10 Best Schools with Online Bachelor’s in Music in 2023

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A Bachelor’s in Music is perfect for those seeking a rewarding career in the music industry, such as an aspiring artist, musician, or producer. This degree program is offered with a specific focus of study or specialization. A Performance major, for example, learns about chamber music, recitals, and music lessons. Supportive courses include aural skills, electives, history, theory, technology classes, and recital attendance.

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Because an online Music program at the bachelor’s degree level is for future professional artists and musicians, pursuing graduate degrees focusing on applied study increases graduates’ chances of employment and networking opportunities.

The US Labor Statistics Bureau discloses that musicians and singers earn a median of $39 hourly. Music directors and composers, on the other hand, make up to $62,940 per year.

Quick Summarization

Success in the music industry depends on what you want to do! Do you want to be a famous performer, world-renowned composer, or multi-awarded producer? Online music programs prepare students for highly in-demand jobs, such as music directors, curators, sound engineers, and more. Such a program helps hone students’ talents and skills to master their craft.


We compiled a list of 10 Music degree online bachelor programs to provide prospective students with comprehensive information on their best choices! Each of the top online Bachelor’s in Music programs is a standout as they meet these criteria:

  • Offers online or hybrid programs that cater to adult students looking for flexibility in creating a program of study that fits their busy schedules,
  • Features a comprehensive curriculum and rigorous coursework that develop students’ critical skills for various careers in the Music business or industry,
  • Instructions are given by seasoned faculty with years of experience in the field to ensure they can help shape the students into competent for any music-related career upon graduation,
  • Offers affordable tuition rates, federal aid, and various financial aid programs, including grants, student loans, and scholarships from government and nonprofit institutions,
  • Provides supplementary services, including career counseling, tutoring, mentoring, library access, and internship placement to online Music degree students,
  • Earned proper accreditation from respectable accrediting agencies, including the NASM-National Association of Schools of Music and SACSCOC-Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Please visit our Methodology page and explore our process of selecting the best online bachelor’s programs and colleges.

10 Best Online Bachelor’s in Music

Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music’s online Bachelor of Arts in Music Production program helps students to gain an expert-level education in producing music with the help of the school’s accomplished faculty. This program will teach individuals to overdub, mix music, edit, and multitrack record in various styles using sophisticated audio systems.

This BA in Music Production degree will develop students’ analytical and professional skills to give them a competitive edge for various music production-related careers, including recording engineer, live sound engineer, sound technician, music producer, mastering engineer, mix engineer, and more.

Upon graduation, Music Production students will be able to operate a digital audio workstation successfully using industry standards. They will know how to lead a recording session with the musical and technological authority to bring out the best sound and performances. They will achieve commercial recording quality in various production environments, whether in a remote or high-tech studio setting with minimal gear.

This program will also teach students how to produce, master, and mix recordings with a keen musical ear gained through intensive music theory, ear training, and harmony. They will also be able to draw upon a collection of creative production practices and techniques that can still be used for many years. They will learn to develop their unique styles as producers and have the flexibility to work on various projects or genres. Plus, they can apply audio engineering expertise using state-of-the-art technology and showcase their knowledge of acoustics and mechanics.

The following courses are included in Berklee Online’s BA in Music Production program:

  • Mixing and Mastering with Pro Tools
  • Music Production Analysis
  • Audio Fundamentals for Recording
  • Creative Music Production Skills
  • Music Theory 101

Liberty University


Liberty University’s online Bachelor of Science in Commercial Music program is a fully online, 8-week course that prepares individuals for successful careers in commercial music. This program provides students with liberal arts training and coursework in music technology and recording engineering to help them advance in such a competitive industry.

This Commercial Music degree program from Liberty University helps prepare students to land lucrative jobs that involve directing music, performing their pieces, and working in recording studios. LU’s School of Music has faculty members that the music industry inside out. Music professionals will teach them and have practical learning opportunities through ensembles, internships, and coaching. This means students will be exposed to real-world situations when learning from these instructors.

At LU, future musicians are trained to engage vocationally in the commercial music arena with Christ-centered values and crucial skills in music production, musicianship, technology, and performance. Throughout the program, students explore major areas of music technology, theory, and techniques, which are crucial in achieving success in today’s music industry.

