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Miscellaneous Bachelor’s Online Degrees

Best Online BS in Accounting

The field of Accounting is an ever-popular occupation among college students who are interested in Mathematics. For the very best online options, check this out!

Best Online Schools for Bachelor’s in Communications

Yes, if you are looking for a quality Bachelor of Communications degree program… an ONLINE version, that is… we’ve got you covered. Online distance learning programs are convenient and provide a flexible way to earn your degree!

Best Online BS in Computer Science

There’s no way around it… The field of Computer Science continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Get in on this lucrative career choice at the ground level and work your way up. Check out our best online BS in Computer Science programs.

Best Online BS in Economics

Today’s economy is on everyone’s mind, right? Through this program, you can be “in the know”. Its interdisciplinary approach allows students to learn about how social science, politics, and psychology affects our economy.

Best Online BS in Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Emergency Management and Homeland Security personnel play an integral part in the health and safety of our communities. To begin your career, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Emergency Management and Homeland Security will help you earn an entry-level position in the field. You’ll receive training for disaster relief in government and non-government sectors.

Best Online BS in Graphic Design

Through visual art, many find a career in Graphic Design as a wonderful creative outlet in which they can earn a nice living, too. If you are the artistic type, check out our best Bachelor of Science degree programs that can be completed online.

Best Online BS in Healthcare Administration

As the healthcare industry is also a growing field, not everyone likes the hands-on approach to patient care. However, if you are interested in the administrative side of healthcare, earning an online BS in Healthcare Administration is the way to go!

Best Online BS in History

A Bachelor of Science degree in History is a truly versatile degree choice allowing for many entry-level positions in politics, art history, science, and computers. Since it’s a very adaptable degree, you will find a plethora of opportunities available upon graduation.

Best Online BS in Kinesiology

Do you enjoy sports or fitness? Are you curious about human movement? Or, the way your body works or why your body hurts? If so, rest assured, there are many individuals that have issues with movement. Through Kinesiology, you can help others with movement issues or physical injuries live their best lives!

Best Online BS in Legal Studies

Are you interested in learning about the legal system? Without a doubt, not everyone aspires to become an attorney, right? If that is you, check out our selections for the best online Bachelor of Science degree programs in Legal Studies!

Best Online BS in Nursing (BSN)

Get ready to take your career to the next level by earning an online BS degree in Nursing. If you have a heart for helping others, pursue career advancement by earning your BSN.

Best Online BS in Psychology

With mental health at the forefront of awareness today, (as it should be), becoming a Psychologist would be a great way to help those in need. Earn your online BS in Psychology today!

Best Online BS in Social Work

Special people do Social Work! This concentration in the healthcare industry plays a vital role in the security of families, as well as the aging population. It is particularly important to the well-being of children. Take a look!

Top Bachelor’s Degrees in Zoo Science

Zoo Science… How does it get any better? Often, humans are hard to work with, right? If you had rather work with four-legged patients, perhaps a degree in Zoo Science is for you! Turn your love of animals into a lucrative career!

Malcolm Peralty
Chief Editor