and dependable delivery of information. These goals can be attained by launching an effective and user-friendly website. An information systems background combined with Web Development skills is a competitive advantage with today’s organizations.

It’s all about students taking control of their education at Baker College. Learning your way is easier than ever because you can choose to study the Web Development degree on campus, online, or through Online Live systems.

Bellevue University

Bellevue University

With a course load that’s more manageable for busy students, Bellevue University offers an online Bachelor of Science in Web Development. This online degree makes it easier for busy students to manage their studies. In the program, you’ll register once for classes and take them online with your peers. This will give you more collaboration experience and a stronger network for launching your career after graduation.

The job market requires qualified web professionals in nearly every industry that uses digital technology. Through this program, hopefuls obtain the skills for software engineering, web development, or back or front-end developer work.

Students focus on the latest web stacks and frameworks as they learn to design web applications using these tools:

  • JavaScript
  • API Development
  • TypeScript
  • DevOps
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Container Technologies

Designed by industry leaders who know what it takes to succeed as a web developer, Bellevue University’s Bachelor of Science in Web Development will prepare students for a successful career. Bellevue’s faculty emphasizes learning by doing and real-world projects. With a bachelor’s degree in web development, learners can jump right into their career right after graduation.

DeVry University

DeVry University

DeVry University offers a Bachelor’s Degree with a Specialization in Web Development and Administration which may be perfect for you if you want hands-on practice and learning. Their Web Development and Administration Specialization is built with Tech Core in mind. You’ll master the basics in information technology, and give you enough experience and training to brush up on tech skills that are in demand among employers today.  

In this online program, students will learn methods and techniques for designing and maintaining websites, including graphics, and applications. Additionally, you will learn how to write web programs using HTML and JavaScript.

What makes this online degree unique is that you’ll be given a free laptop as part of the technology program. This is how they invest in your education. Get ready to be well-versed in all topics related to web development.

Champlain College

Champlain College

Champlain’s web-based Bachelor’s in Web Design and Development degree is structured to meet working students’ needs. This online degree prepares you for a career in the dynamic field of back-end programming and creative design.

Their web design and development degree will help you develop key technical skills along with in-demand soft skills like communication and problem-solving. After graduation, you can join diverse industries such as eCommerce, information technology, computer programming, and digital design. 

You can also specialize in Web Design or Web Programming through a certificate program, and you can learn more about this path when you speak to your academic advisor. Overall, this online degree prepares you to meet the challenges of new and emerging trends in the industry. 

Trevecca Nazarene University

Trevecca Nazarene University

Trevecca Nazarene University offers an on-campus Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development which also comes with online courses. This online degree is perfect for those wanting to have basics in information technology, computer science, and graphic design. With extensive lab experience and courses that cover the development, design, and functionality of web pages, you will be prepared to create and code websites and applications of every kind.

Their faculty members possess advanced degrees in their fields, have real-world experience that’s relevant to your field and are committed to getting to know you. Become a part of a small-sized class but a big learning community at Trevecca Nazarene. You can become more competitive in the job market with their cutting-edge programs and technologies. Explore Nashville’s exciting and growing job and internship opportunities with this degree.

In this Web Development major, online students will learn how to code and program and develop technical skills. They can also learn how websites are designed, developed, and function. 

Franklin University

Franklin University

Franklin University has an online Bachelor of Science in Web Development degree program that gives you a broad understanding of the various disciplines involved in developing advanced and well-structured websites. Whether you’re aiming for Web Development leadership roles or entry-level positions in information technology companies, this online degree will support your career journey. 

Franklin’s Web Development courses are designed and reviewed in collaboration with an advisory board which all collaborate to make the entire program effective. This is designed in ways where you can acquire highly desirable skills, including developing web applications, developing front-ends, developing databases, designing user experiences, and creating graphics.

Some of the tech skills that you can brush up on are the following:

  • eCommerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • Back-end app development
  • Digital supply chain management
  • Enterprise databases

Learn how to work in a high-tech environment through hands-on project work.

Thiel College

Thiel College

The Web Development Major at Thiel College is a technical program designed for Internet and Web technology enthusiasts. In addition to computer science and information systems courses, business fundamentals are also included in the curriculum. In order to prepare students for employment in the Web Development industry, the program focuses primarily on providing students with solid background knowledge of Web technologies and related business goals.

E-commerce Web applications will be developed with an emphasis on developing problem-solving skills. A Professional Web Portfolio can be attained upon graduation, which is one of this program’s highlights. Such a portfolio can be useful in applying for jobs after graduation.

Students who major in Web Development at Thiel College can be well-versed in programming languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. You will tackle more topics related to search engine optimization, cross-browser capacities, and more. As for the design side, you’ll learn about navigation design, graphic design, and writing for the Web.

Laurus College

Laurus College

Laurus College comes with an online Bachelor of Science degree in Web Design & Development. This online degree is designed to prepare students for careers in the growing field of web design. With this all-encompassing online Bachelor of Science degree, you’ll learn how to build mobile-friendly, responsive websites, create pages and websites quickly and easily by using existing technologies and frameworks, manage social media communities, develop visual hierarchies, and utilize design patterns and trends effectively.