They will also explore topics in conducting, entrepreneurship in the commercial music community, improvisation techniques, songwriting, film scoring, mixing, recording, tonal center referencing, and more.

Below are some of the featured courses for LU’s Commercial Music degree program:

  • Commercial Music Theory & Harmonic Practice
  • Commercial Musicianship
  • Contemporary Music & Studio Direction
  • Fundamentals of Sound Reinforcement
  • Commercial Improvisation Techniques

This university is accredited by the NASM, ensuring that undergraduates earn a degree that meets standards of academic excellence.

University of Maine at Augusta

University of Maine - Augusta

The University of Maine at Augusta has an online Bachelor of Music in Contemporary and Popular Music program, featuring an MTK 100 Audio Recording I course that allows students to explore basic competency in Avid’s Pro Tools and build listening skills. Students become adept in all things audio, from session creation to recording, mixing, bouncing, and editing. Through the listening portion of the MTK 100 Audio Recording I course, students can listen to, notate, and localize sounds in natural environments and know how to apply the concepts to recorded music.

By completing the MTK 100 course, undergraduates will have basic Avid’s Pro Tools competency. They will also be able to create a Pro Tools session from scratch, record audio and MIDI into the session, execute basic editing commands, navigate the Mix and Edit windows, and identify the organization and fundamental processing of the mixing stage. At the end of the course, students will then be evaluated through class participation, exams, quizzes, and projects.

To apply for UMA’s Contemporary and Popular Music program, students must submit an audition to the Admissions Department. The audition material depends on the concentration track a student chooses. For the performance emphasis, for example, students must submit a video of them playing two pieces of music, such as songs, originals, concertos, or etudes. For the composition/songwriting emphases, applicants will submit audio tracks and printed compositions in PDFs.

These are some of the course requirements for UMA’s Contemporary and Popular Music program:

  • Transducers and Processors
  • Ear Training for Audio Engineers
  • Introduction to Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and Hip-Hop Production
  • Audio Electronics: Electronic Prototyping Platforms
  • Basics of Synthesis

Academy of Art University

Academy of Arts University

The Academy of Art University offers an online Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Production degree. This program gives students a more in-depth discussion of principles introduced in the university’s Associate program.

The BFA in Music Production degree program will give undergraduates an overview of the music production process. It will teach them the latest in music production software, as well as in editing, mixing, and recording. Students will be asked to create a demo reel in their final year, demonstrating their best music production for visual media, such as web media, games, animation, and film.

The Artistic Resilience course teaches students about evidence-based strategies for developing artistic resilience and achieving success using critical reading, writing, and research skills. They explore various well-being dimensions through creative exploration and the Socratic Method. Students also acquire foundational skills in basic music notation, music theory, and keyboard techniques to succeed in other music courses through the Music Theory and Basic Notation course.

Other course requirements for the Academy of Art University’s BFA in Music Production degree program include:

  • Soundtrack Industry Overview
  • Composition for the Artist
  • Music Production
  • History of the Recording Industry
  • Pro Tools User Certification Preparation

SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary

SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary

The SUM Bible, College and Theological Seminary offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Worship and Music degree to prepare students to become successful ministry leaders with musical proficiency. This program provides students with disciplinary development and skills in the tradition of musical conservatories and a biblical-theological education.

This BA in Worship and Music program aims to train servant leaders with practical ministry experience in settings that provide students with personalized mentorship. Students will be equipped for musical performances, church leadership roles, and graduate studies in seminaries or musical schools. They will become disciples who are faithful to Pentecostal/Charismatic heritage. They will have hands-on training and ministry experience in a local church, empowering them to contribute to community transformation.

SUM’s BA in Worship and Music degree classes are facilitated by highly qualified faculty with years of ministry experience and dedication to students. This program is accredited by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).

University of Rochester

University of Rochester - Eastman School of Music

The University of Rochester’s Eastman School of Music offers an online Bachelor of Music program. It offers several majors, including Applied Music, Composition, Jazz Studies & Contemporary Media, Music Education, and Theory.

