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As the digital landscape continues to expand, more businesses are taking advantage of electronic commerce to reach a wider audience and increase sales. E-commerce, which deals with buying and selling goods online, has become more accessible to everyone.

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As a result, big and small online businesses see to it that they get expert professionals to handle their digital business operations. From managing e-commerce websites to creating digital marketing plans, e-commerce professionals have become in demand.

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Completing a bachelor’s degree in E-Commerce will open many opportunities in the growing online business industry. With this degree, you’ll be able to run online businesses from operations to marketing and organizational management.

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With the boom of online businesses, it’s no surprise that there’s a growing demand for E-Commerce professionals and digital experts. That’s why we’ve gathered the best online Bachelor’s degrees for you to choose from.

We’ve gathered the best schools so you don’t have to spend so much time scrolling aimlessly. Our best schools list is gathered through the following academic qualities:

  • Has received regional and academic accreditation from educational institutions that promote excellence and quality instruction,
  • Provides a flexible online learning format that’s suitable for both continuing students and working professionals,
  • Offers quality course list that covers the needed topics in E-Commerce, Business Management, operations, and computer systems,
  • Taught by experienced and capable faculty,
  • Offers various student services that promote academic advancement, career guidance, and online support,
  • Supports the financial needs of students through scholarships, financial aid, and working opportunities.

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Best Online Bachelor’s in Business Management with a Concentration in E-Business

Emporia State University

Emporia State University

Location: Emporia, Kansas

Emporia State University provides affordable online programs for future business professionals and business owners. Its Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration offers an E-Commerce Concentration that’s suitable for online learners seeking to grow in the global business industry, gaining expertise in online retailing and marketing.

With accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission, this business administration program is geared towards preparing students for challenges in the fields of business, marketing, and economics in the digital age. Gain the right skills to effectively utilize different platforms used for sales, logistics, and inventory. Some of the courses include:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Web-Based Business Applications
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Principles of Electronic Commerce

On top of these courses, you can learn more about management information systems and business analytics, which are essential when running a business online. Be trained by experienced faculty and get the mentorship you need. Designed for busy professionals, the school’s online format allows you to complete your coursework anywhere while having the flexibility to follow your own pace.

University of the Southwest

University of the Southwest

Location: Hobbs, New Mexico

Having been accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE), the University of the Southwest is one of the best schools to take up business programs. Specifically, its Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree with an E-Commerce Concentration introduces the right tools while providing the right business skills to grow in the field. 

With a comprehensive business administration program, you’ll touch on areas like virtual marketing, project management, and strategic planning. The coursework also allows you to improve your critical thinking, communication, and management skills. Cover courses such as:

  • Technologies for E-Commerce
  • Business Law
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Creating a Business Plan
  • Principles of Management

With customizable schedules and a flexible learning format, you’ll take full control of your business degree program. You’re also sure to get quality instruction from Southwest’s distinguished faculty and academic advisors. Access various student services like tutorials, career coaching, and online tech support.

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Benefits of Earning an E-Commerce Degree Online

Benefits of Earning an E-Commerce Degree Online


Taking an online degree allows you to access lessons and participate in discussions without stepping inside the classroom. You get to take your exam at home or complete your activities while staying outdoors. This is also particularly beneficial for working professionals and students juggling responsibilities at home.


Most distance learning degree programs offer flexible options, so you get full control of your schedule. Asynchronous classes let you go over your coursework during your available time. Some schools also don’t require log-in times, so you’re free to work on your course requirement anytime as long as you submit it on or before the specified deadline.


Traditional learning may require you to spend more, especially with transportation and on-campus housing costs. It’s also worth noting that most online degree tuition costs are significantly lower than taking classes in school. Plus, learning online means you won’t have to buy textbooks since most resources are provided online or through the virtual library.


Taking an E-Commerce degree program online exposes you to virtual applications and tools that allow you to build on your computer skills. Online learning allows you to be familiar with the online world, making it easy to handle e-businesses.


Online bachelor programs allow students to take multiple minors and pursue specializations without the added years in completion since most coursework may be done remotely. This will enable you to customize your academic path, often taking up courses that would give you an edge in the business industry.

