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In ancient times, philosophers like Confucius, Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates sought to understand human thought processes. Today, the purpose of Philosophy remains the same: to answer the fundamental questions of life, playing a critical role in exploration and personal study, academia and modern research.

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Quick Summarization

An online Bachelor’s in Philosophy degree primarily studies the development of philosophical thought and the influence of different paradigms in modern times. Philosophy majors learn and address the most thought-provoking issues of humanity, with knowledge, ethics, faith, and existence as extensively discussed topics. They develop critical thinking skills that are useful in real-life or career settings.


Pursuing Philosophy online? The first step is selecting a reputable online school offering Philosophy undergraduate programs that produce well-rounded, competent students well-prepared for their careers or a graduate degree.

Let us help you make an informed decision! Each of the undergraduate degrees on our list of the 15 Best Online Bachelor’s in Philosophy programs was chosen because of these factors:

  • Offered online or as a hybrid undergraduate degree program,
  • Prepares students for various lines of work in business, education, law, communications, and community service,
  • Features rigorous Philosophy courses with topics like religion, research, persuasive writing, logic, ethical decision-making, general Philosophy and moral Philosophy foundation or history, so that graduates become prepared to pursue advanced degrees,
  • Offers Federal Student Aid, such as loans, grants, scholarships, and work-study opportunities to reduce the total cost of tuition and other fees for an online degree in Philosophy,
  • Facilitated thru an online learning platform that allows for convenient coursework access, virtual class discussions, and webinar participation or viewing,
  • Taught by professional instructors who hold terminal degrees in Philosophy,
  • Provides student support services, such as mentoring, peer tutoring, academic counseling, and career advice, to help students achieve their professional and personal goals,
  • Obtained proper accreditation, ensuring that the program or school has been reviewed and approved by respectable agencies that uphold education standards.

Learn our process of selecting the best schools and programs! Read our Methodology.

15 Best Online Bachelor’s in Philosophy

University of New Orleans

University of New Orleans

The University of New Orleans’ online Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy program does not require students to have prior courses in Philosophy, but they must have completed at least some college credits before applying.

Throughout the program, undergraduates will learn to master valuable skills like critical thinking, crucial when asking relevant and thought-provoking questions, defending one’s claim, and recognizing and evaluating arguments appropriately. Studying Philosophy will also teach students to be more open to criticism from people who do not share the same assumptions as them and to present opposing views positively.

The University of New Orleans offers synchronous and asynchronous courses to give students the flexibility they need as long as they submit their assignments on time. This university uses Moodle, a Learning Management Software, to deliver courses, guidelines, documents, and other secure content. The same software is used to securely submit exams, essays, quizzes, and other assignments for grading.  

At the end of the program, each graduate will receive $3,000 from Mr. Carl E. Muckley, an alumnus of the program, through the department. Aside from that, students can apply for other scholarships to make education more affordable.

Some of the courses BA in Philosophy students need to complete include:

  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Introduction to Logic
  • Ethics
  • Social & Political Philosophy
  • History Modern Philosophy

Arizona State University

Arizona State University - Online

Philosophy experts must have an incredible ability to think clearly and critically. With Arizona State University’s online Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy program, students can improve crucial skills, including critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills, by studying theories from around the world.

Communication is one of the most important skills this degree program will teach students. Through this program, they can read and interpret complex texts. Aside from that, a Philosophy degree can also help develop their leadership skills, which can help them pursue various professional paths.

Philosophy students will focus on philosophical thoughts that emphasize logic and reason to try and answer questions about the natural world and the human condition. They will also learn about philosophical works and the abilities needed to analyze and explain them, which are applicable in both personal and professional life.

This BA in Philosophy will also guide students in developing their cognitive and interpersonal skills, including logic and reasoning, situation analysis, effective and structured communication, argument interpretation and structure, and summary of complex materials. They will study logical fallacies to identify flaws in their arguments and other people’s. Moreover, the program features coursework in ethics to assist students in delving deeper into the reasoning between various laws and policies.

