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business associate online degrees

Under this career choice, there are many options in the field of business! And within the scope of business, there are many different business degrees available, from office management to small business degrees!


An Associate in Accounting degree provides students with the foundational knowledge and skillset needed to pursue a successful career in the accounting field. This degree program typically takes two years or less to complete and can prepare students for further study or provide direct entry into the accounting workplace.


The Associate in Acquisitions degree is a two-year degree that prepares students for careers in purchasing, procurement, and supply chain management. This degree offers courses in inventory and warehouse management, cost analysis, supply chain processes, and negotiation skills.


An Associate in Banking degree can provide the foundational knowledge and skills to be successful in the financial services industry. This degree program consists of courses focused on banking, financial regulations, economics, and business fundamentals that provide the tools necessary to enter and advance in the banking field.


Generally, an Associate in Business degree is an undergraduate degree that educates students in business and related topics in order to provide students with a foundation for careers such as accounting, finance, management, and marketing. Students learn key business principles, essential accounting and finance practices and gain knowledge in other business-related topics.

Business Administration

An Associate in Business Administration (ABA) degree is an undergraduate course of study designed to provide students with the basic knowledge necessary for a career in business. This program typically combines core fundamental courses with more specialized courses in specific areas of business, such as accounting, finance, marketing, and management.

Business Management

The Associate Degree in Business Management is a two-year undergraduate program designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the business world. Students learn fundamental skills in human resources, marketing, finance, accounting, and management principles that will prepare them to be successful in their chosen career path.


An Associate’s degree in Economics equips students with the knowledge and skills to analyze and interpret economic data and use it to aid decision-making. This degree program combines the principles of business administration, statistics, and mathematics to ensure students understand the application of economic data in our current economic climate.

Hospitality Management

Associate degrees in Hospitality Management can provide a comprehensive foundation for a successful career in the hospitality industry. With courses in hospitality operations, business management, and customer service, graduates can gain the specific knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in any number of exciting and dynamic roles.

Human Resources

An Associate in Human Resources degree is an entry-level educational program for prospective HR professionals. It provides the theoretical basis, as well as technical skills and knowledge, to help them succeed in the field.

International Business

Generally, an Associate in International Business degree is an entry-level degree program, which provides fundamentals of business operations and an overview of the global economy, as well as an understanding of international markets and cultural considerations. It is an ideal program for those seeking to gain an introductory understanding of business and the global marketplace.

Legal Assistant

An Associate in Legal Assistant degree is a great way to start a career in legal support services. This type of degree is designed to prepare you for a number of roles related to the legal profession, such as paralegal, legal secretary, and legal investigator.


The Associate in Management degree is a two-year degree program for students to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a career in management. The program focuses on the fundamentals of business administration and provides a broad overview of the business world.


An Associate in Marketing degree is an undergraduate degree program that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the essential concepts and tools of the marketing field. Students will develop competencies in digital marketing, advertising, consumer behavior, and market research.

Office Management

An Associate in Office Management degree is a two-year program designed to develop skills and knowledge in general office management, computer operations, and business practices. This degree provides opportunities for those seeking employment in administrative support positions in any organization.


An Associate in Paralegal degree is a two-year postsecondary degree that prepares students for careers in the legal field. This program combines legal theory and technical instruction to help students develop relevant skills and knowledge.

Political Science

Associate degrees in Political Science can provide a broad overview of contemporary political issues, giving you a foundation of knowledge about the timeless questions of government, democracy, leadership, and civil society.

Property Management

An Associate in Property Management is an entry-level degree for those interested in a career in real estate management and administration. This type of degree prepares graduates for careers managing residential and commercial real estate, commercial leasing, and other related duties.

Small Business

The Associate degree in Small Business Administration gives students the skills to enter the small business world. It covers core areas, such as marketing, accounting, management, and finance, to provide students with a comprehensive education to prepare them for working in various small business settings.