High-Paying E-Commerce Careers

High-Paying E-Commerce Careers

E-Commerce Manager

This role oversees the e-business’s operations, inventory, and web maintenance. You’ll also create various sales plans and campaigns to increase profit and reach more users online. On average, you may take home as much as $71,959 per year.

E-Commerce Strategist

With an annual salary of $136,412, this position is in charge of developing comprehensive plans and strategies to grow the brand online. The position also covers market research, competitor analysis, and business development.

Digital Marketing Manager

Take charge of the online business’s digital marketing initiatives to increase the company’s reach and drive sales conversion in the long run. You’ll be using a range of digital marketing techniques, including social media ads, search engine optimization, and email marketing. With such responsibilities, you’ll have an average income of $122,782 every year.

Data Analyst

Bringing home an average of $84,297 yearly, this position entails a lot of business analytics, software integration, and statistics. You’ll be responsible for interpreting online data and metrics and creating insights to improve the online business’s overall performance. Deal with metrics like consumer behavior, online engagement, and conversion rates.

Common Online E-Commerce Subjects

Operations Management

Placing focus on efficiency and process design, this course provides the skills essential to running an online business smoothly. You’ll also know more about production planning, inventory management, and quality control.

Social Media Marketing

You’ll get in touch with the different social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, used in digital marketing. Here, you’ll learn marketing techniques to reach a wide range of audiences while creating promotional plans.

Financial Accounting

With this course, you’ll learn more about the financial processes and practices present in the e-commerce industry. Learn how to read financial statements, analyze accounting data, and prepare transaction reports.

E-Commerce Analytics

Be introduced to various business analysis processes such as data visualization, web analytics, and data collection. Learn how to understand your customers’ sentiments through data while getting in touch with various tools like Excel and Google Analytics.

Supply Chain Management

This course introduces you to the processes involved in manufacturing goods, delivering supplies, and managing inventories. You’ll also learn more about procurement, order fulfillment, and the paperwork involved.

Human Resource Management

Learn how to properly manage your team, drive skills improvement, and create a safe working environment. In a business management program, you’ll be exposed to the different areas of Human Resources and HR management, including recruitment, employee relations, and performance management systems.

Web Development

Gain the expertise to design and maintain websites for online selling, inventory, and order fulfillment. Cover important topics in user experience, website design, and content management. You may also be exposed to tools like WordPress and Adobe Creative Suite.

Finish Your Degree Faster

There are different ways to complete your bachelor’s degree faster. If you’ve taken college credits before, you may apply to have these credited to your program. Many business schools accept a generous number of transfer credits, accommodating up to 75% of the curriculum. You may also use your work experience or military service hours to receive additional college credits.

Another way to graduate earlier is to enroll in an accelerated program. This may include more courses taken per semester or more semesters per year. Additionally, some universities also offer bachelor’s to master’s programs that let you take courses for both degrees simultaneously.

High-Paying E-Commerce Careers

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the application requirements for an E-Commerce degree?

While requirements vary per institution, a high school diploma, college transcripts, and test scores are typically asked in Business Administration degree online schools. Expect to fill up an application form, along with an application fee. Some schools offering online business degrees also require other documents like letters of recommendation and an application essay.

How much time does it take to complete an online Bachelor’s in E-Commerce? 

Most online bachelor’s degrees in E-Commerce are designed to be finished in four years. However, this may vary depending on your pace and course requirements. Part-time students may take longer, especially if they don’t take the prescribed credit hours per semester. Transfer students may use college credits to complete their degrees faster.

Are E-business students required to take an internship course?

Internships are often offered as part of the E-Commerce degree program to help students acquire real-world experience. While most internships may be unpaid, the business industry knowledge and connections you’ll gain are extremely beneficial.

How can E-business students save on tuition?

Most Business Management degree online schools offer various ways to help you save on tuition. You may apply for a scholarship, Federal Student Aid, or grant. You may also take advantage of tuition discounts, free credit evaluations, and even work-study setups. Military students may also enjoy benefits like reduced tuition that can be extended to their spouses and children.

Key Points to Ponder

  • Taking an online Business Management degree with an E-Business concentration will help you gain the needed skills and knowledge base to handle end-to-end online business operations.
  • As websites are a necessary part of an online business degree, E-Business gives future professionals a competitive edge in the business industry.
  • Participating in internships will help you grow your e-commerce experience before completing your bachelor’s degree.

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