The 3 Best Film Schools in Delaware in 2022

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Although Delaware is America’s 2nd smallest state, it is one of the most prosperous in the country. Unlike filmmaking giants California and New York, Delaware’s film and media industry are yet to establish itself. Some of the state’s essential industries include manufacturing, fisheries, and agriculture. However, its tourism industry can work with the film and […]

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The 3 Best Film Schools in Connecticut in 2022

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Whether for Academy Award-winning movies or Hallmark Christmas motion pictures, Connecticut is one of the best filming locations in the Northeastern part of the United States. And while Connecticut is a drive away from New York, it isn’t the primary reason the state is popular among many filmmakers and film producers. The state has quintessential […]

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The 3 Best Film Schools in Colorado in 2022

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Colorado’s booming economy has made it one of the lowest unemployment rates in the US. The Centennial State takes pride in its flourishing real estate businesses and a thriving film and creatives industry. Its numerous amphitheaters, restaurants, colorful streets, and picturesque landscapes contribute to Colorado’s rapidly growing economy. Colorado is a premier hub for world-class […]

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The 3 Best Film Schools in Arkansas in 2022

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A diverse range of film festivals makes Arkansas relevant in the film industry. Northwest Arkansas became a hotspot in the filmmaking scene due to many film festivals, providing more job opportunities to boost Arkansas’ creative economy. As of 2021, Arkansas has 15 film festivals every year, with the majority of these film festivals held in […]

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The 3 Best Film Schools in California in 2022

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California is the mecca of the film and media industry in the US. It’s undoubtedly the haven for many directors, film producers/filmmakers, screenwriters, and actors. Many aspiring film enthusiasts have relocated to Los Angeles to fulfill their dreams in the state’s film and media industry. With one of the best film production equipment and infrastructures, […]

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The 8 Best Ivy League Schools for Business in 2021-2022

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The term “Ivy League” was birthed to group the “ancient eight,” or eight of the oldest schools in the US for sports, specifically the inauguration of the NCAA Division I Conference in 1954. Eventually, the Ivy League schools represented academic excellence and social prestige, which holds true still today. The Ivy League is comprised of […]

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The 3 Best Film Schools in New Mexico in 2021-2022

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As a primary medium for storytelling, films are some of the most fascinating fields of study. While technological advancement pushes films to outdo the ways of traditional cinema, it remains an important part of public entertainment. Students honing their creative skills and delving deep into the filmmaking process will find a film degree an ideal […]

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The 3 Best Film Schools in New Hampshire in 2021-2022

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Students looking for a career in the creative field may consider earning a degree in film. This program is broad and flexible, often blending seamlessly with other fields, presenting more opportunities for a lucrative career track. Whether one is interested in capturing an eye-witness view of history or delving deep into the changing technology of […]

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The 3 Best Film Schools in New Jersey in 2021-2022

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Students who have a passion for cinema and videography will find a degree in filmmaking as the best career path, allowing them to nurture their creativity. This degree is for creative souls who are forever curious about the world of films and better understand how a moving picture comes together. In film studies, they will […]

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The 3 Best Film Schools in Nebraska in 2021-2022

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Students interested in movies, documentaries, and other television shows are often drawn towards filmmaking as a college major. The world, after all, is increasingly molded by moving pictures. Art appreciation is a constant, too, even when the demands of everyday life keep on evolving. There will always be people who will seek entertainment in the […]

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