The curriculum for ASU’s BA in Philosophy encourages critical thought and analysis. Some of the required courses include:

  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Metaphysics
  • Contemporary Analytic Philosophy
  • Ethical Theory
  • Social and Political Philosophy

University of North Carolina Greensboro

University of North Carolina Greensboro

The University of North Carolina Greensboro online Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy program is designed for those who are interested in pursuing a career in government or law, want a strong liberal arts education, and are thinking of going into graduate school. Through this online degree program, students can strengthen their logical reasoning, analytical, ethical reasoning, and critical thinking skills.

UNC Greensboro’s BA in Philosophy teaches undergraduates about ethics, epistemology, logic, the history of philosophy, metaphysics, and the philosophy of science. This prepares students for productive and rewarding careers in medicine, government, law, and other fields by honing valuable analytical, critical thinking, and logical reasoning skills. This program will help heighten students’ moral awareness. Aside from that, it offers a pre-law concentration that prepares students for law school, providing them with the skills crucial to the Law degree and practice.

This online philosophy program has ranked among the nation’s top academic programs. Its professors have been recognized for their dedication and expertise in the field. It is accredited by the American Philosophical Association (APA).

The following are some of the course requirements for UNC Greensboro’s BA in Philosophy degree:

  • Introduction to Formal Logic
  • History of Modern Philosophy
  • Contemporary Moral Problems
  • Ethics in the Computer Age
  • Philosophy of Race and Gender

American Public University

American Public University

The American Public University offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degree program that offers the practical application of analytical reasoning, critical thinking, comprehension, philosophical inquiry, communication, and creative problem-solving skills. This program allows students to look into the historical development and evolution of the discipline, learning about its origins.

Philosophy majors will evaluate various schools of moral and philosophical thought, as well as the rationale and historical context surrounding philosophy’s evolution and historical development. They will also learn how to recognize and apply logic, assess various criteria for justifying claims of morality and knowledge, and add philosophical inquiry to contemporary events.

Philosophy students at the American Public University can choose one from the concentration tracks offered:

  • Ethics
  • Healthcare
  • STEM
  • Legal Theory

These are the following major course requirements for APU’s BA in Philosophy degree:

  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Research, Analysis, and Writing
  • Logic
  • Critical Thinking
  • Philosophy of Science

University of Southern Mississippi

University of Southern Mississippi

The online Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy program offered by The University of Southern Mississippi provides the right preparation for numerous career paths for graduates. Critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication are just some transferable skills students develop throughout the program.

Philosophy students also learn valuable skills, including reading and understanding complex materials, explaining ideas clearly, analyzing and evaluating arguments, developing well-reasoned arguments, and understanding and appreciating various viewpoints. Through its curriculum, students can unlock their minds and explore the fundamental questions of life.

Graduates emerge as competent professionals in business, education, counseling, ministry, politics, and law.

Fully online students enrolled in USM’s BA in Philosophy program for the first time can receive $500 towards their first semester. They can seek assistance from the university’s enrollment coaches to know more about the financial aid options available to them.

Some of the courses offered for USM’s BA in Philosophy include:

  • Principles of Biological Science
  • Chemistry and Our Environment
  • General Physics
  • World Civilizations: Beginnings to 1500 CE.
  • Ethics and Good Living

Franciscan University of Steubenville

Franciscan University of Steubenville

Through the online Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy program offered by the Franciscan University of Steubenville, students dive into the richness of God’s creation and human experience and build the foundation for their vocational calling. Through this program, students establish a Catholic worldview and, at the same time, examine the principles of all academic disciplines, including humanities and sciences.

This Philosophy degree provides students with highly in-demand skills, including oral and written communication, critical and creative thinking, communication, and decision-making skills. Aside from Franciscan University’s liberal arts courses and philosophy electives, undergraduates can take elective courses across other disciplines, such as literature, psychology, and theology. Classes are by award-winning faculty members who have taken the Oath of Fidelity.

Students become logical, creative, deep, and rigorous thinkers through this online degree program. They acquire the skills to ace professional, graduate, and law school entrance exams. They become editors, journalists, politicians, public relations professionals, or researchers.

The following are some of the course requirements for Philosophy students:

  • Philosophy of the Human Person
  • Metaphysics
  • Foundations of Ethics
  • Logic
  • Selected Problems in Ethics

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona - Online

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences of The University of Arizona offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Specialization in Ethics. Students can establish core skills through this degree program, such as education, litigation, communication, counseling, critical thinking, debate, problem-solving, and writing.