UR’s Bachelor of Music program students can pursue a double major. They may apply to both majors upon enrollment during their first semester or as transfer students. They may also apply by petition. After submitting their application, they must wait for approval from the office of the Dean of Academic Affairs. Similarly, they may undertake a Bachelor of Music and a second degree from the Eastman School of Music or a Bachelor of Science from the College of Arts Sciences and Engineering.

Bachelor of Music students are eligible to enroll in courses from the College of Arts Sciences and Engineering. Generally, courses outside the Eastman School of Music count toward the humanities and science requirements for the program. These include audio & music engineering, foreign language, psychology, business, political science, mathematics, economics, and brain & cognitive science.

Through the Bachelor of Music degree program, students can complete courses covering business, entrepreneurial thinking, performance, career skills, leadership, and health for musicians. Aside from that, the university offers numerous opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience, including Study Abroad and Conservatory Exchange, Forte Program, and Chamber Music Certificate, among others.

Valley City State University

Valley City State University

Valley City State University’s online Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Music with a Concentration in General Studies degree is designed to have a flexible approach. It is designed to prepare students to become successful artists, music producers, composers, arrangers, ensemble directors, tour managers, professional performers, and teachers. It is also a fantastic gateway for those who want to graduate studies or law school.

Through this program, undergraduates can showcase their competence in musicianship skills. They will develop the needed performance skills as a soloist or as a part of an ensemble consistent with the degree plan’s goals. They will learn to interpret and scrutinize music from various periods and cultures. Plus, they will be able to showcase their teaching skills, which should be the same as the objectives of their degree.

At Valley City State University, students can join ensembles that perform in concert choirs, band concerts, jazz performances, universities, operas, and more. Aside from that, the university has a brand-new Center for the Arts equipped with cutting-edge recording and production studios, a band room, a 100-seat recital hall, a piano/concert lab, a 350-seat performance hall, and practice rooms.

Here are some of the courses students enrolled in Valley City State University’s BA/BS in Music with a Concentration in Composition program:

  • Applied Music
  • Speech Communication
  • Introduction to Music Technology
  • Aural Skills
  • Basic Conducting

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Music is a liberal arts degree program aimed at those who wish to pursue music studies and a second area of study simultaneously. Although this program is not a professional music degree, students can still develop creative, innovative, synthesizing, and practical competencies applicable to any career and useful for graduate study.

Fort Hays State University’s Department of Music and Theater is NASM-accredited. Because of the university’s long history of leadership and innovation in online education, students are guaranteed to have the tools necessary to pursue a degree in Music. They can also opt for a certificate in Composition.

Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from FHSU allows graduates to work in various careers in the music industry. Other students pursue this degree because it gives them a good foundation for additional studies and career advancement.

Below are some of the courses required for those enrolled in FHSU’s BA in Music degree:

  • Listening to Music
  • World Music
  • Introduction to Theatre
  • Music Theory
  • Rock Music Styles

Virginia Wesleyan University

Virginia Wesleyan University

Virginia Wesleyan University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Music Production degree will enhance students’ digital musicianship skills. This program ensures that students will be able to gain the necessary experience and skills to thrive in the music production field.

Built on advanced musicianship, music history, and piano and keyboard skills, students will be adept in music technology, sound recording, and digital composition. This program will also improve students’ digital skills as they learn from experienced faculty established and published in the music industry.

They can use Ableton Live, the most popular music production software. Aside from that, this program features coursework designed to pave the way for students to have opportunities for live performances, as well as tools for arranging, composing, mastering, mixing, and recording.

Through Virginia Wesleyan University’s BA in Music Production program, students can focus on executing their skills and not just sit during exams through project-based evaluations. This degree also gives students plenty of chances to advance in whatever career in the entertainment industry, music therapy, or education.

These are some of the courses BA in Music Production students are required to complete:

  • Great Works: Popular Music
  • Introduction to Music Technology
  • Digital Composition Workshop
  • Advanced Musicianship
  • Keyboard Harmony

Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music

Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music

The Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music offers an online Bachelor of Music in Songwriting and Production degree designed to produce versatile songwriters who will successfully work in today’s music industry. This program aims to create individuals who can write and produce their music and simultaneously explore other areas of the industry, such as writing music for film, commercials, TV, or other recording artists.

