Adults Returning To College: The Best Resources and Support in 2021

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In general, adulthood is defined as a combination of chronological age, known in contemporary times as the age of majority, and the achievement of socially dictated milestones. The age of majority differs between countries, but it’s usually between 18 and 21 years old when voting and drinking alcohol are considered suitable adult activities.  But when […]

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Top 15 Colleges Offering the Best Student Support Services After Graduation

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Several factors are considered by incoming students and their families when choosing the college they want to attend. One such aspect also includes student support, limited to the service they can get while studying, but this context also covers even when they graduate and leave the school. More often than not, many universities offer solid […]

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The Top 25 Happiest Colleges in 2021

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College life is not often a walk in the park. It is one of the most challenging stages of a student’s life. Nevertheless, that does not stop college students from enjoying their stay, both inside and outside the campus. In the latest edition of The Princeton Review, many colleges proved that they promote academic excellence […]

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The Top 15 Colleges with the Best Student Life in 2021

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Whether you’re just about to enter college or planning to shift and transfer to a different school, you probably have a checklist to consider before finally enrolling in a college or university. That’s understandable as there are undoubtedly many factors to consider when deciding which educational community to join! One of the most critical factors […]

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The 15 Best Colleges with Amazing Dorm Life in 2021

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A dorm, short for dormitory, is a place where a student can relax after a long day attending classes – after all, this is where students will live. The fact is, nobody could ever relax in the least comfortable dorms.  Could one sleep with all the noise going through the thin walls? No. Could one […]

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The 15 Best Disability Friendly Colleges in 2021

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Did you know that more than seven million high school students with disabilities in the United States and roughly 60% of young adult college students do not complete their degrees?  While ordinary student considers school rankings, location, and cost matter when choosing a college, individuals with disabilities must consider whether or not the school provides […]

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How To Become an Animal Keeper: Bachelor’s Degree in Zoo Science for 2021

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Did you know that the first known zoo was at Hierakonpolis? It was in Upper Egypt’s capital and was located south of Luxor and along the Nile River. The zoo seemed to have held wildcats and monkeys. But if you’re looking for the oldest zoo still in operation, your best bet is halfway around the […]

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Why Intelligent College Students Fail

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What is your definition of intelligence? Is it when your report card has all 4.0 GPAs? Is it persuading someone to give you the lowest price for something? Maybe it has anything to do with problem-solving and creativity? Intelligence encompasses all these, but there’s more to it than those characteristics! Intelligence is a collection of […]

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The 40 Highest Paying Jobs With A Trade School Education in 2021

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In 1635, Puritan settlers established the country’s first public school in Massachusetts and, thus, started the idea of education being a great equalizer. In 1848, the Bay State’s first-ever education secretary – and the first in the United States, too – Horace Mann further cemented the ideal with his motto that education is “great equalizer […]

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How to Cope with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) in College

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College students today suffer from anxiety disorders. If left untreated, it will be a very persistent illness that can develop into a range of comorbidities. Some college students acquire more severe anxiety disorders, such as affective disorders, nicotine addiction, and drug abuse disorder, indicating a poorer prognosis for treatment. The majority of college students with […]

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