The 20 Best Schools To Be An Engineering Major

best engineering major schools

Beginning a career in engineering starts with earning a degree in the field. In this ranking we’ve gathered traditional and online options at the top engineering schools in the country. We’ve organized them based on their graduation rates, prestige, national and regional rankings, average salary upon graduation, among other considerations. You might also like: Premium […]

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The 15 Best Online Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate Programs in 2021

geographic information systems

The Geographic Information System (GIS) is an ever-evolving field with emerging, state-of-the-art technologies at its core. GIS has come a long way from inception, advancing from its humble beginnings of workstation-based software to modern tools conveniently accessible through mobile devices.  GIS specialists are primarily tasked to build and maintain GIS databases. They do this by […]

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The 10 Best Online Certificate of Nursing Assistant Programs in 2021

nursing assistant

Nursing assistants play some of the most important roles in health and personal care. They are a staple in hospice, hospitals, nursing homes, correctional institutions, and various other settings. Their tasks often include assisting licensed nurses in providing patient care, such as making beds, taking vital signs, feeding, dressing, bathing, skincare, reporting changes to the […]

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The 15 Best Online Leadership Certificate Programs in 2021

best online leadership certificate

Most modern organizations and companies find themselves in a more competitive and congested market, from financial and I.T. services to healthcare and pharmaceutical services. When the competition is tougher, and the stakes are higher, your skills and expertise are valuable investments. As such, talent development and leadership training can create a significant difference between being […]

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The 7 Best Online Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Programs in 2021


The field of nursing is vast and varied. One of the most common entry-level nursing programs is the LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse. While it sounds similar to a registered nurse profession, the educational path and responsibilities of an LPN are quite different. Licensed practical nurses are usually tasked to provide basic nursing care, from […]

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The 15 Best Double Major Options in College in 2021

double major in college

New students usually face the dilemma of choosing the right college. They are also usually unsure of the major to pursue. With general education requirements or minor subjects, they initially immerse themselves in a well-rounded curriculum. Eventually, students are redirected to their true calling or preferred area of study.  If you’re like many others, you […]

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The 15 Best Online Master of Fine Arts Classes in 2021

master of fine arts

Graduate students with a profound interest in pursuing advanced education in fine arts can enroll in online Master of Fine Arts classes or programs. With an online Master of Fine Arts program, students have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their creative abilities. Aside from that, an online MFA program develops techniques and boosts their […]

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