Sports Management

An Associate in Sports Management degree is an excellent choice for individuals looking to enter the field of sports management. This two-year degree provides an education in the core principles of sports business and prepares graduates for a successful career in this rapidly-growing industry.


healthcare associate online degrees

Healthcare degrees provide specialized training for those looking to enter the medical field. With a healthcare degree, individuals can pursue a variety of professional positions, from general practitioners to healthcare scientists or nurses.

Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienists are important to our overall health… not just our teeth! To help others as a Dental Hygienist, quality education is a must. In most cases, your program will result in an associate degree, although certificate programs are also available. If you are truly ambitious, bachelor’s degree programs are available, too. Take a look!

Medical Assisting

An Associate in Medical Assisting degree program is designed to provide individuals with comprehensive coursework and clinical experience relevant to the healthcare field. This degree will prepare individuals for entry-level positions in both clinical and administrative settings.

Medical Coding and Billing

The Associate in Medical Coding and Billing degree program offers students the opportunity to develop foundational skills in medical coding and billing. With the associate degree, graduates can be prepared to pursue entry-level roles as Medical Coders and Billers in the growing field of healthcare.


The Associate in Nursing (ASN) degree program is designed to prepare students to become registered nurses and provide basic to intermediate medical care. These programs typically involve two to three years of full-time study and offer classroom lectures, laboratory instruction, and clinical experience.


An Associate’s degree in Nutrition is a significant first step into the world of nutrition. It is an excellent way for aspiring nutritionists to learn the principles of nutrition and the science behind food and nutrition management.

Occupational Therapy Assistant Or Aide

Are you ready to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant or Aide? Through this critical role, you can help patients get back to normal, or at the very least… discover their new normal, while learning to maintain everyday life skills. With only on-the-job training or an associate degree, you can enter this rewarding career option at the level of your choice. Check here for more!


The Associate in Pharmacy degree program provides a comprehensive foundation in the field of pharmacy, including drug dosages, patient relations, and the different types of medications. It equips students with the skills needed to become a Pharmacy Technician or prepare for a Pharmacy degree program.

Radiologic Technologist Or MRI Technologist

Have you ever had a cat scan or MRI? Most everyone has. It’s nice to see the comforting face of a Radiologic or MRI Technologist who is properly trained and has a caring heart. If you would like to enter the healthcare field in this capacity, check out our informative guide here.

Respiratory Care

An Associate in Respiratory Care degree program provides instruction on the science and clinical practice of respiratory care. Students learn to assess, treat, and manage patient health needs and to provide care to patients with a wide range of respiratory issues.

Veterinary Technician

The Associate in Veterinary Technician degree program is a comprehensive program designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to become successful veterinary technicians. Students will gain an understanding of animal health and medical procedures in the veterinary field.


education associate online degrees

Education degrees allow individuals to learn skills and knowledge that can help them to pursue either career-oriented goals or to enhance their current skillset. Different types of education degrees enable students to seek out advanced degrees in the field or to pursue teaching, education leadership, or educational counseling careers.

Child Development

The Associate of Child Development program focuses on developmentally appropriate practices and culturally responsive strategies used to support the well-being and educational progress of children and their families.


An Associate of Education degree program helps students gain an understanding of the theoretical foundations of education and develop the skills to become successful educators. Students will gain insight into the teaching of diverse student groups and the principles of learning and instruction.

Elementary Education

The Associate of Elementary Education degree program provides students with a strong foundation in the teaching of elementary education. Students will learn classroom strategies and gain a better understanding of the many aspects of developmental stages in childhood.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies degree programs provide a unique opportunity for students to explore a variety of disciplines and approaches to education, providing an excellent foundation for anyone who wants to pursue a wide range of academic interests or specialized careers in fields that demand a comprehensive understanding of multiple areas of study.


