50 Colleges & Universities Providing The Most Opportunity for Upward Social Mobility in 2021

upward social mobility

Social mobility is a key factor in the improvement of the social conditions of people of less privilege. It is defined by the Encyclopedia Britannica as the “movement of individuals, families, or groups through a system of social hierarchy or stratification.” Upward mobility occurs when people or groups move from one social class to a […]

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20 Fastest Online Certificate Degrees in 2021

Fastest Online Certificates - featured image

Certificates are non-degree awards that can open career opportunities in diverse fields from healthcare and education to information technology. These are designed for individuals who have little time and money to earn a college degree but want to enter the workforce with competitive training. These are also among the fastest education achievements to earn, with […]

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20 Fastest Online Master’s Degrees in 2021

Fastest Online Master's Degrees - featured image

Did you know that the master’s degree wasn’t always an academic degree earned through studies? Instead, it was awarded to individuals with a bachelor’s degree who maintained a respectable lifestyle and paid a token fee! Nowadays, students in master’s degree programs must earn the right to be granted the distinction.  What exactly is a master’s […]

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20 Fastest Online Associate Degrees in 2021

Fastest Online Associate - featured image

In both on-campus and online settings, the average time to complete an associate degree is two years. This presupposes a full-time course load of about ten classes every year, often including the summer term.  But there are ways to finish an associate degree in less time, too! This is important as even an associate degree […]

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20 Fastest Online Bachelor’s Degrees in 2021

Fastest Online Bachelors - featured image

Colleges and universities have quickly adopted online learning in light of the pandemic, and surveys have pointed out the largely positive response to it among students. But even before the pandemic, university and student participation were already on the rise! Even the most prestigious Ivy League schools started offering fully online undergraduate degrees, with the […]

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20 Easiest Online Doctorate Degrees in 2021

20 Easiest Doctorate Programs 2021 - featured image

If you earned an online doctorate from an accredited college or university, can you call yourself a “doctor”? Yes, you can, and it’s an honor that you can be proud of, too, considering your blood, sweat, and tears!  Take the case of Dr. Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS), who earned […]

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20 Easiest Online Master’s Degrees in 2021

Easiest Master's Onlline - featured image

Did you know that the terms “master” and “doctor” were used for teachers in the universities of medieval Europe? Nowadays, a master’s degree is considered the intermediate degree between a bachelor’s degree and a doctor’s degree.  The master’s degree also transformed through the centuries. In the Middle Ages, it started as an academic award given […]

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The 20 Fastest Ph.D. Programs in 2021

fastest phd programs

Are you searching for one of the fastest Ph.D. programs to complete so you can get that job promotion you’ve been working towards? Finishing a Ph.D. program is the crowning achievement for ambitious scholars seeking the uppermost echelon of academic, government, clinical, and private-sector leadership jobs. The US News states the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) […]

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The 20 Easiest Online Bachelor’s Degrees in 2021

Easiest Online Bachelor Degree - featured image of laptop and notes

Are you looking for suggestions for the easiest online bachelor’s degrees for 2021? Is an easy degree program going to meet your needs? What sort of online bachelor’s degree program is best for you? Read on! In 13th-century Europe, the bachelor’s degree wasn’t the degree that we know it today. Instead, it was a step […]

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The 20 Easiest Online Associate Degrees in 2021

Easiest Online Associate Programs - featured image of graduation cap and college supplies

Did you know that associate degrees were first offered in the United Kingdom in 1873? But, it was only in 1898 when these were first introduced in the United States. Ironically, these degrees are now uncommon in the United Kingdom!  An associate degree is a two-year post-secondary degree equivalent to the first two years of […]

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