A Web Design professional designs, creates, and modifies websites. As part of this process, the user needs are analyzed to determine the appropriate content, graphics, performance, and capacity for the website, and it may also include integration with other software applications. Additionally, web designers create multimedia content by converting text, graphics, audio, and video components into compatible formats for the web.

Take a look:

Courses in an Online Bachelor’s in Web Development

Information Design and Usability

Design and usability theories are also used in Web Development to explore the user experience. This is what an information design and usability course is about. The information design refers to how easily a user can access and understand data, while usability refers to how easily they can interact with that data.

Fundamentals of Web Development

In order to create websites that are useful for end users, you’ll learn the basics of web development. This course will explain user design, web standards, graphics, and programming languages used in designing websites. 

Development Operations

DevOps is the shorter course name for development operations. This course tackles the Web Development processes.

Digital Images Design

Website design is the focus of this course. This course will train you to use Adobe Photoshop and teach you to make images and graphics professionally. A variety of topics are covered, including vector shapes, quick masks, and eyedroppers. The skills you can acquire here are useful when you finally work in realistic work settings.

Digital Marketing

The study of digital marketing allows students to analyze data and create campaigns that meet both business and user needs. Through these courses, students learn how to manage social media communities, develop touch points, and maximize conversions through social media.

Web Authoring

Web Authoring is a core course that teaches you how to create mobile-friendly, responsive websites using semantically correct coding techniques. In this course, students learn how to improve their user experience by leveraging existing technologies and frameworks.

Principles of Programming

In this course, you will learn how algorithms are designed, how to design from the top down, and what the software lifecycle is all about. Debugging, testing, and coding are all taught to students.

Skills Expected of Web Developers

You can stand out from other applicants vying for the same position and in your daily work tasks if you possess these skills in abundance. The skills you develop for Web Development careers can be developed over time, just like any other job.

HTML Skills

One of the famous programming skills is in HTML, the most widely used markup language. In contrast, CSS styles a website. These two go hand in hand together, and by having these skills, you become one step closer to becoming a legit web developer.

JavaScript Skills

A web developer must also know JavaScript. Like HTML and CSS, JavaScript is equally important. This tech skill enables a website to implement complex features. The elements on a webpage can be moved, search bars can be displayed, videos can be played, or interactive maps can be created. Having a thorough understanding of JavaScript will help you meet the higher expectations of your clients when developing websites.

Search Engine Optimization

Websites need to rank on search engines. Hence, an effective web developer should have search engine optimization skills. Traffic to websites is becoming increasingly important to companies. An SEO-friendly website will appear higher in search engine results pages, attracting a greater number of visitors. Finally, when you can rank your client’s website, it’s more likely for them to hire you for more projects in the future.

UX and UI Design Skills

User experience and User Interface come together and they’re equally important tech skills for web developers. It is necessary to plan and build a digital platform while considering these two areas. Designing UX is like designing the architecture of a digital project while designing UI is like designing the interior.

Problem-Solving Skills

The ability to identify a problem, develop possible solutions, and take action are necessary skills for web developers. In web development, problem-solving may be part of your daily routine, as you utilize appropriate methods to respond to unexpected challenges.

Analytical Skills

You’ll need strong analytical skills as a web developer to create successful websites. The website must be functional and the coding must be accurate. Be prepared to adapt your website to any changes they desire by analyzing your target viewers’ wants and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are web developers paid?

Basically, many professionals find Web Development to be a rewarding career. According to Indeed, web developers earn an average salary of $82,516 per year, but can vary depending on years of experience, geography, and the industry in which it is located. Web developers and digital designers are forecasted to have a 23% job growth in the next decade, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What is the usual timeline for completing a Bachelor’s in Web Development online?

Typically, a Web Development bachelor’s degree can be completed in four years when taking 16-week semesters full-time. 120 credit hours are usually required in these online programs. Certain schools allow transfer credits from accredited institutions.

Some online degrees in Web Development are offered as accelerated programs, with courses offered in the winter and summer months.

What can jobs can graduates of an online Bachelor’s in Web Development pursue?

A functional, visually appealing website is a necessity in today’s digital world. Most businesses need to launch their own websites in the most unique but interactive ways. They hire web developers who can create these websites for them. Completing Web Development programs enables you to find jobs in government agencies, nonprofits, large corporations, and small businesses.

They can also work as freelancers in Web Development gigs and projects. Some online students prefer to complement their studies with other specializations in UX/UI, computer science, or graphic design. 

Key Points to Ponder

  • In comparison to most other occupations, Web Development offers a higher salary and more job stability. Your career will allow you to choose your development focus, whether you want to work independently or join large Web Development companies.
  • You learn how to build websites from scratch through online Web Development degrees! The courses are focused on building a student’s technical skills in coding and programming: layout and media integration.
  • There is a variety of programming languages and web applications covered in Web Development degree online programs. In some, students learn about network functions, design guidelines, e-commerce strategies, and development techniques. 

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