The Associate of Paraprofessional degree program provides students with the skills and knowledge, as well as a solid foundation for students to pursue continued education and advancement in the field of human services and related industries.


computing associate online degrees

Computing degrees offer students the opportunity to explore and develop the technology and tools that increasingly shape our world. Through these degrees, students gain a solid foundation in computing principles, generative research methods, and problem-solving strategies.

Computer Networking

The Associate of Computer Networking degree program provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to acquire an in-depth understanding of network design, system administration, and troubleshooting, as well as a comprehensive overview of network security concepts.

Computer Programming

The Associate of Computer Programming degree program provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to enter the workforce as knowledgeable and successful computer programmers, using traditional classroom lectures, hands-on projects, and online courses.

Computer Science

An Associate of Computer Science degree program provides a foundational education in the fundamental concepts and principles of computer science. It is an excellent choice for individuals looking to launch a career in the field or take it to the next level with further studies.

Database Administration

The Associate of Database Administration degree program prepares students to design, build, and maintain efficient database systems. Students will gain the skills and knowledge necessary for high-level data management and problem-solving.

Information Systems

An Associate of Information Systems degree program is designed to provide a basic understanding of computer systems, networks, programming languages, database management, software development, web development, and web design.

Information Technology

An Associate of Information Technology degree program is an ideal choice for students looking to gain foundational knowledge in the field of information technology. This program provides the necessary theoretical knowledge and technical skills to pursue a career in the IT sector.


law and legal associate online degrees

A legal degree is an advanced qualification that develops skills in legal research, interpretation and writing. Obtaining a law degree equips individuals with the knowledge and understanding of the legal system, allowing them to provide legal services and advice.

Crime Scene Investigation

The Associate of Crime Scene Investigation degree program provides an in-depth exploration of the techniques and technologies used to investigate and analyze crime scenes. Students learn how to collect evidence, analyze motives and suspects, and report their findings in both written and verbal forms.

Criminal Justice

An Associate of Criminal Justice degree program can equip its graduates with the necessary knowledge and analytical skills to work in the field of justice and security. From using legal and criminology theories to understand deviance to studying the structure of judicial systems, students can broaden their career prospects and build upon their skill set.

Information Security

Through a combination of coursework, hands-on training, and industry certifications, graduates of an Associate of Information Security degree program will be prepared to protect digital information systems and assets from malicious actors.

Law Enforcement

An Associate of Law Enforcement degree program prepares students to work in the growing field of criminal justice. It teaches students the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue successful careers in law enforcement, such as court procedures, criminal law, common law, and crime prevention techniques.


engineering associate online degrees

Engineering degrees provide students with an educational foundation in techniques and principles of engineering. By studying for an engineering degree, students can develop the skills to design, build, monitor, and maintain complex systems and materials used in modern society.

Aerospace Engineer And Operations Technologist

The sky’s the limit… especially when you are focused on a career in Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technology! To learn more about the field, take a look at the basics here to see if it’s a good fit for you! And… you can start out by earning an associate degree and work your way up!

Civil Engineering Technology

The Associate of Civil Engineering Technology degree program provides students with the education needed to design and construct improved infrastructure for a variety of civil engineering applications.

Electrical Engineering

Within an Associate of Electrical Engineering degree program, students prepare for entry-level careers in the field of electrical engineering. Students learn to design and analyze electrical circuits, troubleshoot issues, and work with digital electronics hardware and software.

Electronics Engineering

The Associate of Electronics Engineering degree program provides students with the necessary knowledge to pursue a higher educational degree in the field. You’ll learn how to design, analyze, and build electrical circuits to contribute to the area of electronics engineering.


An Associate of Engineering degree program is designed for students who wish to pursue various career paths in the engineering field, such as chemical, civil, and biological engineering, among others.