This program will guide students into pursuing the answers to life’s biggest questions. It will teach them to think critically and approach philosophical exploration with an analytical mind. Philosophy majors will also learn to scrutinize potential answers, look at the bigger picture, seek the truth, and stay open-minded.

Philosophy majors will also learn about the history of philosophy. They will learn to use critical reasoning and logic to communicate ideas and explore the meaning within human experience. This will prepare students for various careers, including lawyers, corporate mediators, business administrators, attorneys, ethics officers, entrepreneurs, politicians, and healthcare practitioners who can find unique solutions to complex problems and explain them to stakeholders.

Students get hands-on learning opportunities by completing engaged learning courses in business ethics and participating in study abroad programs.

Sample courses for The University of Arizona’s BA in Philosophy with a Specialization in Ethics include:

  • Law and Morality
  • God and the Problem of Evil
  • Philosophy of Happiness
  • Moral Thinking
  • Business Ethics

University of Illinois Springfield

University of Illinois Springfield

The University of Illinois Springfield has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy program offered to both online and on-campus students. It prepares undergraduates for various career paths in business, education, and government sectors. This program is also a pre-law degree and a springboard for pursuing a master’s or PhD.

Philosophy students can complete this program fully online. It has classes that are designed for working students. This university has been a pioneer in online Philosophy education in the United States since 2004. The University of Illinois Springfield is recognized as a leader in the field.

Philosophy students are required to complete eight hours of all major courses. Aside from that, they can choose an area of specialization: Core Analytic Philosophy or Values. They must then take one advanced class in their chosen area of specialization and a senior seminar. All advanced courses have at least four hours of specialization courses as prerequisites. In addition, undergraduates must enroll in at least two Core Analytical Philosophy, History of Philosophy, and Values classes.

Undergraduates gain mastery of their chosen field of specialization. They become adept at articulating a position, describing other philosophers’ views, and formulating arguments with clarity and precision. They can make cogent, reasoned, sustained, and well-articulated arguments to defend a philosophical thesis. They will be taught to engage one another and their instructors in meaningful philosophical dialogues.

The following are some of the course requirements for the University of Illinois Springfield’s BA in Philosophy:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Person, Identity, and Dignity
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology
  • Ancient & Medieval Philosophy

University of Colorado

The University of Colorado- Colorado Springs

The online Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy offered by the University of Colorado helps develop students’ analytical and critical thinking skills. This program enhances their oral and written communication skills and contributes to interdisciplinary understanding.

Studying Philosophy as a degree helps students find the answers to perennial questions about the nature of reality, human existence, and values. This helps students excel in various careers in education, management, law, medicine, computer science, ministry, sociology, psychology, and law.

Philosophy undergraduates will undergo rigorous academic training and get the chance to explore different areas of philosophy through upper-division coursework. Through this degree, students can apply their research skills in identifying and utilizing resources and extending philosophical inquiry. They will know how to write and verbally express logical, clear, and grammatically correct philosophical arguments. They will be able to display a deeper understanding of the current literature on a philosophical problem. And they will be able to demonstrate their capacity to think critically.

The University of Colorado’s BA in Philosophy coursework includes:

  • Symbolic Logic
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • World Religions
  • Modern Islamic Philosophy
  • Philosophical Issues in Death and Dying

University of Missouri – St. Louis

University of Missouri – St. Louis - Online

The University of Missouri – St. Louis offers a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy to help students view the world with a unique perspective. This program will teach them to think differently without focusing on a common path.

The UMSL’s Department of Philosophy offers the BA in Philosophy program. Students can explore processes, concepts, and topics from ancient and contemporary Western and non-western philosophers through this online Philosophy degree. Various courses will hone students’ communication skills and encourage originality of thought. This also encourages students to research, form their own ideas, and understand modern applications of key philosophical principles.

Throughout the program, Philosophy undergraduates will be exposed to ideas from a wide spectrum of philosophers in Western and non-western traditions. They will evaluate historical and contemporary philosophical texts, understand core moral theories, and argue such ideas rationally. Aside from that, they will be more familiar with formal reasoning tools, such as propositional logic, probability theory, quantificational logic, syllogistic logic, and various applications in philosophical discussions.