The Songwriting and Production program offered by the MI College of Contemporary Music ensures that students will be fully immersed in songwriting, from conceptualization to writing the lyrics to production. Because it is an online program, aspiring musicians can pursue their passion anywhere in the country or the world.

With MI’s comprehensive Songwriting and Production degree designed to provide undergraduates with a dynamic learning experience, aspiring songwriters can enhance their skills and realize their full creative potential. This program offers a structured curriculum that covers topics such as ideation, lyrical composition, and recording and production. This allows students to gain the know-how and skills to create professional-level songs for themselves, other artists, TV, film, or commercials.

Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music offers a virtual open house to allow student applicants to explore what this school has to offer. Those who can join the virtual open house will get to interact with future classmates and instructors. They also ask questions and learn about their curriculum, scholarship opportunities, and more.

The Difference Between Bachelor’s in Music Composition and Music Production

Two of the most common bachelor’s degrees in Music nowadays are the Bachelor’s in Music Composition and Bachelor’s in Music Production.

The Bachelor’s in Music Composition focuses on teaching students about music composition, including mixing audio for film, TV, commercials, video games, and other media. Its curriculum covers courses on music theory, helping students become highly skilled in composing, recording, mixing audio, and recording for a wide variety of media.

The Bachelor’s in Music Production, on the other hand, is aimed at helping undergraduates develop their skills in recording, editing, and mixing music. Students also get to take courses in ear training, music production analysis, microphone techniques, and audio fundamentals. Upon graduation, Music Production students will be more than prepared for successful careers as sound technicians or music producers, as well as recording engineers, mix engineers, and live sound engineers.

Music Composition majors will gain their compositional voice to create original scores of solo, chamber, vocal and choir, and full symphony music through various active composing projects and by working with a diverse community of musicians, faculty, industry professionals, and world-class artists. Music Production students, on the other hand, will be trained to create and produce professional music recordings for acoustic, hybrid, and electronic ensembles. They will write and produce in various contemporary styles and synthesize and apply contemporary styles to the composition of original music.

Studying Music Composition involves knowing how to rehearse and conduct performances of original compositions. They can evaluate musical compositions’ cultural, social, and historical contexts. They will also be able to master the fundamentals of analysis, composition, counterpoint, contemporary techniques, history, harmony, and orchestration.

Those who pursue Music Production will be taught to record performances using analog and digital tools. They will be able to analyze and transcribe music in different contemporary styles. Plus, they can produce professional-quality recordings on a digital audio workstation (DAW).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Bachelor’s in Music degree worth students’ time and money?

A Bachelor’s in Music degree is an excellent choice for online students passionate about music. This program will prepare learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance in the music business. It will give students an excellent start in various careers in music, whether as a performer, composer, sound engineer, or producer. They can also become teach music! Music teachers are expected to be knowledgeable in the fundamentals of music.

What is the highest salary for graduates of online Music degrees?

A Bachelor’s degree in Music will open numerous doors of possibility for those who want to work with music. Some of the highest-paying careers in the music industry include the following:

What are the Bachelor’s degrees in Music, and how do students choose the best one?

When it comes to online Music degree programs, aspiring musicians have several choices, each focusing on a different attribute. Here are some of them that are offered by top online music schools:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Music
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music with emphasis on Music Composition, Performance, or Music Theory
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music with a concentration in Music Therapy, Composition, or Musicology
  • Bachelor of Science in Music – Focus on Sound Recording Technology (SRT) or Sound Design

Choosing the right online programs is crucial to people’s success in the music industry. Knowing which bachelor’s degree from many online Music programs is best depends on several factors. These include skills, dedication, tuition rates, delivery format, curriculum/courses, faculty, and student support services, to name a few.

Key Points to Ponder

  • An online bachelor’s program in Music prepares students for many employment opportunities, such as audio director, orchestra musician, audio engineer, or session musician, to name a few.
  • Pursuing an online bachelor’s degree in Music provides students with quality education in all facets of music.
  • Earning a bachelor’s degree in Music online is one way to achieve job security and seek new opportunities in the industry.

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