Mechanical Engineering

The Associate in Mechanical Engineering degree program provides an introduction to the engineering field and covers core concepts such as mathematics, science, and engineering principles. This program offers a foundation for students to pursue further advanced degrees or pursue jobs in the engineering industry.


science associate online degrees

Science degrees are post-secondary qualifications that allow students to apply their knowledge of scientific principles and practices to a chosen field. Through these degrees, students can equip themselves with the expertise needed to work within the scientific community and pursue a career in a wide range of disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental studies.


An Associate of Biology degree program provides skills for graduates to pursue careers in biology. It focuses on teaching the fundamentals of biology, such as anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry, to equip students with the necessary skills to pursue advanced degrees and research.

Nuclear Technician

If you are a STEM-focused student… perhaps you are interested in the field of nuclear technology. Sounds difficult, however, with an associate degree you can become a Nuclear Technician in just two years. Of course, on-the-job training will be required. Find out about it here!


design associate online degrees

Design degrees encompass a variety of disciplines, including graphic design, industrial design, architecture, product design, animation, and interior design. They equip students with the creative and technical skills to design products, services, and spaces with the user experience in mind.

Architectural and Civil Drafter

As a kid… Did you play with blocks, construct skyscrapers, or build forts? Perhaps your love of architecture started way back then. Today, the job outlook for Architectural and Civil Drafters is promising. They are needed to accommodate future construction growth. Be a part of it… Start from the ground up, so to speak… and excel to the top!


The Associate of Arts degree program is designed to provide students with a broad liberal arts education that encourages intellectual exploration and development. The program can provide students with a foundation for a career or further study in liberal arts, business, and sciences.


An Associate of Cosmetology degree program offers students an opportunity to prepare for a career in Cosmetology and become certified professionals. This degree provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge to pursue a career in the beauty profession and provide outstanding services to clients.

Graphic Design

The Associate of Graphic Design degree program gives students a solid foundation in the principles and practices of graphic design, helping them to pursue a career as a professional graphic designer.

Kitchen and Bath Design

The Associate of Kitchen and Bath Design degree program is designed to equip students with the skills needed to create attractive and modern kitchen and bathroom designs, as well as drafting, materials selection, and construction technology.


liberal arts associate online degrees

Liberal Arts degrees equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to compete in the modern job market. A Liberal Arts education provides students with a broad knowledge base and instrumental communication and problem-solving skills, which are beneficial for a variety of fields and career paths.


The Associate of Communications degree program teaches students the fundamentals of communication theory and application, helping them develop essential skills for competent communication in a variety of contexts.

Digital Media

An Associate of Digital Media degree program provides a comprehensive overview of media techniques and digital technologies. It equips students with the critical technological and creative skills necessary for success in the fast-growing field of digital media.


The English associate degree program provides students with an introduction to the fundamentals of literature, composition, and research. It prepares them for transfer to a four-year college or university and further their education in English and related fields.

Human Services Degrees

The Associate of Human Services degree program provides students with an understanding of the needs of individuals, families, and communities and teaches the principles of social and community services, as well as the principles of effective advocacy and intervention.

Liberal Arts

An Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts degree provides a stepping stone to a higher degree, such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, or can provide the knowledge and skills needed for entry into a plethora of other professional fields.


The Associate of Psychology degree program is designed to provide a grounding in psychosocial concepts, theoretical approaches, and research methods. The program curriculum offers courses in psychology, sociology, counseling, and statistics, and it creates a solid foundation for students to pursue further studies in the field.


religion and ministry associate online degrees

Religion and ministry degrees provide students with an understanding of theology and the foundation of religious practices. These degrees are used to prepare individuals for a career in ministry or to pursue further theological academic study.

Christian Ministry

This Associate of Christian Ministry degree program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and values to serve as faith-filled leaders in ministry contexts. Students acquire the foundation to lead within the church and mission contexts effectively.


An Associate of Religion degree program is designed to provide students with a foundational understanding of major religious traditions, scriptures, teachings, and practices associated with them. The program prepares students for further study or to pursue their religious interests in their current professional or personal lives.

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