At the end of the program, students will be more discerning when choosing the best career path to take and be more open to new thoughts and ideas. Philosophy majors will learn to refine their knowledge of logical precision and identify assumptions that undermine unbiased analysis and discussions. Furthermore, they can determine where philosophy overlaps with or emerges through arts, sciences, and other fields.

Because studying Philosophy encourages students to question the whys and hows, they can pursue several career paths. They can also continue their education through a master’s or doctoral program.

These are some of the subject areas and electives that Philosophy students need to take:

  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Western Philosophy
  • Critical Thinking
  • Present Moral Problems
  • Social and Political Philosophy

Oregon State University

Oregon State University Ecampus

Oregon State University’s Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy is unique because it focuses on engaged philosophy rather than abstract thinking. It helps students conduct critical explorations for self, ecological, and social transformation. It also encourages students to analyze classical and contemporary issues in social media, politics, artificial intelligence, and popular culture.

Through this rigorous online degree program in Philosophy, students will gain valuable skills, such as analytical, communicative, and interpretive skills, which are all necessary to provide support based on ethical reflection and civic responsibility.

Oregon State University’s BA in Philosophy program classes are developed by world-class faculty known for their outstanding contribution to research, innovation, and expertise. OSU students will get access to crucial resources, including library services, free online tutoring, career guidance, and success coaching, to ensure a learning experience that’s collaborative and rewarding.

OSU has ranked nationally in online education. It has a long track record for providing excellent quality education and innovation. Its first web-based course was PHL 201: Introduction to Philosophy, offered in 1994. Since then, various innovative and engaging learning experiences have been introduced by the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion.

The following are some of the course topics for OSU’s BA in Philosophy:

  • History of Western Philosophy
  • Philosophy and Religion
  • Ethics and the Environment
  • Native American Philosophies
  • Biomedical Ethics

University of Memphis

University of Memphis

The University of Memphis offers a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy to provide learners with fundamental knowledge that reflects the subdivisions within the discipline. This is also aimed at helping students demonstrate their skills which will be beneficial if they decide to pursue a master’s degree or Ph.D. or their career paths.

Pursuing the online degree program helps students develop the ability to think independently, critically, and logically. This degree is also an excellent springboard for various professions, as it can provide students with a strong foundation, preparing them for successful careers in education, business, or public service, as well as for law school and other professional programs.

This BA in Philosophy program offers a concentration in Applied Ethics. It focuses on ethical theories and problem-solving in various professional domains, such as business, law, and medicine. The program has core courses that provide undergraduates with a robust foundation in logic and the history of philosophy.

Below are some of the courses Philosophy students must complete:

  • Intro to Philosophy
  • Intro to Ethics
  • Elementary Logic
  • Existentialism
  • Feminist Theory

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University

As a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy major at Fort Hays State University, learners will learn about important historical figures and theories, participate in dynamic discussions with peers and professors, and test their evaluation, critical thinking, and reasoning skills.

Through this online degree program, students will learn to develop their critical thinking skills to ask and tackle complex questions. With such skills, graduates can look forward to becoming lawyers, bank executives, non-profit administrators, pastors, software engineers, university professors, and more.

Studying Philosophy trains learners to become independent thinkers and leaders who develop dialogues and solutions surrounding societal opportunities and issues. This program will also hone their professional presentation skills to demonstrate empathy and cultural understanding from this well-rounded program and its curriculum.

The following are some of the course requirements for FHSU’s BA in Philosophy program:

  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Critical Thinking
  • World Religions
  • Philosophy and the Bible: Old Testament
  • Classical Greek Philosophy

Southwestern Assemblies of God University

Southwestern Assemblies of God University

The  Bachelor of Arts – Religion and Philosophy program at Southwestern Assemblies of God University prepares students for advanced studies in religion, theology, apologetics, and philosophy. This program will teach students to articulate major philosophy figures and their influence on society, interpret scripture, contrast theistic and non-theistic beliefs, and demonstrate their research and writing skills.

At SAGU, students will become a part of a community that has made it a lifestyle to worship God. The university’s staff and faculty can encourage learners as they follow God’s calling in their lives. Also, they will use the Bible as the core foundation to grow their faith and, at the same time, develop their leadership skills.

To help students focus on their studies, SAGU is committed to making tuition affordable. Ninety percent of its students can take advantage of its generous financial aid packages. Aside from that, students can also access academic and spiritual support to ensure success in their coursework and careers in the future.

This university earned the approval of the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges or SACSCOC to award associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees.

Holy Apostles College & Seminary

Holy Apostles College & Seminary

Holy Apostles College & Seminary’s online Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy program is a 120-credit undergraduate degree that will lead learners into deeper intellectual insight into the belief structures of Christians. This program is unique because it is the only online Philosophy degree that emphasizes Thomistic Philosophy.

This online bachelor program is immersed in the intellectual tradition of the Catholics and the classics. Students learn to express their ideas clearly and strategically. It features courses such as Ethics and Philosophy of God that teaches students to develop a deeper understanding of the Christian belief structure. This degree also guides students into combining knowledge with faith and to practice seeing life through the Christian Theology paradigm.

Undergraduates who wish to have a double major must complete at least 30 credits, with 9 of those in upper-level coursework within each major. Aside from that, they also need to work with an academic advisor if they want to shift an elective from a non-major area of study to a major area of study.

At Holy Apostles, students can be assured of affordable tuition to graduate debt-free. This institution is one of the most affordable colleges recommended by the Cardinal Newman Guide, proving its dedication to providing a faithful Catholic education.

Here are some of the courses included in the degree plan checklist for Holy Apostles’ BA in Philosophy:

  • Moral Theology
  • Synoptic Gospels
  • History of Ancient Philosophy
  • Research and Writing
  • Western Civilization

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Professional Associations for Philosophy Students and Graduates

Philosophy students and graduates need to be affiliated with reputable organizations. Below are some of the most popular professional associations for those whose professions are related to the Moral and Political Philosophy:

  • American Philosophical Association (APA) is dedicated to promoting the profession and discipline of philosophy in the public arena and the academy. APA also supports philosophers’ professional development at all levels and thrives on a deeper understanding or appreciation of philosophical inquiry.
  • American Philosophical Society (APS) – APS is the oldest society in America and was founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1743. They honor and engage leading scientists, professionals, and scholars through elected membership and various intellectual and interdisciplinary fellowship opportunities in semi-annual meetings.
  • American Ethical Union (AEU) – this organization aims to create, inspire, and nurture ethical humanist communities to make the world more democratic, compassionate, sustainable, and just. They also advocate for compassion, rational thinking, and reason to ensure progress as communities, individuals, and the world.
  • American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy (ASPLP) – this society was founded by Carl Friedrich in 1955 to bring together scholars in law, philosophy, and political science. One of the main activities this organization holds every year is the annual conference to discuss a chosen topic at which three papers will be presented.
  • Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy (SAAP) – this organization aims to advance scholarship and teaching in the different areas of American Philosophy. They deal with figures and issues in American idealism, pragmatism, naturalism, and transcendentalism. It also supports collaborations between such strains of American thought with African American philosophy, indigenous philosophies, feminism, post-colonialism, Latin American and Latinx philosophies, and race theories, to name a few. Moreover, it supports the application of such theories to issues such as poverty, food, animals, injustice, war, and the environment.
What can a graduate do with a bachelor's degree in Philosophy?

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a graduate do with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy?

Through an online bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, students will gain valuable skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and analytical skills, which can be useful in various occupations. Here are Philosophy graduates’ top career opportunities (with annual median salaries).

How long does a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy usually take?

A Bachelor’s in Philosophy usually takes four years for full-time students. However, this can be reduced when a student applies for transfer credit, which gives credit to previous education experience.

How much does pursuing an online Bachelor’s in Philosophy typically cost?

According to the University of New Orleans, the total cost for tuition and fees is $14,290 for nonstate residents. The total cost of one academic year at Arizona State University is only $7,317. As for the University of Missouri – Saint Louis, the total estimated program cost is $57,600. This goes without saying that the total cost of tuition for an online bachelor’s in Philosophy depends on various factors, including learning format.

Key Points to Ponder

  • At its core, Philosophy teaches students to ponder life’s big questions and figure out a way to answer them.
  • An online bachelor’s in Philosophy tackles various areas of study, including faith, ethics, knowledge, and the world, honing students to become critical thinkers with a broad skill set.
  • Philosophy majors emerge as skilled professionals who can write concisely, communicate ideas clearly, and structure arguments effectively.

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